[3.2] Inpulsa's Vaal Ice Nova | Works on 1L | Off Screen Novas | Needs Update for 3.3 to Work

Elementalist Version:

This guide is not for players completely new to Path of Exile. Some knowledge and experience is required.

Single Target:
Can kill map bosses solo, but generally you should avoid them.

Clear Speed:
Fast to Very Fast. Essentially an Inpulsa Bomber. Can off screen clear and auto target mobs around corners and walls. Near 100% uptime of Vaal Ice Nova is possible.
Can function on 1L Vaal Ice Nova in Inpulsa since the 6L Herald of Ice kills everthing except some rares.

73% chance to avoid attacks. Freezes/Chills everything. 4k Life, 500ES.

Path of Building Code
Guide to using PoB: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLpKZVNTOo8
PoB Code: https://pastebin.com/GZ1rf3ZM
Select the appropriate tree and item set

Notes From PoB
Shield Charge in to packs like an Autobomber to clear maps solo. Cast Ice Nova on the Frostbolt projectiles if needed. This will usually be faster than trying to use Vaal Ice Nova on everything.
For maps with the right layout or in parties, you can use Vaal Ice Nova to clear.
For groups of packs, use Vaal Ice Nova. Try to stand in the middle of a lot of packs so your initial Nova just touches them all.
For bosses, swap in Slower Projectiles for Cold Penetration in the Cospri's Malice to get more damage with Ice Nova.

Gear Options
Shield: You can use an ES shield or Lycosidae with Fortify instead of a life shield.

Why is it dead in 3.3?
Based on the currently released information on Vaal skill changes, it looks like it won't be possible to sustain Vaal Ice nova because of the Soul Gain Prevention time.

Please message me in game if you want an fast reply as I don't check the forums often.

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