It's a long flight away from canada, but I might be interested in this just for the chance to speak with the devs and the hype!

You guys could event give a few talks on various aspects of the game, kinda like a mini GDC! I'd be super interested in that
IS it RMT/PTW if we have purchase Chaos Orbs to trade/haggle with....???
This would be cool and I'd go. One thing to keep in mind that could collide with players of similar interests: BlizzCon is generally the first weekend of November.
Hell Yes, I would love to do that! Love you GGG, Sir bex, and Chris! I'm going to give you guys a big Canadian hug.
I always wanted to plan a trip to NZ and this gives me another reason to do so! Hope for a new class in the mega-expansion!
This is such a great idea. I really wish I could attend one. I likely will never be able to until the kids get older, but I sooooo wish that one day I can. I hope you follow through with it GGG.
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Wish I could but flights from Canada are like 2000 bucks.
i wish someday u guys come to Brazil :D

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