Dual Sunder Jugg 3.3 Starter

Any thoughts on using new ground slam instead of sunder with this build? Should be more single target damage and you get the vaal skill with shortest 2s lockdown.
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Hi can you advise me what kind of rare items mods to look for while leveling?
can you tell why you using dual wield instead of 2h weapon?
hi :),

Running this build for Flashback. just wanted to check if there are levels the gems should be? I am talking about the cast when damage taken setup.

What lvl the CWDT / Enfeeble / Blood Rage have to be?
do you have a pastebin for over lvl 90 Skill tree please?
Thanks for the guide. With this guide, I made it to mapping in HC for the first time. Before Incursion Flashback I never got past act 4. In Incursion Flashback I tried RF trickster but ripped to Doedre in the Cesspool. Basically one-shotted me (well almost). Decided to go with this guide. It did not disappoint me!

Thanks again. Now a little party to celebrate that I made it.
Used this build in incursion. Worked pretty well for a noob who never made any build at all.

Now using it for Delve.

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