[3.3] MaximumDamage Ascendant support(Ocultist+Guardian),13 auras,3-4 curse,Aspect of spider

Yunojelly wrote:
Its still possible to double corrupt gems into a 21/20 Vaal version just FYI

Yes sure in temple
I'm actually surprised that I'm liking the aura bot build concept as is, currently, level 52 and just got victario's influence equipped.

So this is my first aura bot and decided to go for the gold while at it, can you explain how the blood magic works? Is this build using purely blood magic or do you use some mana and some blood?

Just trying to understand how this works instead of playing the scratch my head game while trying to figure out how to do 13 auras and 3-4 curses.

Thanks, you're awesome.

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