The Toxic Grove made Atzoatl extremely lethal, but it was worth the risk. 

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Ok so can these drop as rare items or is it magic spawn only? Or is this done as magic to show that one prefix or suffix gives two mods?
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Going to be some nice crafts.
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First page hype.

More power creep. Nice. I suppose this is your answer to the complaints about two handers being shit compared to one hand stat sticks. Should have made stat stick mods local instead of global. Stat sticks were the most bullshit introduction of power creep in years.
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So excited, I cannot wait. :)

All these new items - we need a bigger inventory in our bag to pick things up please. Not much but a bit bigger please. Pretty please with sugar on top and a cherry.
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My beloved pets....

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new blue pog champ
Is it possible to roll Tyrannical/Merciless on this too?
I have an Alien pet.
Completed 2 Challengeskelongngu wrote:
Is it possible to roll Tyrannical/Merciless on this too?

Now there's a good question.
Yeah nah maybe ehhhh yeah no.

Having trouble enjoying Delve? Grow a pair and try SSF. You'll see why it's so damn good.

Soloed the lab at level 24/25. If only I were this good at the actual game...
Now that's a slick mod :D
I wish I knew how to craft.

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