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Last bumped on Dec 3, 2019, 7:58:26 AM
PoE Patch 3.3

Level 93 VBA/BA Elementalist

PoB: https://pastebin.com/bgpmP2Ld

The build is an ignite based VBA/BA build using lightning damage to ignite with Stormfire.


Thanks to The Tempest the weapon has no physical damage that can get converted from BA physical to fire. This is important since it lets us benefit from EE which is highly desired since ingite does not benefit from elemental penetration.


To top it all off we use a ton of lightning damage abyssus jewels, Dyadian Dawn for faster ignites, Sudden Ignition for an additional ignite and Voidwalker for pierce.


Main gems:

VBA/BA > WED > Combustion > Burning Damage > Deadly Ailments > GMP/Swift Affliction

Addional gems:

Frenzy > GMP > CoH > Flammability

Flame Golem, Ice Golem, Wrath, Herald of Thunder, Blink Arrow


The build itself is quite powerful when it comes to damage. With elemental conflux, elementalist shock, 2 ignites and a good ignite roll over 1 million Shaper ingite dps is possible. The arrow damage itself is neglegible.


I got some questions that I cannot find answered.

The build has GMP (support) and pierce (boots) for mapping.
Vaal Burning Arrow can shotgun.

The lightning damage build I am playing has quite a high min/max lightning damage range.

If GMP hits a group of enemies. Is the damage of each arrow from GMP calculated individually?

What about the arrow that pierces and hits another target behind? Does it inherit the damage of the arrow piercing the first target?

The arrows all have 100% chance to ignite. If they hit they will proliferate thanks to Beacon of Ruin.

How is the ignite prolif calculated when hitting two targets A and B close to each other. Do we get two ignites from a single shot? One for the initial ignite from the hit and one from the ignite being prolifed from A to B and B to A?

On bosses when using VBA with GMP. The arrow should be able to shotgun. Two ignites should be applied instantly right? What about ignite damage roll? With GMP it is 5 projectiles. If each projectile rolls the damage roll seperately a single VBA should apply instantly two stacks of ignite and if all 5 arrows hit the damage roll should be quite high too since only the highest ignite rolls survive right?

Thanks. Really like VBA in Incursion.
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this skill needs a REWORK

in a very simple way, it just needs 100% fire conversion (instead of 50%)

and have it gain +X Accuracy (flat accuracy) depending on gem level
(just like how you buff ice shot and lightning arrow this 3.8)

because its SO uncompetitve compared to fireball

this Blight league i started with fireball, and eventually tried out burning arrow but it was waaaay WORSE

fireball WILL always hit (no need for accuracy scaling) and has bigger damage

though, you can say that burning arrow can have 2 ignites with sudden ignition jewel plus 35% "faster burn" from dyadian dawn, it eventually somehow manage to get to the same level of damage as fireball ignite

the only problem is accuracy and the fire conversion (tho fire conversion can be done with unique quiver The Signal Fire)
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another thing you can do is buff PITCH DARKNESS unique jewel

i play tested this only using flat level of burning arrow and solely relying on the burning ground component to do damage, just like tarke did here


YOU NEED TO BUFF this jewel to 100% to create burning ground if it ignites an enemy

you also need to buff the damage of the burn ground itself, so we can have an option whether to play IGNITE focus or BURNING GROUND focus
Hello there,

how About to add the effect of the unique jewel "Pitch Darkness" by Default on the Gem (no need for this Jewel),

something like Burning Arrow has a 40% chance to spread Tar if it does not Ignite an Enemy, Burning Arrow has a 40% chance to spread Burning Ground if it Ignites an Enemy.

and also adding a flat added physical/fire damage based on Level, but also lowering the damagescaling rather then 150-184% something normal like 130-160% and not such a crooked number (184%)

and the burningground is based around the double of base Burning Damage not a different source, so the calculation needed is lower.

kind regards
Hello GGG balance team, (if it exists)

Thank you for listening to some of my suggestions,
I saw mathil plays 4.0 during Exilecon and i saw the changes to burning arrow

it now has:
100% physical to fire conversion (thank you)
%more damage with ignite has been remove (i dont like this)

but u added:
a debuff that burns the target for 30% of ignite damage that can stack up to 5 times (i like this)

i dont think this has been buffed at all, its pretty much the same as before

in 3.9, we will now have to stack 2 normal ignites (using sudden ignition jewel) together with 5 debuff stack

so in total:
5 debuff stack = 150% of the ignite damage
2 ignite stack = 200% of ignite damage
for a total of 350% of the ignite damage

but the thing about ignite builds is:
its a "hit once, hit hard" play style
not a "spammy" play style

i was hoping to start with burning arrow for metamorph league,
but seeing this change, fireball ignite will still be the king of ignite builds
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hello GGG balance team

i saw the changes again to this skill gem

and i gotta say i love it! you did a really good job here!

now im just waiting for the changes to Sudden Ignition jewel and Pitch Darkness jewel

Thank you so much for listening to my suggestions! i love u xD

edit: now please make an MTX for this skill gem, ill buy it XD

Sudden Ignition is now removed - understandable

Pitch Darkness is now removed - it would've been interesting tho, if you let us build burning arrow via the "burning ground" component, i liked the idea
Last edited by DngA on Dec 3, 2019, 1:58:01 AM
The 3.9 version has a ambigous tooltip.
In my opinion it should be:

[...] If it hits and ignites an enemy, it will also inflict [...]

If ignite proliferation does not spread the additional debuff as support gems are prone to add tags. If burning arraw - ignite proliferation igniting does ad the debuff this would be void. But natasha implied otherwise.

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