[3.3] FIRETRAPPER (Leaguestarter, ssf-friendly)

I put everything in a PoB since it's a pet peeve of mine to not have it in PoB.

hey, cheers man!

Im finally at maps with a tabula, gear is still very bad though, not quite resist capped as well.
But my Chaos resist is at -11% and the incursion construction still hit really hard, considering respeccing into phase acro until I get my hands on better gear, but we will see.

I stand by my point, perfect form is the perfect defensive endgame chest for this build if you dont want to go staff and kaoms. I really hope I can get a blessing of tul at some point.

e: find of the day probably, a really nice mana/life ring with some dex

e²: incursions drop insane amounts of loot in maps, just got 2 really nice shields back to back!
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Did a few dozen maps and leveled to 80.
Incursion gives a lot of loot, I managed to get 70 mf on my gear, so I finding a lot of uniques.
Overall pretty confident with my gear and clearspeed. The endgoal is gonna be a 6l flamethrower probably at some point for the endgame bosses, but until then fire trap with some utiliy links does the job fine.
I finally got a reall nice cwdt setup going, temp chains everything thats hits me, though enfeeble would be nice as well.
Phase run is pretty useful as a 1-link, usually using it for backtracking stuff.
Hey, I'm following this build, and I'm already 71 level with tabula, and the clear speed is very good, but every time when my encounters are with physical dmg and charge, I'm almost dead instantly. Do you have any idea how to stay alive when this build in such situations?
Sorry man, I was away yesterday.
Did you already get "born in the shadows"?
For me that problem was pretty much gone as soon as I specced into that node, you can also try to get a low lvl cwdt setup with immortal call and enfeeble going.
If you still have problems try getting acrobatics (and phase then ofcourse) in the tree.
Also, basalt/granite and jade flasks are pretty good as well.
If your damage feels high enough you can also just switch Herald of Ash to Arctic Armour.

Thanks for following along, I will probably hit 90 this weekend and have time to update the build a little more.
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find and vaal of the day, finally an upgrade for my crappy gloves!

the +2 is pretty sick, gonna be able to use a 6l firetrap almost forever now, at least until I get a pair of gg shaper gloves crafted.

Can drop atziris promise and pretty much arrived at my ideal flask setup.
another 2 nice finds today.

actually insane belt for my future labfarmer, even an open suffix to exalt.

gonna try to 6s and 5l this at the end of the session

e: dunnit, pretty much as much area as one can get without the support gem.

single fire trap
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I didnt manage 90 this weekend, though 89 is alright for me :P

2 very nice finds today, the ring getting my chaos res to over +40% and the chest is gonna be core to another build for sure, though I already spent 700 jewellers on it to no avail :/

small update, I mainly play my lab jugg and started a ice shot ranger with my qotf I managed to 5l.

But I found a really nice weapon and managed to land a good corrupt.
Nice pseudo 5link for my flamethrower (or firetrap later on) as well, so I will hopefully get a base to craft some shaper gloves at some point.

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mapping with my qotf character and Im finding upgrades all around.

Im working slowly on making this a really nice guardian/shaper/uber atziri killer.
Gonna need a 6linked defensive chest, need to find one first though.
Perfect Form (unlikely though), belly or loreweave would be viable options.

Also gonna need to craft a pair of shaped gloves I havnt found yet, if i get the trap support I can run a pseudo 5link arc trap which would give me a faster clear.

6l would then beflamethrower - conc effect - fire pen - combustion - advanced traps - trap and mine damage
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