Can't access website or in game shop on PC

I want to buy some MTX and be able to view builds but for the last 24 hours or so I have not been able to access the website or the in game shop on my PC. I am obviously able to post this on my phone but nothing I have tried has allowed me to get in on the pc. When I ping the site from cmd I get no response. Could someone please help me with this? Going crazy! Also should note that I have no problems accessing any other sites. Seems isolated to path of exile.
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I seem to have this issue as well.
I have logged into the site from my phone but unable to access the site though anything that uses my home connection.

ISP is Hyperoptic.

I can view the site through but can't use shop, site and the banner ingame just shows loading.

Running tracerout shows I appear to be timing out in Dallas. []
Contact your ISP and have them do a trace.
I have same problem.GGG help pls BlessRNG
Same. Since Friday afternoon.
Talked to Comcast. They're saying is blacklisted by a network security company called Barracuda and its traffic is being blocked by them so this isn't the ISP's fault.
If you're still having this problem, please PM me your IP address and I will check that it isn't blocked on our side.
Thank god this is finally resolved.
Have you guy updated any software since Friday that you can think of? We're getting some bogus web requests from your IPs (which is why they were initially blocked), and I'm concerned that there may be some software you're using that's been compromised in some way.

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