[3.2]Incinerate CwC Discharge meme build

So. Made this build for the memes. Theorycrafted this at like 4 in the morning.

Video Guide if you enjoy not reading

This build wont work in 3.3 after the incinerate change
(they're giving it a base crit chance) so i thought i'd might as well post this now while its still kinda relevant but not really

So build revolves around using a lot of uniques that nobody uses.

At the core its crit discharge. while generating power charges with a non-crit incinerate.
Yes. Incinerate is actually useful. not just completely for the memes. (like. 60% for the memes)

Since incinerate does not have a base crit chance, you can scale as much crit chance as you want, but a million crit chance x 0 base crit is still 0% chance to crit. The Crit is used for Discharge DPS.
We use Romira's banquet along with the non-crit incinerate to generate power charges.

After playing the build a bit, power charge generation was decent for pack clear, but you were almost never generating enough charges against single enemies (aka bosses) for good DPS so we use Inya's Epiphany boots for better charge generation.

We go Hierophant ascendancy and take

conviction of power which gives us 25% of a voll's devotion. Endurance Charge generation when we gain power charges for some more discharge DPS and can run CWDT immortal call for some long immunity. and also frees up a amulet slot for us since we're not using devotion.

Illuminated Devotion gives us AoE for our discharge and Herald of Ice procs, Spell leech, and spell damage which is always good.

Arcane Blessing for Free Arcane Surge when you hit stuff which makes Illuminated Devotion actually work with much less hassle.

Uber Lab ascendancy doesn't really matter since Pursuit of Faith doesn't do anything for us and Divine Guidance only gives us 150 mana since the 10% damage taken from mana before life doesn't work with ES.

Current Gear

So the elreon -8 mana ring isn't necessary. I just used it while leveling because it helps with mana cost but even with it i still need a mana flask so I would get something with ES and resistances.
Also, For those of you with a big brain, you will see that I still run a life flask. why? because sometimes I would accidently turn off my auras that are cast on life and I kept getting annoyed at having to either portal out or wait 'til i got back to town to turn it back on so i just brought the life flask with me. ez.

PoB Tree
Lv90 Tree: https://pastebin.com/kXBTjx07
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I guess I make build guides now so here are my other ones

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