[3.3] Incursion League - Incinerate/Fireball Elementalist build (work in progress)

Hey guys, rather new to this game but i decided i would try to make my own build after putting only about 200 hours into the game, i have a lot to learn but wanted to make something unique.

The Concept
The reason i made this build is to reflect the changes to incinerate and ignite in the 3.3 version of the game. I saw this video by ZiggyD Gaming on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Blb3Wq0QnJo and after watching it i thought it would be very fun to create something with both incinerate and ignite. As i am still new, i dont really know the best ways to proc or maximize damage on ignite so i decided to just roll an elementalist build while following Enki91's Arc build, https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1147951 but changing everything from lightning to fire, and focusing heavily on maximizing fire damage.

Passive Tree: Lv 82 Passives( havent progressed past 82 yet :c )

Ascendancy: same as Enki91's and have only done Merciless so far, cant get the last damn trial i need.

Paragon of Calamity (Normal)
Shaper of Desolation (Cruel)
Beacon of Ruin (Merciless)
Liege of the Primordial (Eternal, when i complete it)

Pantheon: I dont have any real strategy here, using Solaris atm solely because i trapped a boss for it and any minor pantheon.

Again, heavily following another build's setup except for the core damage skills.

Using Clarity in any spot available for mana regen for Mind Over Matter.
3L CWDT(level 1) + Power Charge on Critical (may rotate this out in the future) + Vaal Molten Shell or just Molten Shell

4L Vaal Fireball (because its an awesome 32 spiral of fireball projectiles and it does crazy damage) + Increased AOE (interchangeable) + Bodyswap (mobility, solid damage with our fire damage scaling, and it just looks cool!) + Summon Flame Golem (had to put it somewhere)

4L Firestorm + Arcane Surge + Blind Support + Increased Duration (this setup is for proccing Arcane surge and debuffing enemies with an AoE ability that has a duration. Enki91 uses Orb of Storms which i am sure works much better than Firestorm but since we're using a fire build, i chose Firestorm to help proc these. With my current setup i have to cast Firestorm twice to procc Arcane Surge)

6L Incinerate + Increased AoE + Efficacy + Fire Pen + Ignite Proliferation + Controlled Destruction (FINALLY! Our bread and butter damage skill setup...kinda. Im struggling to maximize the damage output of this build and ive just been experimenting with different support gems to see which work best. Currently this is what i use. I use Increased AoE simply because it increases Incinerates Range as it tends to be quite short and can get rather risky as a squishy witch. Controlled Destruction is used because im not certain whether a channeled ability like Incinerate can even crit hit and if not, it still gives it a nice power boost as this build isnt focused around crits. Fire pen to go through fire resist, Ignite Proliferation and Efficacy are the two im experimenting with, not sure if theyre worth keeping but seem to give a nice damage boost to our Incinerate. Now, if you cannot afford a 6L yet, i used a 4L Incinerate + Cast While Channeling + Vaal Fireball + Anything else. was rather fun for a while but lacked damage.)

4L Immortal Call(Level 3) + Enfeeble(Level 5) + CWDT(level 1) + Increased Duration (also something i took away from Enki's build, seemed useful to not just instantly die while channeling Incinerate (although im still dying instantly quite a lot please help me figure out changes)

Currently i also use an Essence Worm that i got to drop really early in the League so i put an Anger gem in there for a power boost but have been considering putting a defensive aura buff gem instead.

This is the gear im currently rolling.
Uniques: I use Martyr of Innocence simply because it seems very strong for fire damage/elemental damage. It also has a nice fire burst skill that proccs sometimes when i block and since Incinerates range is very close, i get melee hit quite a lot to procc it on block. Mostly just using it for damage though, if you have better suggestions please let me know, im really looking for some!

Gang's Momentum is purely for the % increase of damage on ignited enemies since i have over 100% ignite chance with this build. will replace if i get something better, open to suggestions.

Essence Worm is for an additional Aura buff since i already use clarity for mana regen for my Mind Over Matter, having a second aura without reserving mana is nice.

Dyadian Belt im using for life and the property that makes ignited enemies burn faster, it seemed useful for making enemies afflicted with Ignite die faster without me having to actually cast Incinerate again.

The flasks are not important per se, just using them because they dropped. Movement speed from Rotgut is nice and Lions Roar seems powerful defensively.

The rest:
Just for sockets, Max life rolls, resistances, and mana. When i get more chaos ill try and buy stuff with damage rolls or higher life/mana rolls. Considering using a 1h and shield/spell shield instead of the staff i currently use, if anyone can suggest something that would work well id appreciate it else ill probably end up using Doryani's Catalyst and either Ahn's Heritage or Rathpith Globe.

And that's about all there is to the build so far. These are the numbers im currently rolling: I feel like they should be higher, or at least could be. Im open to suggestions. Currently struggling to take down Atziri, got her about 1/3 down but she just kept killing me way too fast. My damage seems okay otherwise, obviously weak to maps that include Elemental Equilibrium though.

Thanks for your attention and hope you like what im going for! Make fire builds great again.
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Dyadian belt work for attack but not spell
oh lol im blind

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