SM3ARK wrote:
Overhead visual indicator was removed and a floor indicator was placed that is IMPOSSIBLE to see once you have auras on and the incinerate flame is covering half your screen.

I'm going to bring it up as well. The well visible indicator is very important in my opinion, at least when u start using the skill (later on you will get the feel when to release it). Currently it is very hard to see. I played it before the visual change and just now and it was way better before it.

I'm talking just about the indicator here, I don't really mind the general looks of the skill.
lvl 93 Elementalist heavily invested into cast speed via skill tree and golems. Going the ignite route and trying to get to max stages as quickly as possible.

With 13.5 casts per second, the skill still feels too slow to channel to max stacks. I'm not saying everyone should be reaching max stacks, but with the amount of investment I had into casts speed, I didn't expect it to feel so slow. Perhaps it could do with an adjustment in that regard.

Damage is fine imo and I'm OK with AOE needing investment, especially since ailment proliferation is a thing. Just needs a buff in regard to cast speed.

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