Skill Revamp - Elemental Hit

Is it just me or are the connot chose elements on the wrong jewels?

Cannot chose cold is on the red jewel!
Cannot chose lightning is on the green jewel!
Cannot chose fire is on the blue jewel!

Or are the colours attributed to the requirements of the jewel, str, int, dex?
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I kind of feel that being able to precisely choose the element to use should come at a larger downside. As it is, you only lose 10-20% more damage for the ailments you don't cause. I feel that that kind of betrays the nature of the skill.

Even limiting the jewels to 1 would make it more interesting.

But overall I like the rework. Particularly the fact that you kept it independent of base weapon damage (as the only attack skill currently like that).
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where vaal blade vortex skill ?
1. How many places on the passive tree actually allow for 40 of two types of stats in a medium radius? ( It's 40 Str or 40 Dex or 30 Str + 10 Dex, etc. right? ) Otherwise this is going to be super restrictive, and the only effect it offers is removing an element ( no damage ( lol 10% inc ), no fundamental change to how the skill works, unlike like other jewels ) Jewel effect needs to be improved, badly.

2. How does the conversion actually work now? If you run with a physical weapon, is it being 100% converted + the added elemental damage? Or is it now just a basic "spell", where you only do the damage shown on the gem for the given element ( so the "added" statement is false )? And what about other sources of damage, like flat damage jewels or rings? Is it converting those as well or are they only useful when that element shows up? That's a huge disadvantage / undertaking for the player just to make a properly working skill ( not even getting into making it a meta build ).

3. Since the skill now has the aoe tag, does that mean it no longer works with ancestral call / melee splash? That's a huge loss of clearing speed, and the initial + "80% more" effect are not going to make up for that, not in the least.

The gem, considering how lengthy it is in description, is woefully lacking explaining what it does.


I'm not seeing how this is an actual improvement of the skill, it just seems like a random change with a gimmicky and clunky jewel addition that's still going to leave the skill being useless ( just like glacial hammer and it's jewels ).

Frost Blades will still be better for cold damage ( + better jewels )
Infernal Blow / Molten Strike will still be better for fire damage ( + better jewels )
And Static Strike / Lightning Strike will still be better for lightning damage.

What? Bows? Serious? Every one of the other elemental arrow attacks are exponentially better.
Wands? People will still run Barrage ( now improved..again ) for single target, and KB will never be outclassed for clearing; certainly not with that tiny little aoe on Elemental Hit.

GG at another vapid design for the sake of change.

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It say "chooses element and will be able to deal damage with this element only"
does it mean, that, If I use pdps weapon and added fire gem,
that in case if cold element will be chosen, there will be no fire damage part (from added fire)
(hope that phys and chaos damage will be used still)
Can we get confirmation on how this works with damage type conversion? Is it still only adding the damage of the chosen type? The way its worded sounds like it might like a rotating filter, but then the skill seems really really strong with conversion?

So for example, with avatar of fire, you would not get 50% of the cold and lightning base damage added as fire on an attack that chooses fire, right?
Idea behind the reworked skill is fresh and interesting.

Am i the only one who can't see a large difference between colours of cold and lightning effects of EH? Lightning is blue and cold is grey-blue. For comparison fire is orange which visually greatly distinguishes it from the other two.
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What happens if you have all 3 jewels equipped?

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