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Last bumped on Apr 26, 2023, 6:37:00 PM
Easily one of the best support gem additions in a really long time. This makes low-level melee leveling pretty painless with skills that otherwise paled in comparison to something like Sunder. I'd love an MTX of some kind for this. I'd also love the ancestors to be more easily visible somehow. When trying to trigger an ancestral call with, say, Molten Strike in a single target scenario it can sometimes be hard to tell if you're actually triggering it properly.
Good support for many skills but please make the ancestors more visible. They are almost impossible to see in many cases.
This support gem need a rebalance, because it lower single target dps too much.

Currently, the gem is : "it's Supported Skills deal (25-16)% less Damage"

I think it should be "it's Supported Skills deal (25-6)% less Damage"
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Eliminate less damage multiplier can't prevent gem switching. Strike skills are still less attractive than AoE skills.

My suggestion is

1. Strike skills supported by ancestral call always deal 3 hits. That means if there is only one enemy nearby, this enemy will take all 3 hits at the same time.

2. Skills suppoted by ancestral call deal less 30% damage.

3. if 2 hits or 3 hits were taken by a enemy at the same time, the 2nd and 3rd hit deal less 50% damage.

So, if a enemy takes 3 hits at the same time, the damage it takes is 0.7 + 0.7 * 0.5 + 0.7 * 0.5 = 1.4
Make Ancestral Call hit one single target instead of other nearby enemies when in blood stance to improve single target issues with this gem.

People dont like gem swapping for bosses this should be an outdated mechanic.
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Id love to have awakened ancestrall call work with the celestial ancestral call mtx
While playing Dominating blow, it hits the build with an interesting choice - have a little bit more self-utilization of your skill, or forego the gem and increase the DPS of your minions by ~54% more (minion damage gem).

The most effective setup of DB I've played with goes as so:

Dom Blow - Fortify - Melee Splash - Multistrike - Melee Phys Dmg - Minion Dmg

Replacing ANY of those gems with the Ancestral Call support seems like a tremendous opportunity cost damage/defense-wise, but the skill plays smoother than melted butter when dominating blow can target more than one target.

The tribal fury node on the tree also seems like a waste of 4 points just for one extra target.

It feels like ancestral call should be a keystone on the tree near templar/marauder rather than a support gem.
Been waiting to make a descent Strike-based build, and this is what I kept:
- Ancestral warcry
- Call of steel (without actually using the source's skill) with 100% impale

With this, I have a really good clearspeed.
But using this support gem? a big down on my dps.
Warcry are quite good with remove ailment and 10% life recovery on use, it doesn't feel like wasted investment to take them.
Impale is quite strong and Call of steel area is good, you strike once in a pack, you kill some, then use it, tada! all the pack is dead.

Currently using it on a juggernaut vigilant strike crit to get high base damage and skip accuracy.

Two things to add:
- Even with Ancestral warcry, striking something in between your reach and the minimum ancestral strike reach is clunky.
- I don't understand if you can improve the reach of the ancestral strike with extra range or with area of effect, it seems neither of them looking at quality on the Awakened version. Shame for the alternate quality that seems useless for this.

This support gem really need something different, so does the Strike playstyle since the Slam upgrades. In the meantime, it could really use something like "more damage for each ancestor not used" maybe, but that's cheap.
Guide français :
The extra targets must be a minimum distance from the user

This makes supported skills feel extremely unreliable (and not just with Ancestral Call but also with other sources of +1 strike target which appear to invisibly have this same limitation). The player can use supported skills to destroy all nearby enemies but if an enemy is under the character's arm it's safe... until the character manually turns to target it.

This also introduces the case where supported skills work fine... until a mob gets 'too close' then the skills deal no damage at all:

Some paint illustrations of this issue:

A related bug report (for the other sources of +1 targets):

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