[3.6] Aila's Rank 1 Hybrid/Low Life Righteous Fire Occultist

This build is an updated version of Aila's SSFHC RF build, who reached rank 1 in Abyss and Bestiary.
There are very few resources on how this build works so I decided to compile them into one place and add Aila's low life version.

Build ded. Max Regen decreased from 30% to 10% max ES.

Reddit Post
Aila's Original Chinese Guide
Youtube Video Guide by hellfurian
CuteDog Youtube Video
Aila's Twitch Stream
Aila's POE Profile

PoB of Aila's first SSFHC Incursion character (Low Life)
PoB of Aila's Rank 1 SSFHC Bestiary character (Hybrid)

Thanks to phxxbullet(bjornharx) for tips and things to add, as well as always being around in the comments to help people asking questions.


Vaal RF now takes from ES before Life
Added a jank way to also run vitality for LL version
Brightbeak no longer works with Shield Charge but we still use it because the zoom zoom at the beginning of the animation is still worthwhile.
Added Watcher's Eye to recommended jewels
Passive Tree doesn't change at all.
PoB Tree has been fixed

3.5 notes
Tree will be updated when possible
Possibly a new helmet that gives scorch will be good
No changes to the build itself
Maybe no more ruby flask

3.6 notes
Build mechanics are not any different
Crafting %Quality on ES chest was nerfed but whatever
There are two new juicy ES nodes on the tree.
One is the Gain% Mana as Extra ES, other is by shadow
We probably grab them?
Tree is otherwise literally the exact same

Note that this build was originally designed for SSFHC, meaning that the gear required is quite cheap. This build is designed for mapping and not for end-game bossing. This build is also not new-player friendly since leveling is difficult and requires efficient mapping and looting.

Very fast mapping - End-game mapping clip
High Tankiness - 8-11k eHP
Cheap gear since originally made for SSF
Scales well into endgame mapping
Un-stunnable from ascendancy
Satisfying Profane Bloom explosion chains
Can run all map mods including -max res and no recovery

Leveling is not beginner-friendly
Running maps with bad density or layouts can be awkward
Capping chaos res with hybrid build can be annoying
Needs STR and DEX on gear
Reduced flask charges map mod requires management
Boss killing is worse compared to other Ascendancies
Low life build requires a shavs

Build Overview

During the early game, this build uses life flasks to counteract the degen from Righteous Fire, then transitions to a hybrid playstyle with 75% chaos resistance.

This build takes advantage of Occultist's Vile Bastion ascendancy to forego life regen nodes.
The ascendancy gives "1% of Energy Shield Regenerated per second for each Enemy You have Killed Recently, up to 30%", meaning we can put more points into tankiness and damage instead of regen.
The "Cannot Be Stunned while you have Energy Shield" means we don't need a Presence of Chayula.

Profane Bloom gives a large amount of clear speed with its max life explosions and
Malediction in the early game makes enemies deal 10% less damage to increase our survivability.

Occultist naturally gets large amounts of ES and can get up to triple curses for high DPS.
Since RF scales with ES and life, getting more ES automatically means more DPS.

Hybrid vs Low Life

Hybrid uses The Broken Crown unique and other chaos res items to reach 75% chaos resistance.
Since the chaos damage is balanced around players with -60% chaos res, it deals trivial amounts of damage to our low life total, which allows us to stack high amounts of ES without worrying about dying to chaos damage

Low life uses the Shavronne's Wrappings unique to make chaos damage not bypass energy shield and is the core of most low life builds. Since we don't have to worry about a low life total, we can reserve Purity of Fire on our life and run another Blasphemy curse.

With the advent of the Incursion league, the Vaal construct is an very common monster that appears in incursions. Even with 75% chaos res, it is not very comfortable to have 2000eHP against these monsters. Sometimes RF degens you to 1HP where
getting tickled by any chaos damage means death, forcing you to portal.
Aila has opted to farm for Shavs in this league to rid himself of this worry.

Low life isn't 100% better. Hybrid can get much higher ES since a max rolled Shavs goes up to 350 ES while a good ES chest can have 400-450+ ES. Hybrid also can run a shaped chest with "Recover #% Energy Shield on Kill" making the degen completely trivial and allowing the build to run all map mods without worry.
Shavs is also expensive sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...


Leveling is the most complex part of this build. Aila swaps to RF at around level 36-40 but
if you are not comfortable with the degen, leveling until 60 before swapping to RF is ok too.

Lvl 1-12
Use Explosive Trap, 3L Freezing Pulse - Arcane Surge - Added Lightning, Frost Bomb.
Freezing pulse has high damage and can freeze for safety.

Lvl 12-36
Change to Fire Nova Mines, Firestorm, Fire Trap or Arc Trap depending on your preference.
Fire Nova Mines - Minefield - Added Lightning/Elemental Focus - Fire Penetration
Firestorm - Faster Casting/Spell Echo - Controlled Destruction - Elemental Focus - Added Lightning
Fire Trap - Multi Trap - Added Lightning - Combustion
Arc - Trap Support - Cluster Traps - Added Lightning - Lightning Penetration
Add support links whenever you can.

Lvl 36+
4L Vaal Righteous Fire - Burning Damage - Elemental Focus - Conc. Effect
3L Blasphemy - Poacher's Mark (Lvl 1) - Flammability(when you get your second curse)
3L Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify
2L Orb of Storms - Inc. Crit Strikes (When you have Ele. Overload and Ele. Equilibrium)
1S Taunt Totem
Get Arctic Armour as soon as possible and use a scepter for shield charge.

Aila sustains his RF at low levels using 3 life flasks, the other two flasks being quicksilvers.
Use Sacred (Lvl 36) and Hallowed (Lvl 42) white life flasks. Skip Sanctified (Lvl 50).
When your flasks can no longer sustain your life, quality them, then roll the "Sapping" prefix on one flask (40% increased Life Recovered. Removes 10% of Life Recovered from Mana when used)
and "Seething" on the other (Instant Recovery).
Swap out 1 of your life flasks for Quartz, Basalt, Silver or Granite flask if you feel
you are sustaining flask charges.
Remember to run Poacher's Mark to sustain flask charges.

If you regen life from flasks too fast, your health will become full and your flask will stop healing, causing you to degen. Try to aim for around <200 health degen and use your instant healing flask when you get to ~50% hp.

Grind Harbor Bridge until Divine Life Flask (Lvl 60).
Grind Blood Aqueduct until Lvl 72.

For Act bosses, use taunt totem and portal out whenever you run out of flask charges
More In-Depth Act Boss Strategies for HC
This section is copied from the reddit post since I don't play Hardcore.

Act 4 bosses: Portal out in Daresso and Kaom when out of flask charges, use Taunt Totem liberally. Malachai is not difficult, RF or Fire Nova Mines trivialize him.
Act 5 bosses: Use Taunt Totem. RF must be 4L. If you have Quartz, Basalt, Stibnite, Granite, use them.
For Kitava, stay above 90% health and you won't be oneshot. Portal out to refill flasks.
Act 6 boss: Portal out when the arena shrinks, wait for the lightning storm to end before dropping taunt totem and turning on RF.
Act 7 boss: Use taunt totem, wait for the boss taunt, then turn on RF.
Act 8: Grind Harbor Bridge until Divine Life Flask, swap to that, then boss. You must be familiar with boss mechanics in this act. We skip the Gardens Pantheon for now.
Act 9: Grind Blood Aqueduct until 72. Take whatever life nodes you need now. We skip the Quarry Pantheon for now.
Act 10: Use taunt totems. Use Portal scrolls. Memorize the mechanics. Pray.

Passives, Ascendancy, Bandits, Pantheon
Path of Building at different levels
PoB Code
No Path of Building

For Bandits we kill all for 2 passives, none of them give anything useful.

Profane Chemistry is the main node that allows the build to sustain RF at such a low level.
Make sure that you have this node and Lvl 36 life flask before swapping to RF.
After you grab this node, head right to the Blast Radius node,
then head up to grab Holy Fire and Sovereignty.
If you are using a Brightbeak and are having mana problems with Shield Charge,
grab the Soul Siphon node for mana sustain.

Early Game
Profane Bloom -> Malediction
The extra curse from Malediction helps with flask sustain from Poacher's Mark.

If you are going Low Life early,
get Wicked Ward -> Vile Bastion first

Late Game/Respeccing into ES
Respec out of Malediction and spec into Wicked Ward and Vile Bastion.

If you are able/want to complete Uber lab immediately, keep Malediction.
Unspec out of the curse wheel in the passive tree to gain some extra passive points.
If you are doing Uber Lab solo, swap your RF for a Scorching Ray, the gem links are the same.
The first three labs can easily be done with RF after respec.

Respec when you have gear with plenty of ES and resists.
This takes 52 refund points (42 Regrets). Keep your ES above 7500.
If you need to, take stat or resists nodes if you need extra strength, dexterity or resists and
spec out when you get better gear.

Mandatory Nodes after respec

After respeccing, there is a lot of choice in what nodes to get.
If you are going low life, get Arcane Vision so you aren't blind.
Note that Pain Attunement doesn't work with Righteous Fire.
IDK why Aila gets it in his Incursion character, maybe for more Orb of Storms damage.

It's recommended to fill out all the minor ES nodes first
as they give you both damage and tankiness.

Skittering Runes is a really good DPS boost since the build can run triple curse.
Skill effect duration from Potency of Will makes Vaal Discipline and Vaal RF last longer.
Overcharged, Harrier and Precision are all nodes for shield charging faster.
The rest is up to you.

Arakaali - 5% less DoT
Shakari - Less chaos damage taken. Immune to poison when upgraded.
Gruthkul - If you are low life and don't care about chaos damage.
Early game use Ryslatha for life flask sustain.

Gem Links

With the new update in Incursion, Discipline and Vaal Discipline can now be run in the same gem, giving the build extra gem sockets to work with.
The downside is that it is no longer possible to run double Vaal Discipline for almost 100% uptime.

Vaal Righteous Fire
5L Vaal Righteous Fire - Burning Damage - Elemental Focus - Efficacy - Conc. Effect/Inc. AoE
6L Vaal Righteous Fire - Burning Damage - Elemental Focus -
﹒﹒Arcane Surge - Swift Affliction - Conc. Effect/Inc. AoE

RF can be socketed into a helmet if it has the right elder mods (Burning Damage+Conc. Effect)
Swap Inc. AoE with Conc. Effect during the grace period for bosses.
6 link is luxury and only gives ~16% more damage

4L Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Life Gain on Hit
You need some way to regain life from chaos damage and Vaal Righteous Fire.
With 3.4, the Life Gain on Hit gem isn't necessary for the LL version as long as you never burn out to 1HP.
Socket this into your helm so that The Broken Crown's cast on death support doesn't make
other spells uncastable.
Aila has also been using Consecrated Path instead of Shield Charge in the recent patch.

4L Immortal Call (Lvl 3) - CWDT (Lvl 1) - Increased Duration - Vaal Discipline
If you have Overcharged, feel free to increase the level of CWDT.
Make sure you have Vaal Discipline for the boss.
Before respec, Vaal Grace can be used instead.

1S Flame Dash

Both hybrid and low life can run triple curse,
the difference is that hybrid has to sacrifice running Purity of Fire.
Curse priority goes Flammability -> Despair -> Elemental Weakness

In the Earlygame before respec, the build can run a more defensive curse setup
4L Blasphemy - Flammability - Poacher's Mark - Enfeeble

Orb of Storms lets us proc Elemental Overload and Elemental Equalibrium.

3L Blasphemy - Flammability - Purity of Fire/Despair
4L Orb of Storms - Curse on Hit - Inc. Crit Strikes - Despair/Elemental Weakness
1S Rallying Cry/Enduring Cry
1S Stone Golem if you have space
Low Life
3L Blasphemy - Flammability - Despair
4L Orb of Storms - Curse on Hit - Inc. Crit Strikes - Elemental Weakness
2L Blood Magic - Purity of Fire.
We want to be below 35% life so The Broken Crown's 20% increased damage
on low life triggers.

With 3.4, our life doesn't need to be above 30% reserved since Vaal RF takes from ES before life now.

This build can also run Vitality if you grab both Influence and Leadership reduced mana reservation nodes with a Lvl 21 Blood Magic and a Lvl 3 Enlighten. With a Lvl 4 Enlighten, you can drop one of the node circles.


Flasks require their own section because they are so important to the build.

Early game, you should be using 2 life flasks with 2 quicksilvers and a granite. You can also replace a quicksilver/life flask with a ruby/stibnite flask if you feel comfortable.
Upgrade/Quality your flasks before your gear.
Quality on flasks gives crucial duration so running between distant packs degens less.
This is what an almost ideal flask setup looks like:

Try to cover freeze, bleed, shock and curse.
Poison is optional and can be completely negated by upgrading the Shakari pantheon.
Complete the Desert Spring Map then use a cartographer's seal to remove the map
from your atlas so it doesn't drop. It's kind of expensive but a good quality of life.

Silver Flask vs Basalt Flask depends on if you want tankiness or clear speed.
They can also be swapped with Witchfire Brew for more DPS.
Dying Sun instead of Ruby Flask if you are rich.

Here are the recommended mods on each flask:
﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒ Prefix ﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒Affix
Ruby Flask﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒charge gain/less charges used ﹒﹒﹒curse/shock/bleed
Sulphur Flask﹒﹒ ﹒﹒ charge gain/less charges used﹒﹒﹒ poison/freeze
Quicksilver Flask﹒﹒﹒charge gain/less charges used﹒﹒﹒ curse/shock/bleed
Granite Flask ﹒﹒﹒﹒ charge gain/less charges used﹒﹒﹒ curse/shock/bleed
Silver Flask charge gain/less charges used﹒﹒﹒ curse/shock
Basalt Flask ﹒﹒﹒﹒﹒charge gain/less charges used﹒﹒﹒ poison/freeze

Reminder that 8 Whetstones vendor for a Glassblower's in Act 3 and 8.



Find a 4L 3B1R for your RF.
Other gear should have life and ele. resists.
Movespeed and life on boots.
Use scepters.

Optional Uniques:
2 Lifesprig into 2 Axiom Perpetuum at Lvl 10.
Goldrim, Tabula, Praxis Ring, Karui Ward, Perandus Blazon, Doedre's Tenure, Seven-League Step/Wanderlust. The usual gotta go fast stuff.

Optional Uniques when switching to RF:
Shaper Seed, Springleaf Shield, Pyre Rings for damage, Kikazaru Rings for sustain.

Since the build runs Purity of Fire, gear doesn't need as much fire resist.

Hybrid Specific


The item that defines this build, this 1 alchemy unique gives us an good amount of ES,
up to 15 STR and DEX and a big load of chaos resistance.
A helmet with 220+ ES with high resists is good too.


430+ ES 5 Link Chest or
300+ ES Shaper Chest with "Recover %ES on Kill",
resists are bonus since the chest can get quite expensive.
+1 Curse craft saves 3-5 passive points from the +1 curse wheel.

Low Life Specific


The soul of every low life build.
Since we have Shavs, we can ignore getting chaos resist,
but getting it is still nice with all the Vaal Constructs in incursions.


220+ ES with high resists
Endgame can be an Essence of Horror Elder Helmet.
The Elder mod "Nearby Enemies have -#% to Fire Resistance" is cool too.


Doryani's Catalyst is easy unique for damage
Ephemeral Edge gives lots of ES (and technically damage) but has no attack speed. Still an option.
Balefire is a possible option.

Else find a scepter with fire/burning/area/elemental damage
Shaped scepters with elemental focus and any other damage mod is good.

Useful corruptions in include ""% chance to gain Fortify on Melee hit", "% chance to gain Onslaught" and "Increased AoE".


Look for 100+ ES gloves with chaos/lightning/cold resist.
Essence of Insanity gloves are great.


Steppan Eard, Sin Trek or any 100+ ES boots with movespeed and resists
CuteDog uses a Death's Door.


230+ ES with resists
Max fire res if you want.
Rise of the Phoenix is ok but doesn't have good ES which means less DPS.


Bated Breath or belt with resists.
Bisco's Leash or Perseverance are usable too.
Crystal Belt if you have money.

Useful corruption is "Discipline has 15-20% increased Aura Effect" and "15% all res".


Missing stats, chaos res, %ES/Flat ES/ele. resists.
Useful is "% chance to gain a Power, Frenzy or Endurance Charge on Kill" from a shaped amulet for a faster shield charge.
Jewelery is the build's main source of chaos resistance after the helmet.
Bisco's Collar or Presence of Chayula.


Resist, missing stats.
Aila uses a ring with high mana regen to sustain Shield Charge.
Before Incursion, the build needed an Unset Ring due to a lack of sockets.
Getting added lightning or cold damage to attacks means that
Shield Charge can proc Elemental Equalibrium.
Pyre is an good option for damage if you somehow have enough resists.

"% faster start of ES recharge" is a useful craft when combined with a "Dousing" flask when hitting dry spots or doing bosses. Hit your flask, wait for recharge, turn on RF and you will have ~4 seconds of no RF degen due to Occultist Ascendancy.


Conqueror's Potency is very important for the build.
%ES is most important
Resists, chaos resist, fire damage, burning damage, AoE damage, damage, attack speed.

A Watcher's Eye with %ES regen when affected by Discipline is very nice.

Additional Useful Jewel options:
- "Inc. AoE" on Searching Eye jewels, which can roll Life, Res, Onslaught and Phasing.
- "1% Reduced Mana Reserved" corruption for extra uses of Shield Charge.
Also if you get enough you might be able to run another aura.

Gear Crafting for Respec

This is mostly for SSF
Craft chest before other items.
Alch ilvl 75 Vaal Regalia, if you get a T3+ %ES/Flat ES affix,
master craft the other to get a high ES chest. At least 420+ ES.
With multi mod and an exalt, you can craft +1 curse as well.

Sorc Gloves, Sorc Shoes, Hubris Circlet and Titanium Spirit shield, ilvl 72.
ES shoes: slam for movespeed. If you’re lucky, you might get a Sin Trek.
ES shield: roll a high ES and resist line and master craft any missing resist.

Full Path of Buildings with Gear and Skills

Aila Incursion Low Life

Aila Bestiary Hybrid


General Strategy and Playstyle

Loot Filter

Since this is a momentum build, how much you loot is important.
I recommend crafting your own loot filter.
https://www.filterblade.xyz/ is a useful resource.
Stay on strict or above.
Loot is a way to alch sustain.
Look at the Loot Filter part of the reddit post for more details.


When you turn on RF, immediately use your regen flask.
When you take damage, use your instant heal flask before regen flask,
else the regen will stop.

Flask before you hit a pack, run around. Drop Orb of Storms on Rare mobs if
they are taking a while. Make sure Shield Charge and Flame Dash are on "attack in place".
"Dousing" flask when hitting dry spots or doing bosses will be useful to turn off RF.

Fire Resist

4% max res from Purity of Fire
Alchemist wheel + Conqueror's Potency
26% + 8% = 34% flask effectiveness
Ruby flask 6% × 1.34 = 8.04% max res
75% + 13% = 87% max fire resist.
You can get +1% max fire resist on a shield but it only decreases degen by 70-80 HP/sec.

Map and Atlas Strategy

Shaping Maps
Atlas is changing every patch so its hard to say what to shape.

Note that these are speculations as the map density and meta has not been established yet.

You can get memory fragments by getting elder on a map,
then buying or trading up for a shaped version of that map to run.

3.3 Atlas meta was Elder Triangles
thi3n's Youtube video on Elder Square Triangles


Why does the build run Elemental Equilibrium?
EE only triggers on hits so since RF is a Damage over Time effect, it does not give enemies +#% Fire Resist.

I am dying too fast, what's wrong?
Is your fire res capped? Else, just kill more things/loot faster I guess.

Random Notes

First Hand Notes:
This build cannot do Chayula
If you mess up the tree, you become an Aurabot that runs Discipline and Purity of Fire
I don't actually know why Aila runs Rallying Cry or Enduring Cry
The hybrid build has a lot of excess gem sockets so run portal to save portal scrolls
Aspect of the Spider is good if Bestiary ever comes back

Alia got Rank 1 in SSFHC in the following leagues:
Incursion Flashback
10-Day Mayhem

Alia got Rank 2 in Betrayal, Rank 23 in Delve and Rank 34 in Incursion.

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Last bumped on Jun 16, 2019, 3:33:21 PM
Hi man, thanks for the guide. Its going to be my next build after Arc Totems.

I´m used to normal Regen + Rise of the Phoenix builds.. How does one sustain the RF here?
Early game leveling sustains purely through life flasks
Late game uses Occultist ascendancy Vile Bastion which gives 1% ES regen per kill to out-regen RF
I get that this is a farming build and Aila has has major success with it.

Is this build still able to farm Guardians, Shaper even Red Elder or is it just purely farming ?

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ NERF ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ NERF ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ NERF ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
This build is definitely not able to kill any strong boss without major tweaks. Remember that you are literally losing a lot of EHP every second if you haven't killed at least several monsters in the last few seconds.

You can get away with turning off RF and using SR on Izaro. But if you want to kill any Guardians or Shaper reliably you are definitely looking at the wrong build.

Anyway IMO the best strategy is to have a boss-killing char and a mapping char. Effective mapping build shouldn't be able to kill high bosses unless you have insane gear, because it's focus is quick travel through maps and it usually relies on "killed recently" effects and charges. Boss killing builds focus on single target dps and sustain.
Hi. I was watching Aila's stream tho and I managed to made his exact build (ofc not lvl97 like him when he died just lvl 74 atm) and I have a really nice shaped ES Vaal Regalia ->>see profile,the char name is RFlulLetsFailOhBOIIIII

1. Build is nice, powerful, nice AOE with those explosions from Profane Bloom ascendancy node

2. Imo you degen way too fast, I mean when you're not killing packs u kinda struggle with sustain(i knew that u will have to move fast and kill stuff cuz otherwise you cant sustain it)

3. ALSO! I really have a problem in killing the bosses in low maps like t5-t7 sometimes even after using my Vaal Discipline... and I have exactly his passive tree (missing more ES nodes tho cuz im only 74)

Right now I completely took out from the setup: Flamability + Despair + Blasphemy and replaced Despair with Discipline; and I also added Stone golem to have a bit more of sustain :P

I also shaped exactly the same maps like he did: Underground Sea, Ramparts, Armoury, Waste Pool and Belfry :)

Please tell me if I am doing something wrong, thanks :)

Feel free to have a look at my profile, it's open, my character name is: RFlulLetsFailOhBOIIIII
Your gear is completely fine, but you should spec out of life in your passive tree.
You'll also need to grab the reduced mana reserve nodes because it's not possible to run all your aura's right now.

Your 5th link for RF is wrong, just check the guide for how it works. 5L and 6L use 2 different gems.
this is probably where you damage problem comes from.

From PoB your degen isn't actually bad. With your flasks, you only degen ~500/sec which is pretty good.
Just use your ruby between packs and it shouldn't be that bad.
Jayjayish wrote:
Your gear is completely fine, but you should spec out of life in your passive tree.
You'll also need to grab the reduced mana reserve nodes because it's not possible to run all your aura's right now.

Your 5th link for RF is wrong, just check the guide for how it works. 5L and 6L use 2 different gems.
this is probably where you damage problem comes from.

From PoB your degen isn't actually bad. With your flasks, you only degen ~500/sec which is pretty good.
Just use your ruby between packs and it shouldn't be that bad.

Hi. I choosed my 5L for RF based on Aila's profile character named AilaVaalRF ; isn't that the character he played on incursion and died at lvl97? I thought that's the one:P

And yes i will respec that life node and take those reduced mana nodes. atm im running discipline+flamability+blasphemy and still have 208 mana unreserved and Blood Magic+ Purity of fire

I know that I'm still missing a lot of increades %ES nodes from tree, like i said I'm only lvl 74 :P

He has a 6L which uses arcane surge - swift affliction, which only work in combination
for 5L you use efficacy in place of those two

Also without a Shavs, its pretty spooky to run purity of fire on your life. You will only have like
800-1000 life to deal with chaos damage. Think about dropping a blasphemy curse and putting it into
your orb of storms. Just look at the gem links section of the guide.

You could also buy a shavs xd
Jayjayish wrote:
He has a 6L which uses arcane surge - swift affliction, which only work in combination
for 5L you use efficacy in place of those two

Also without a Shavs, its pretty spooky to run purity of fire on your life. You will only have like
800-1000 life to deal with chaos damage. Think about dropping a blasphemy curse and putting it into
your orb of storms. Just look at the gem links section of the guide.

You could also buy a shavs xd

Ohhh ok I didn't knew that Arcane Surge works in combination with Swift Affliction :D
I'm gonna change Arcane Surge with Efficacy right now and btw also have a shavs 334 ES, 10%spell dmg :P

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