[3.3] Arc (Or Any Spell) Trapper – Uber-Lab-CARRY/Runner @ Lvl 75 (Bladefall also Showcased)


The objective of this build is to make you the most Currency through Carrying and Running through Izaro’s Uber Lab even before you hit lvl 75, on a budget of 1.5Ex - 2Ex early in the League. You read that right… You *Should* be able to do Uber Lab Carries as a service at level 75 consistently and safely. My first Uber lab was completed my first try, at level 73. And Izaro Never Hit me… Not once… With Gargoyles and Charge Disrupter’s Active. Further I’m still running it on a 5-Link Queen of the Forest.

I suspect this build will run any map up until T10-T12 at Current Level 75, and there are many options of how to make it safer, as well as gear it for end game. This build however, was specifically designed to be a Lab Farmer… Early/Mid tier maps are not presenting a huge challenge… and I run fast through them.

(Note: This is a Level 75 Guide With the Purpose of Uber Lab Viability and Lab Running. Expect this to be amazing at level 75. There’s no reason to think it will not scale… but the End game Passives, Uniques, Enchants etc. are speculative.)

Pastebin for Path of Building :)

Why This Build Works and the Mechanics
This build Works with the Low life total because we are taking advantage and capitalizing on Many different defensive aspects that are easier to get on this side of the tree than life. The Combination of Mind Over Matter and Eldritch Batter not only allows us to reserve all of our Mana with three different major effects including a auto-curse set-up and still cast movement abilities/Golems, It also allows us to still our Energy shield as a Defense buffer for our life through Mind Over Matter. We have further reductions of damage elsewhere in the Tree and Ascendancies. Further we have Attack and Spell Dodge with Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics as well as upwards of 80% chance to Evade Attacks with well rolled flasks and Items. We are always Phasing in and out and our Nearby Enemies are Blinded From our Ascendency. Also we can and will have 20% of our maximum life regen per second Due to the unbelievably powerful pyromaniac Ascendency nod.

The damage comes from extremely strong nods for Trappers and Miners... The Best Part... This build does not lock us into only elemental dmg or only Phys... because the nods specify "your Traps" or "trap Damage" they do not make you spec into which spells you will be using. You literally can and should try out every single spell that can be cast... I have run this with Glacial Cascade, Bladefall and I'm experimenting with a few Chaos versions TBD.

By Far - Bladefall looks the coolest.

Lastly we Run EFFING Fast.

Videos and Gameplay
Videos will be posted when I get OBS to work for me. In the mean time: My Twitch is Twitch.TV/JN1K5 and I stream Casually but pretty much every week. If you hop in my Stream I will be happy to show you this build works, my progress with it and run a lab. Also I will give you a carry for just the offering if you'd like.

+ A Trapper without ANY MANA ISSUES to cast any of your spells.
+ Only one Required Unique which is Really Affordable: Slavedriver’s Hand – Ambush Mits, And one Highly recommended Unique Queen of the Forest to Run Fast.
+ Budget Uber Lab Runner/Uber Lab Carry Build @ Lvl 75
+ Nerf-Proof - When Arc is Nerfed, You do not need to respec Passives to Change Spells
+Insane Clear Speed and Map Running
+Off screen Clearing
+Movement Speed well over 200% on a Budget – Get Through Lab FAST
+Capable of Doing Izaro with Full Buffs/Any Buffs
+Argus Feels Like Fighting a Baby Kitten
+No Weapon Swap *Needed* For Lab Running Fast (This is due to the Shield Providing MASSIVE Evasion and some Movement Speed. Technically we could improve the weapon to like a gryphon, but I’ll leave that up to you.
+ Abuses OP Mechanics and Keystones – Selective Blood Magic, Eldritch Battery, Mind over Matter, Evasion.
+Any additional Movement ability works with this build (Whirling blades, leap slam, flame dash, charged dash, etc… Just make sure the weapon works if using whirling blades, Leap Slam, etc.)
+ Dmg like a Glass Cannon, Survivability like a well-leveled, well-geared Righteous Fire Char, Movement Speed of a Top Lab Runner
+Can Run Uber Lab Carries on a 5L successfully
+Inexpensive End Game Uniques
+ Open Jewelry slots for res/hp/etc. No unique jewelry required.
+ Hardcore Viable
+ Can Level as the Trapper you will be playing
+Can Change Main Spell to fit the map Mods you are running without changing the passive tree
+ Can Change Curse to Be More Defensive/offensive/or Faster – Enfeeble protects you, Ele Weakness Buffs DMG, Poacher’s Mark gives Frenzy Charges which make Phase Run last longer
+ Not Attack/Cast Speed Dependent.
+ Socket coloring isn’t too hard or costly
+ Extra Sockets available in Both off-hand weapons and one main hand weapon for leveling Gems to sell with xp.
+ Don’t really Need Jewels… Like they are awesome… But I can take out the ONE Jewel I have and still crush… That Jewel is a Two Stat too… Maximum Life and Evasion… Again Budget here.

- Usually Elemental is the best damage type/conversion. This can make reflect tough to deal with. Reflect maps need swaps/consideration, may be really challenging.
- Unsure of the Shaper/Elder/Late game potential at this point.
- Bleeding is a real thing to worry about.
- Strength needs to have gearing for or be had in the passive tree (yuck)
- Solo Self Found – Not Impossible… But really Uncomfortable… Very hard to get the Unique Slavedriver’s Hand in SSF (need to have multiple drops from the Vaal Temple of Atzoatl) Or the Queen of the Forest which helps you run fast. Further the Double Heralds+Aura or Multiple Aura’s will be hard to get the Enlighten Gem or the Enhance Gem (not required but Quality of Life) for the Phase Run.
- Vulnerable to Massive one shot hits that insta-kill at Higher Map levels as there is only so much HP available in the tree from here forward.
- Unsure of Limitations of the Upper Level Gameplay.

- Don't miss a Mirror Drop just because it's off the screen by 2 Full Widths.
Gear (Prioritized in order of Importance)

Gloves: Slavedriver’s Hand. The build is largely built on the idea of Reserving all Mana… You need to have the SELECTIVE Blood Magic from these Gloves only applying to your Trap Abilities.

Chest: Queen of the Forest. The best option for Running Lab SUPER fast and still being a good overall chest… Maxing the Queen of the Forest out with close to 45000 Evasion on your character with flasks is very important to run this chest however.

Belts Have Several Awesome Unique Options:

-Top Unique is The Retch. Extra Movement during flasks (read *Always*), Flask Duration Saucy-ness, Great Life, and Global Phys Scaling if you’re using Bladefall.
-Belt of the Deceiver is a fantastic Defensive option here and definitely gets a shoutout for Carrying Uber… It adds the Beautiful mod 30% Reduced Damage from Crit Strikes… Good Life, Great Resistances buff, and is intimidating.
-Sunblast Cloth Belt isn’t bad and helps you automatically get your HP Regen to 20% of max HP before you ever fight an enemy or run through a trap of it’s reduction in trap duration.
-Ascent from Flesh is great. It has Awesome Evasion, Great Energy Shield, All Resistances Buff, Phasing starts when recharging Energy Shield (More Defensive), Added Defense when Phasing, Increased Movement when Phasing.

Helmet: The Vertex Vaal Mask: Better Buff to the Curse/Herald Setup, but really only running because it has awesome Evasion and Energy Shield Stats.. also it’s Cheap and great. Ignore the Enchant, Still working to get it.

Boots: Tons of Options… Just going to cover my favorite: Voidwalker: First off they look Fabulous. However I’m running these because of the Movement Speed, Phasing, Evasion and Energy Shield, and because my footprints look like I’ve stepped on Shaper.

Other Rare Gear that I'm Running - Ignore Enchant's Still Running Labs to get the right ones. :)


Only Unique I’m currently using is Atziri’s Promise… It’s just for the DPS

Speed Enhancement Flasks: Experimenter’s Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline and Experimenter’s Jade Flask of Adrenaline These have the same Effect if the affixes are present but flipped. Still working on one to roll the Expermenter's affix.

Damage/Defense: I Like putting my Heat or Staunching affix on my Diamond Flask, because I really only use the flask during boss fights and with the expanded Duration in the build it’s always up when I need it.

Preferred Life Flask: Bubbling Divine Life Flask of Staunching (Or Heat if your Diamond is your Bleed Removal)

Even if you’re using every unique referenced above, you still have 5… FIVE… Slots that can be filled with Budget Rares or Players Choice Uniques. I play the Stat Stick/Shield combo with all my Jewelry currently dedicated to Life,ES, Resistances and the needed Strength. Again these are all budget items. I dropped the Scepter, however you can use Wands, Daggers or scepters in Weapon 1, and Shields or another Stat Stick for Sweet-Sweet DPS in Hand 2 (I would be hesitant to replace the high Evasion/Life/ES/Resistances on a Shield though). Ultimately I think I like Whirling Blades better than Leap Slam so I will most likely switch to a dagger when I find that perfect sweet Kiss of a Shaped/Elder Dagger with added DMG.

Damage stats on Gear to look for: % increased Spell Damage, % increased Trap Damage, % Increased Elemental Damage (If Elemental), Crit Multi, Gain % of (your spell damage type) Damage as ______ Damage, Adds Flat Damage to spells.

Defensive Stats On Gear: Evasion, Life, Movement Speed, Elemental Resistances. You only need about 1/3 of your HP as Energy Shield… So don’t put more stock in this than you do your HP. Mind Over Matter only redirects 30% to your Energy Shield so do not think this is more valuable than Life.

Skill Gems:
Arc Setup

Chest (5-link/6-link) ----> Arc – Trap Support – Cluster Traps – Trap and Mine – Elemental Focus – Controlled Destruction

Helmet ----> Herald of Thunder – Decay or Culling Strike – Curse on Hit – Elemental Weakness

Gloves ----> Wrath – Herald of Ice – Enlighten – Summon Flame Golem

Boots ----> Phase Run – Increased Duration- Enhance – Faster Casting

Weapon 1 (Scepters are easier to color, Daggers work with Whirling Blades) ----> Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call – Increased Duration

Optional additional movement Gems for Weapon 2:
(Optional – Scepter) Leap Slam – Faster Attacks – Fortify

(Optional – Dagger) Whirling Blades – Faster Attacks – Fortify

Change to Bladefall Setup with the same Colors (Trap and Mine Damage is better than Controlled Destruction if you have 4 Green and 2 Blue Sockets)

Chest -----> Bladefall – Trap Support – Cluster Trap – Physical to Lightning – Elemental Focus – Controlled Destruction

Helmet (Optional) Recolor and swap Herald of thunder to Herald of Ash for the Added Phys

Gloves ----> Hatred – Enlighten – Herald of Ice – Summon Ice Golem.

Just take Saboteur and avoid the Mine specific nodes… they will do nothing for you. The other nodes depend on your preferences. No matter what get “Born in the Shadows” and “Pyromaniac” as your first two. Then Probably “Perfect Crime” Followed by your choice of “Explosive Expert” or “Chain Reaction”
Trust me… It will feel good to Beat your first Uber Izaro before you even hit lvl 75.

Passive Tree at level 75

Passive Tree at ~65 *IMPORTANT* Do NOT Take Mind over Matter until you can take that and Eldrich Batter at the same time and have some ES gearing for it. This is VERY important. There’s no reason to rush this switch until you feel you need the extra damage from another herald, or you have the gear.

Passive Tree at ~40

Passive Tree at ~28

Leveling Gear that makes life soooo much better:

Mirebough – The Six Link with 3 sockets that is absolutely a god send for leveling. You can and should use this until you get a better Stat Stick. I would switch this before labs… But only to get the shield with evasion for the QotF.

Belt of the Deceiver – OMG what an awesome belt to have at level 20 on. You can use this from 20 until you run your first Uber Lab and well after.

Goldrim – (I know… Everybody Says this… but yes, it’s a great thing to have for leveling.)

Invest your Glassblower’s Baubles in your Quicksilver Flask and Roll it Early. Looking for the Experimenter’s Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline (Added Duration and Added Movement Speed)

Keep a Flask of Life flask of Staunching on you forever and ever and also roll a Freezing Stat on your Diamond Flask as soon as you get it if you can.

Mana Flasks are needed until you can switch off of needing them.
Only run the aura or one of the heralds until you have the Slavedriver’s Hand. Do not choke yourself of Mana too early or you will find yourself out of Mana and out of life.

Tabula Rasa Let’s you use the stat Stick early when you can’t afford the Queen of the Forest… however I think this is a waste of funds… Unless you have one just use the Mirebough and a decent dropped 4 link chest with some of your gem set ups.

Don’t forget stats. Intelligence and Strength are going to be very tight early on in leveling. Then it just moves to Strength being a little starved.

Bandit Reward Options:
1) Alira for Crit Multi and Elemental Resistances
2) Passive Points (Kill All)

Final Thoughts:

Use Global 820 to get your trials done. It cost me 6c to tip, and I did all 6 of my trials (solved already) after my first Zana Mission in the Epilogue, then I ran Uber.
Proceed to offer your trials in Global 820 to help out the others that were in your position too!

Now you are all set to go carry the people through lab that haven’t been able to make it through by level 85+ Feel free to make them feel Self Conscious about their Speed by Saying “Follow Me” And running like a Cheetah… Or you could help them with traps if they’re newbies 

Speculative Levels:
Level 100 Passive Tree and Pastebin)

Mad Credit to Bison for the Format!
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I love looking for safe and fast uber lab farmer builds so excited for this.

Do you have a POB?

And also a budget suggestion? 1-2EX starting cost sounds pricey for a league starter! League start budget to me is more like 20-30c. Are there any compromises on gear to lower that price down to that?

I suppose this is answered with the POB later, but also what stats did you have to farm at lvl75 comfortably in uberlab?

HP? ES? Evasion? Armour? DPS?
Hey Bankai1009,

Thanks for Asking these questions! I added the Pastebin for Path of Building, It's in the second section. The Pricey-ness of the build was largely dictated on what I made while leveling. This is my first character in the league and I have not felt poor at all or like I couldn't make it to the top with it.

However, YES, The great news is that the only major required unique Item is the Slavedriver's Hand which ran me about 20 Chaos for the pair early this league.

If you purchase a Mirebough for around 9c, that should get you through the lab pretty easily... but it will not be as safe as you lose the life, evasion, and resistances on that shield spot.

The 5L queen of the forest cost me 1 Ex and I saved up and bought it around level 50 however this only really helps to buff your movement speed which you don't even equip until like level 67. I have looked at alternative unique chests... but I feel that if you do not believe you can afford it, I would run a basic chest with great Effective HP, and Evasion/ES. not even worry about the sockets as you have a 6L when you equip Mirebough.

All of my Current Lab Running Jewelry cost less than 5c, and I could have even gone cheaper but I opted for some better rolls, my Flasks I rolled myself as I played... I didn't spend 10c apiece for them (Exception the Atziri's Promise which is absolutely a luxury.)

Because this build doesn't need to have a unique helmet or boots Requirement... and the Belt of the Deceiver
gets you through early mapping at the minimum for 1 chaos... (Also no spendy Jewels required even before the first lab). I would say that much of my build is Luxury Items that I didn't need when I bought them... This made for leveling that was so fun and clean... Further... I priced out the Gems that I'm using... but I leveled them all up myself... and am adding quality as I get GCP's... so even though the purchase cost for a Quality 20, level 17 Elemental focus is about 20c I didn't spend that, I just used the GCP's I found/Sold Gems to level up my own Gems. I will weigh that cost for the rest of the gems... but they do not need to be qualitied to work... This build is OP even without any of that.

All in All, Yes... My build would cost about 1.5-2 Ex to purchase early in a league because the QotF costs Half of that... but that's not imperative for the build to work... you just go faster, same as the belt... it's only good after you have the luxury of being rich... my first lab was run with the Deceiver for <1chaos (Which is actually safer)

Good Luck and Enjoy the build. I will be posting video's as I am Able!

Focus on HP and Evasion as Primary stats to focus on. The ES only matters when you make the switch to Eldritch battery with Mind over Matter... DPS is not something I have even paid attention to outside of the stat stick I purchased for late game (Which my current one isn't even that good)

Here are some of the items I used for most of my leveling that were hot garbage drops but had the stats I needed as I was playing... I replaced them as I could afford.
Thanks for such a helpful and detailed reply :)
This is actually my first trap build ever and really enjoying it.
So excited about making this my new league start for lab farming. Bored of sunder Jugg :P

The POB helps a lot! Have any idea of what points you allocate to after lvl75?

I have been trying out GC instead of Arc and seems to work well. For gem sockets I used the 2 x GC jewels for more cold pen.

I am trying to run with a tabula and the mirebough and so far so good. Only issue is I need to rearrange the gem slots for teh CWDT setup and leapslam setup - dont want to keep leap slamming everytime im hit!

Also what are your thoughts about this build using tinkerskin chest as a "starter" chest? Not as fast as qotf but its got good trap utlity!
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Awesome Man!

I definitely have played with what the end game will look like probably, but it also depends which skill you'd like to use.

LOL on the Leap slam when Hit!!!! That's so funny.

I think Tinkerskin is decent, It makes traps better and your phase Run longer. I love the ES, Evasion, and HP combo as well as the massive regen. I just love the movement I get with QotF More.

I will Give you two End Game Passive trees when I have some time tomorrow.
hi JN1K5

can u post the endgame pob to all ? im close to lvl 75 soon so i need it aswell :) and btw rly good build. first time i play trap aswell so :)
Being level 85 still waiting to find your 6. uberlab trial ... yeah.

How the hell do you manage to have 6/6 trials befor 75....
Hi Return33,

I got my 6/6 Trials done before 73 as I did not wait for them to appear in maps. There is an awesome resource channel for Trials, Masters levels, etc. called Global 820... All you do is open your chat window. Type in "/Global 820" and it will inform you if you successfully join. Then post "LF ____ Trials" with the blank representing the trials you are still needing. Further you can just wait until someone says something similar to "Solved Trial of _____, 5 portals, tips appreciated" then compare the name of the trial to the trials you still need. Send an invite and msg stating the name of the trial, go run through it, hit the plaque at the end... and you now have completed the trial. You will not however get the offering so those you will have to buy.

My trials were done in less than an hour using this method. However being that it was useful for me, I now sit in my Hideout and do the same service for other exiles, it makes a bit of currency if people tip, but moreover it helps out the community that helped me get mine done.
Zaipain wrote:
can u post the endgame pob to all ? im close to lvl 75 soon so i need it aswell :) and btw rly good build. first time i play trap aswell so :)

I have Updated the the Level 100 Path of Building and Level 100 Passive Tree At the bottom of the build Under Speculative Levels... If you look at the gear... I'm sure you will recognize that these may never exist in game... and if they did, they would likely be Mirror Service Items... or cost incredible amounts.

I love that you are enjoying the build. I'm very proud of this as my first build I've ever posted. It's very Unique and has a ton of complex Mechanics that make it work so I'm really stoked that you have a handle on it!

Also instead of going over to the evasion cluster in the center, and grabbing the life up above MoM, dropping down to the Ranger Evasion/Life nods through Heart of Oak would be possibly be better. I haven't tested either of them, but it's a solid tree either way. The current passive lvl 100 tree sets people right next to Unstable Munitions cluster if they want more damage, and has more nods that could be fiddled with to fit the spell chosen and the gearing for their character... it's less "reachy" (I.E. Fangs of the Viper for GC/Bladefall, Crackling Speed for Arc, etc.)

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