[3.4] 100% Ele Res - RF Pathfinder - EZ Uber Atziri, Shaper, Elder, Chayula...

3.4 UPDATE:Incursions Helmets won't be available, which means we gotta go back to crafting redblade helemets to get 10% of physical damage taken as elemental. Crafting those will be harder than getting a good Incursion Helmet.

Besides that no significant nerfs. Master's Herabilist got replaced by Nature's Reprisal and lost the 30% Chaos Resistance which you could pick up, but now there is no reason. Most of the time I wouldn't pick the 30% chaos resistance anyway, but I just wanted to mention it.

No double corruptions this league. It was pretty hard to get 2 good mods anyway, so this change doesn't matter much at all.

3.3 In details (still relevant for 3.4)
The build is getting even stronger in 3.3:
Vaal Righteous Fire is now usuable on this build which results in a nice damage boost. Just make sure that you are not in danger when using at as it sacrifices up to 30% of your life and energy shield.

New Corruptions:

(6–8)% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Cold Damage
(6–8)% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire Damage
(6–8)% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Lightning Damage

Those mods in combination with a single stat Watcher's Eye gives us tp to 91% of physical damage taken as elemental. With a double stat Watcher's Eye we can reach 100% making us pretty much Immortal to physical hits.

Ahn's Heritage, Saffell's Frame and Rise of the Phoenix are usually pretty cheap items so you can try to get those corruption without too much trouble.
Outdated Information until Incursion comes back
If you get insanely lucky you could potentially got 2 of the mods above with Incursion double corruption.

Some crazy possibilities which this would open up:
Double corruption + double stat watcher's would enable dropping the redblade helmet and instead going for a Horror Helmet or Delirium Helmet while still have insane physical mitigation.


Grants Level 23 Purity of Fire Skill
Grants Level 23 Purity of Ice Skill
Grants Level 23 Purity of Lightning Skill

This would open up either:
1. Bleed Immunity corruption on Rings

2. dropping Empower and Enlighten for one purity which doesn't fit into Unset Rings

3. Beeing able to drop 1 unset ring for something else with better resistances or Ventor's Gamble if you like MF

4. Depending on how rare it is it could be a good way to get high level Purity of Fire which can take quite some time and decent items early in a new league.

5. Breach Rings for Chayula Domain to get capped chaos resistance.
Bleeding cannot be inflicted on you

This open's up one flask mod which could be replaced with Adrenaline, Curse Immunity, Poison etc. as well as opening up another slot for unique flasks.

Nice corruptions for min maxing:
Body Armours:
(4–6)% reduced Chaos Damage taken

Even more defense against Chaos Damage is always good. Lightning Coil is rather cheap as well. But the problem is that we need off colors for Scorching Ray which makes going for the right corruption more expensive, but it is possible.

This Build is going to be my league starter build for 3.4 Hardcore Delve league.

If you want to see how the build is doing in Incursion or have any questions you can visit https://www.twitch.tv/shinrha

I played this build during Bestiary & Incursion HC as well as HC SSF Flaskback. This build guide uses only items which are accessable in Incursion League.

KallariBot deserves a lot of credit as the person who had the base idea and brought this build to my attention a few weeks into Bestiary and then we further improved upon.

My other build guide: Zerphi's Poet's Pen Tanky HC edition... Facetanking Uber Elder https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2183309

1 - Videos

2 - Overview
Build Concept
How to get 100% Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistances:

+6% Purity of Fire/Ice/Lightning (5% + 1% from 20%+ Aura Effect)
+3% Ahn's Heritage
+6% Divination Distillate (50%+ Flask effect)
+10% Ruby/Topaz/Sapphire Flasks (67%+ Flask effect)

= 25% extra maximum elemental resistances which adds up to 100% in total

But what about physical damage?

High physical mitigation due to stacking physical damage from hits taken as X elemental damage.
Which means that all converted damage while 100% all ele resis is mitigated to 0.

+30% Lightning Coil
+33% Taste of Hate
+10% Incursion Helmet/Redblade Helmet
+8% Shield Corruption (6-8%)

=81% of physical damage from hits taken as X elemental damage

+10% single stat Watcher's Eye

=91% of physical damage from hits taken as X elemental damage

+10-14% double stat Watcher's Eye

=100%+ of physical damage from hits taken as X elemental damage

Permanent Flask uptime:

The Pathfinder ascendancy node Nature's Boon got buffed in 3.2.0 and it now generates 3 flask charges for every 3 seconds. This combined with increased flask charges gained, increased flask duration and reduced flask charges used as well as The Overflowing Chalice keeps all flasks up all the time without having to kill anything.

Switching between a variety of flasks to have the best possible defense against specific encounters makes us even tankier.

Mind over Matter + Blood Rage prevents mana from beeing full which enables full duration Divination Distillate

Damage comes from:

Righteous Fire is a damage skill that engulfs you in fire that rapidly burn you and nearby enemies. It deals damage based of our maximum life and energy shield while dealing fire damage based of your maximum life and energy shield. This damage is mitigated by your maximum fire resistance which we have 100% at all times.

Scorching Ray is a channeling spell which deals burning damage and puts stacking debuff on enemies which lowers their fire resistance by up to 24%.

Elemental Equilibrium lowers enemies resistances by -50% to fire and lightning resistances if you hit it with cold damage. This debuff is reaplied after every hit. We apply cold damage with Shield Charge while using Inpulsa and cold + lightning damage while using Lightning Coil. Orb of Storms is lightning damage and applies EE as well.

For Map Clearing:

Inpulsa and Vessel Vinktar to shock nearby enemies and Inpulsa dealing AoE damage based on the monsters life.
Pros & Cons
+ Permanent Flask uptime against Bosses
+ Up to 100% Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistances
+ Every Boss besides Uber Elder is a very easy (Phoenix is not super easy but not too bad)
+ Solid clearspeed
+ Satisfying Inpulsa explosions
+ Permanent up to 30% IIQ and 100% IIR with Divination Distillate
+ Reflect immune
+ You can constantly level 4 extra Blood Magic gems from level 1 to 20

- not beginner friendly
- Not Party friendly when Party Members use Clarity or Wardlords/Poachers Mark/ Assassins Mark or any other way which would give you mana
- Nullifier nemesis mod on rares removes all active flask buffs and blood rage -> really dangerous
- Physical degens make Uber Elder pretty tough compared to other bosses
- switching gear can be annoying, but it is worth it, especially for Hardcore
- flask management is important, if you spam your flasks during a boss fight you will run out of charges and no charges means playing without Ascendancy and much less defense
- needs cheap but rather rare uniques which makes it hard to get going for SSF

3 - Skill Tree, Ascendancies, Bandits, Pantheons, PoB
Skill Tree

Feel free to test out what fits better for your character as long as you still have enough life for blood rage to degen your mana enough.

For example depending on how good your jewels are you want to pick up more/get them earlier.

Level 90 NO Omeyocan (Incursion boots)
Level 100 NO Omeyocan (Incursion boots)

Level 90 WITH Omeyocan (Incursion boots)
Level 100 WITH Omeyocan (Incursion boots)
In order of Importance:
1. Nature's Boon (passive flask charge generation)
2. Master Alchemist (immunity to elemental ailments and some ele damage)
3. Nature's Adrenaline (attack and movement speed)
4. WITH T1 8-10% Flask Effect Belt: 2x small pathing nodes another +1 Fire/Cold/Lightning Resis from Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz flasks.
4. WITHOUT Flask Effect Belt: Veteran Bowyer for 10% Elemental Penetration.
Kill them all for 2 skill points!
Major God Powers:

Soul of Arakaali - Upgrade at least the first power for insane increase to life regen when you stop taking damage from dots. Which happends whenever Cwdt Immortal Call procs and that way stops Blood Rage damage for a short moment because we don't take damage from Righteous Fire at 100% Fire Resis

Minor God Powers:

Soul of Tukohama - Unlock pantheon upgrade for more regen while standing still

Go to minor pantheon power for most bosses. Because we are standing still a lot against most bosses maximze damage while we take barely any damage.

Soul of Shakari - Very important to unlock this pantheon upgrade for Poison immunity.

Good Pantheon Power for Poison Maps, the Elder guardian Constrictor and whenever you are going to fight a lot of chaos damage. Also works well against chaos damage from Beyond Monsters.

4 - Gear, Flasks, Jewels
Gear from recent Leagues
Ripped level 97 Delve character:
Swap gear
HC Bestiary Gear
General Boss farming gear

Swap gear

Gear Details
This goes for all rare items in this build:

Fire damage to Attacks
Lightning damage to Attacks if you use Inpulsa

Focus on
Life and Resistances
Try to fit in Chaos Res if you can.

Body Armour

Lightning Coil's 30% of physical damage from hits taken as lightning is makes it the go to item for pretty much all boss fights.

Inpulsa + Vessel of Vinktar for map clearing. Vessel of Vinktar's lightning damage leech helps a lot with sustaining your life whenever you lose some life while mapping. I'd run around with 5L Inpulsa + Vessel of Vinktar in T16 maps and before the guardian boss room swap to Lightning Coil and whichever flasks fits well against a certain boss.

How exactly does Inpulsa affect this build, also considering EE?
Vessel of Vinktar's shock aura has roughly the same size as the Righeous Fire area. All monsters in that raduis will be shocked no matter the map mods (looking at you "Monsters have 90% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments" which doesn't do anything against Vessel of Vinktar), letting monsters explode on death dealing lightning damage based of their maximum life. We have cold damage on shield charge to lower enemy resistances to lightning and fire with Elemental Equilibrium whenever we charge into a pack. The first lightning explosion deals more damage thanks to EE while also reapplying EE in a wider area than shield charge. The EE debuff that comes from those explosion is benefitial to RF, but lowers the damage of other lightning explosion. Inpulsa's explosion are also scaled with Elemental Overload and 3x Frenzy Charges.

In the end Vessel of Vinktar gives us the benefit of:
Shocking enemies (which buffs Inpulsa explosion too)
Explosions deal damage
RF damage while clearing goes up because EE is applied in a wider area.
All corpses besides Unique monsters are destroyed (great against Porcupines, other on death effects and DD)

Super High Budget:
Essence of Horror Elder Body Armor as an alternative to Lightning Coil
15% of physical damage taken as Cold (Essence mod, prefix)
15% of physical damage taken as Fire (Elder mod, prefix)

Why is that really good?

Same amount of phys taken as Ele as Lightning Coil without the downsides of -60% Lightning Resis. On top of that you could get good elder mods or even higher resistances. Higher life rolls than Lightning Coil is possible as well, but that would be really rare to have in combination with both phys taken as ele mods. I would recommend crafting on an Astral Body Armor for another 36% resistances advantage over Lightning Coil.


Brightbeak for lower damage but faster map clear. This is not really worth it for high tier maps as you get more clearspeed out of a damage weapon.
Usually you want to use Doryani's Catalyst as it scales Inpulsa's Lightning Explosion on top of our RF and SR damage. Another alternative is a shaped sceptre with Elemental Focus and Blood Magic crafted on it and then link scorching ray in it which frees up gem sockets and can be crafted to give better damage and attack speed than doryani's catalyst whenever you don't use Inpulsa.


When it comes to shields you want to make sure that your Fire resistance is 100% while your flasks are up. That is important for the Pantheon power Soul of Arakaali. At the start you would use Rise of the Phoenix and once you got high enough purities and flask effect you can use Ahn's Heritage. You can use Saffell's frame if you can't use Ahn's Heritage yet but need higher cold and lightning resis. For example against Atziri. But you'll sacrifice up to 100 base life compared to Ahn's Heritage or Rise of the Phoenix.

Best in slot Corruptions:
(6–8)% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Cold Damage
(6–8)% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire Damage
(6–8)% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Lightning Damage


Incursion and Redblade Helmet give us another 10% of physical damage taken from hits as fire/cold/lightning. I would usually run around with a Redblade Helmet because its a very good defensively. Righteous Fire is then linked in Delirium Gloves which are as good as a Essence of Horror Helmet without any additional support mods (like Concentraded Effect and/or Burning Damage)

How to get Redblade Helmets?

They always drop magic and identified. Drop from Redblade (Fire type) warbands. T4 Lighthouse has those as map bosses. Whenever you kill the bosses press ALT to see hidden items and then you should be able to *Redblade X Helmet* if one dropped. From my experience they drop every 10-20 map runs.

How to craft Redblade Helmets?

They drop magic and the physical damage taken from hits taken as fire damage is a prefix.

Some crafting methods for Redblade Helmets:
Regal -> Multimod -> Craft Life and Resistances
Aug -> Regal -> Craft Life or Resis and Exalt


Link Righteous in Essence of Delirium gloves for 30% more damage. Try to get life and resistances.
If you don't have a redblade or rather want to go with a Horror Helmet you can use life gloves with life or resistances. Another option are Essence of Insanity gloves can be used to for higher shield charge speed.

Best Enchant:
Word of Light when you take a critical strike
This enchant places consecrated ground (6% life regen)whenever you take a critical strike. It has a 5 seconds duration and 5 seconds cooldown. You can farm this enchant on normal lab as the lab tier doesnt matter for it.


Focus on high movespeed, life and resistances.

Awesome boots for better flask sustain

7% Mana degen enables us to pick up Arcane Chemistry and Primval Spirit on the skilltree, because otherwise bloodrage alone won't be enough to degen mana when picking up those mana nodes.
I highly recommend them for Delve Bosses and Uber Elder.

These boots are available through Incursion so they will be easier to get in 3.5 again.

Best Enchant:
60-120% increased Critical Strike Chance if you haven't crit recently
Don't use: Life and mana regen if you've been hit recently. As well as life/mana leech if you've killed recently. Which would give you to much mana regen for blood rage to mitigate and therefor Divination Distillate would end.


or a quant amulet

Besides life and resistances Amulets can roll fire damage.

Interesting Shaper/Elder mods:
ilvl 82: 3-5% reduced Mana reserved (Shaper, Suffix)

ilvl 68: 1-1.5% of Life Regenrated per second (Elder, Suffix)
ilvl 75: 1.6-2% of Life Regenrated per second (Elder, Suffix)

NEW Corruptions:
Grants Level 23 Purity of Fire Skill
Grants Level 23 Purity of Ice Skill
Grants Level 23 Purity of Lightning Skill


Those might not be availabe in Delve.

So why are they really good?
Damage taken as another damage type is applied before resistance calculation which includes Penetration. This is important as it lets us bypass penetration when we convert the damage we take. Shaper's Balls have 25% Cold Pen and Atziri's double flameblast has 10% fire pen. For example Shapers Balls with 100% Cold resistance deal damage as if we only have 75% cold resistance. With the talisman 50% of that damage is converted to fire which is 100% and therefor mitigated. In the end it means that we only take half of the damage per shaper ball.


Here we want to put 2 Purities. Purity of Fire and Ice or Lightning.
It is important to have Purity of Fire level 23 which gives us another 2% max fire resistance (+1 from lvl 23 compared to lvl 20 and another +1 from 22% aura effect)
If you have level 20 Purities you'll need +3 to level of socketed gems to push them to level 23.
If you have level 21 Purities you'll only need +2 levels.


Try to get a belt with a good roll on reduced charges used (10-20%) and craftable increased flask effect duration. Use a Saffel's Frame to get your max resis up.

This is more expensive and harder to craft:
T1 8-10% increased effect of flasks on You (itemlevel:81, prefix) is very important as it enable 100% all ele resis while using Ahn's Heritage (more life than Saffell's Frame).

T1 flask effect pushes our total flask effect to 67-69% which gives us another +1 max resis from resis flasks. Ruby, Topaz and Sapphire Flask will grant 10% max resis of their respective element.

If it comes down to having T1 flask effect, no other flask mods and Ahn's Heritage vs. no T1 flask effect , but instead have reduced charges used and crafted flask duration + Saffell's... Go with Saffell's as having more flask mods makes flask sustain easier.

Having more flask mods is huge for easier sustain (in order of importance):

10-20% Reduced Flask charges used (suffix)
10-20% Increased Flask charges gained (suffix)
21-30% Increased Flask charges gained (Ilvl: 85, suffix)
5-15% Flask effect duration (craftable suffix)
6-10% Chance for your Flasks to not consume Charges (Ilvl: 82, elder, prefix)

Another good elder mod is %increased Life Recovery rate but it is not as important as Reduced Flask charges used and increased Flask charges gained.
This character has up to 69% increased flask effect. Which is important to keep in mind when looking at the flask stats because they dont take the flask effect into account.

The best prefix on flask's is 20-25% reduced Flask charges used (Chemist's). Try to get this mod on all non-unique flasks. This way all flasks besides Overflowing Chalice have roughly the same duration which makes it easier to manage your flasks.

Core Items which you always want to use:

Divination Distillate is quite amazing because we can keep it up all the time:
6% max ele res
up to 30% increased Item Quantity
up to 100% increased Item Rarity

***** DON'T PUT QUALITY on this flasks *****
This flask ends before it's duration runs out when both your life and mana are full at any moment.
Our life is full most of the time and we don't take fire damage from Righteous Fire at 100% Fire Resistance.
We use Mind over Matter and Blood Rage to lose mana and therefor negate our mana regen and the mana recovery for the flask. Because we never reach full mana this flask is up for the full duration. Which is why you dont want to put quality on this flask.

IMPORTANT: Once your character is setup. Make sure that when your Immortal call procs that your mana doesnt fill up completly (because blood rage stops degening for a short moment). Otherwise you need to lower your mana regen by removing mana/manaregen from your gear.

Ruby flasks give 9-10% maximum fire resistances (10% with an elder belt). I usually put bleed immunity instead of curse immunity on this flask because curses dont matter for most endgame bosses and curse immunity is a bit more common among boss fights.

Taste of Hate is like a Lightning Coil in a bottle. It provides 30-33% of physical damage from hits taken as cold damage while also giving us 9-10% maximum cold resistance. It is most the expensive unique in this build besides a watchers eye.

Core Item for all Boss fights:

The Overflowing Chalice enables permanent flask uptime during boss fights. It takes some time to get used to it. Basically while this flask it active it doesnt generate flask charges for itself, but increased flask charges gained for all other flasks.
That means that it won't be up all the time and while the flask isn't active it will generate charges for itself again and should be up again soon.

Optional flasks which should be used in certain situations.

Only use Vessel of Vinktar in combination with Inpulsa to have nice map clear. It is not good for boss fights because it needs too many charges. Vessel of Vinktar area shock enables Inpulsa Explosions whenever we kill a shocked enemey. Life leech from Lightning Damage works with Inpulsa explosion which makes mapping smoother because we usually dont run a instant life flask.
Try to get Vessel of Vinktar with Lightning penetration to have 16% Lightning pen for Inpulsa's explosions or at least get lightning damage to spells so it won't mess with Elemental Equilibrium.
It is still worth using Inpulsa and Vinktar for cleaing even if you can only get Vessel of Vinktar with Lightning damage to attack or physical damage converted to Lightning. It just wont be as good as the other options.

Granite flasks are quite amazing for physical mitigation in this build. Why?
The way that Armour works and how it works combined with physical taken as ele.

Any Damage taken conversion is taken into account before armour. Which means that 73%-83% of the physical that we take is already 0 or close to 0 with 100% ele resistances. The remaining physical damage is much smaller than before and armour becomes even stronger relative as it works better against smaller hits. If you have 93% or higher physical damage taken as ele it becomes not so impactful and should replaced with something else. Because the amount of damage taken is so small that it can simply be outregened.

Depending on the mods a granite grants:
over 20k armour with Iron Skin mod
8-9k armour with any non Iron Skin mod
For mapping get curse immunity and replace Overflowing Chalice with it. For Bosses with a lot of physical use a granite of Iron Skin instead of Vessel of Vinktar (for example Minotaur, Shaper, Uber Atziri Trio).

A Topaz flask can be used instead of Vessel Vinktar for example against Atziri, Eradicator & Shaper or if you don't have vessel of vinktar + inpulsa for map clearing. Just like Vessel of Vinktar it grants 9-10% maximum lightning resis.
In terms of flask mods go for adrenaline, poison or curse immunity.

A Sulphur flask creates consecrated ground which is 6% life regen and the flask itself grants up to 67% increased damage which affects all of our damage.
Use it instead of Overflowing Chalice or your granite flasks. If you got over 50% physical damage taken as ele it is pretty safe to use instead of a granite for high tier maps. Otherwise go with granite for better defense against phys damage.
In terms of flask mods go for adrenaline, poison or curse immunity.

A Chaos resis flask can be used against Constrictor, Chayula or any other heavy chaos damage encounter. An Amethyst flask provides up tp 58% chaos resistance.
In terms of flask mods go for adrenaline, poison or curse immunity.
Note for Incursion League: Incursions have quite a lot chaos damage and I highly recommend using an Amethyst flask.
Core item: Conqueror's Potency

This jewel provides Flask effect and Aura effectiveness which are important.
This jewel is very easy to acquire as it a quest reward (The Wings of Vastiri in Act 8).
For min maxing your character try to get 1-3% chaos resis corruption :)

Not a core item but really good if you can get afford it: Watcher's Eye

10% of Physical damage taken from Hits taken as X elemental damage while affected by purity of X element. (X = Fire/Ice/Lightning)
Those are usually not super hard to get. I paid about 100-200c for a single stat Watcher's Eye in BHC.

Double Stat Watcher's Eye:

Any combination of:
10% of Physical damage taken from Hits taken as X elemental damage while affected by purity of X element
12% of physical damage taken from hits taken as X elemental damage while affected by Purity of Elements

For a Watcher's Eye with Purity Elements drop either Purity of Lightning or Ice depending on which one is less important.

Rare Jewels

%maximum Life, %Burning Damage, %Fire Damage, %Damage over time, %Area Damage, %Damage (area and generic damage are decent because those scale RF and Inpulsa explosions)
resistances if you need

1x abyss jewel: chance to gain Onslaught Jewel nice for clearspeed, but irrelevant on bosses.

5 - Gem Links
Skill Gems
Gem Links in order of importance

4 Link in either Delirium Gloves or Horror Helmet

Vaal Righeous Fire - Burning Damage - Elemental Focus - Concentraded Effect / Increased Area

When you have Inpulsa + Vessel of Vinktar and farm higher tier maps, I would recommand using Concentrated Effect all the time instead of Increased AoE. The damage is more important than some area and Inpulsa helps a lot with clearing. Vaal RF is a nice boost to area and damage as well.

6 Link

Scorching Ray - Blood Magic - Burning Damage - Elemental Focus - Efficacy - Controlled Destruction (or Swift Affliction if you are struggling with off colors on lightning coil)

This build uses 4 Blood Magic setups and in all setups the level of your Blood Magic doesn't matter. Which means that you can level them up to level 20 and then corrupt and/or sell them. Then you just start over with leveling your next set of Blood Magics.

4 Link

Shield Charge - Blood Magic - Fortify - Faster Attacks

3 Link

Blood Rage - Orb of Storms - Blood Magic

3-4 Link

Level 1 Cast when Damage taken - Level 1 Immortal Call - optional: Level 7 Blood Rage - Level 5 Enfeeble

Unset Rings with +2 or +3 level to socketed gems

Level 23 Purity of Fire - (most important level 23 Purity)Level 23 Purity of Ice

If you have level 21 purities you can use +2 rings. If you have lvl 20 Purities you'll need +3 rings

3 Link or Corrupted Amulet

The other Purities are possible as well.

Level 23 Purity of Lightning - optional: Level 3+ Empower - Level 3+ Enlighten


2-3 Link for Elder Portal phase

Frost Wall - Blood Magic - Increased Duration

Place Frost Wall between Shaper and the monsters. It blocks projectiles coming at shaper and makes the minion phase a lot easier.

6 - Boss Section, Map mods
Boss Section
Important for ALL BOSS FIGHTS: Make sure keep your Blood Rage up. Without it your mana will fill up and Divination Distillate will end. A good option is too link your Blood Rage with Increased Duration.

Use the following 4 flasks for ALL BOSS FIGHTS:

Which leaves up with 1 Flask slot open:

Atziri Vaals

Don't get slammed if you don't have much phys mitigation. Everything else is face tanking.

Atziri Trio

Avoid the chaos degen ground effect from the cyclone boss and move out of the black physical degen which spawn after you've killed a boss. Kill order is: Rain Boss, Cyclone Dude and Dualstriker.
If you have 93% or higher physical taken as Ele feel free to ignore the kill order (even on Uber Atziri).


Dodge the Big Double Flameblast. Those have 10% fire pen and shouldn't be tanked. Besides that just face tank.


Use Soul of Shakari (Pantheon) with the upgrade for Poison Immunity and better chaos defense. If you dont have it upgraded make sure to get a Poison Immunity flask. Once you got that just face tank.


Nothing to keep in mind here. Just face tank.

Purifier (keep in mind this guy doesnt deal damage anyway)

Nothing to keep in mind here. Just face tank.


Nothing to keep in mind here. Just face tank.


You can start phase 1 with a granite and during phase 2 switch to a topaz flask.
On red tier Elder I would recommand using an Animate Guardian for the first phase (because this build doesn't deal crazy damage). Link the Animate Guardian with Minion Life (if you have more links open add fortify). When the portal phase starts switch from animate guardian to Frost Wall + Blood (and increased duration if you have another socket for it).
For the 3rd phase: Dodge the big phys donuts unless you have double stat watcher's eye. Everything else shouldn't deal damage.


Lure Minotaur in the Lightning Pillars in the top (those activate first) and make sure that you don't stand in them. Those Lightning Pillars put a debuff on everything they touch which makes the enemy take more damage. Either way you can facetank Minotaur with 83%+ phys taken as ele.


Use Chaos Resis Flask until snake phase is gone. After that you can switch for granite. Be careful during the Snake minion phase because they deal a lot of chaos damage. Best way is standing on the bottom right corner and kill them as they come close. Then try to get the Unique Snake down quickly. After that kite and dont stand still until you feel safe.


Nothing worry about with 83%+ phys taken as Ele.


Use Rise of the Phoenix and 2 Alchemist Ruby Flasks to get 103% maximum Fire resistances. Phoenix reduces maximum fire resistance by 1% per 10% hp he has lost. It is important to alternate between which Ruby flask you activate to have one up all the time.
Towards the end you want to dodge more to regen as well as killing phoenix.

Avoid damage mods which make the fight harder.
Use Talismans with Fire Damage taken as Cold Damage:


For Shaper I'd suggest changing your gem setup a bit to link Blood Rage with Increased Duration.
Facetank everything besides Shaper Balls, so stay close to him and be careful when he summons his clone.

The mini boss is cold and physical damage, so just face tank.

Use Cold damage taken as Fire Talismans against Shaper's Balls:

Uber Elder

Map Mods
for Shaper Guardians avoid:
no regen
min max
less regen (fine against Hydra)
reduced flask charges gained

for normal mapping avoid:
min max
no regen (Vinktar + Inpulsa gives a lot of leech which helps sustaining but longer/hard fights without any adds will be tough)
no regen + no leech is not doable

annoying, but doable map mods:
less regen
reduced flask charges gained

all other map mods are more of less easy. All extra damage as Ele barely or don't matter at all with really high resistances.

7 - Leveling
Righteous Fire leveling
Most importantly for leveling with RF is having capped fire resistance and stacking life.
For RF leveling you want to have the following Uniques:

There are also those Uniques which are going to make leveling easier

After switching RF I'd recommand using/buying cheap leveling gear with high amounts of life. For example you should be able to buy gear with 1-2 resis and 60/70+ life between level 35-40. At level 45 I was using Helmet and Gloves with over 100 life and boots with 60 life for a few chaos each.
At level 50 you can have roughly 3k life which is great for defense and offense.

Level from 1-12 with Molten Strike and Frost Blades until you can use Sunder
Leap Slam
Sunder - Chance to Bleed - Onslaught - Maim - Added Fire
Herald of Ash
Link Sunder with Melee Physical Damage
Blood Rage

Put Purity of Fire/Ice/Lightning into your Offhand to level them

Link Fortify and Blood Magic to Leap Slam

Start using Righteous Fire with Level 35:


+ any half instant or instant life flask. For clearing use can use a magic Sulphur Flask and Overflowing for Bosses.

Granite and even better granite of iron skin will give you almost all the physical mitigation you'll ever need while leveling.
Get Pathinder Ascendancy Nature's Boon before switching. You want to have the constanst charge gain.

Righteous Fire - Burning Damage - Elemental Focus - Concentrated Effect / Efficacy - (Arcane Surge - Swift Affliction if you have a tabula 6 Link your RF)

Shield Charge - Blood - Faster Attacks - Fortify

Purity of Fire - Vitality

Stone Golem - optional: Blood Magic (usually the Golem doesn't die, so it's enough to cast your golem before you activate Righteous Fire. Which means that you don't need Blood Magic)

Orb of Storms - Blood Magic - Increased Critical Strikes - Blood Rage

Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call
Use Increased Area in RF for clearing and for higher damage use Concentrated Effect

10 Points
20 Points
30 Points
40 Points respec out of melee leveling nodes
50 Points
60 Points
70 Points
80 Points
94 Points
113 Points
91 Points Level 68 with all skillpoints + Vinktar/Inpulsa
Sunder leveling until Righteous Fire (more league starter friendly)
Level from 1-12 with Molten Strike and Frost Blades until you can use Sunder
Leap Slam

Sunder - Chance to Bleed - Onslaught - Maim - Added Fire

Herald of Ash

Link Sunder with Melee Physical Damage
Blood Rage

Put Purity of Fire/Ice/Lightning into your Offhand to level them

Link Fortify and Blood Magic to Leap Slam

Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call
Link Multistrike with Sunder

Progression while trying to keep respeccing easy:
13 Points

25 Points

41 Points

55 Points

75 Points

94 Points

105 Points
Gear Progession in Hardcore Incursion
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8 - Magic Find Varation
MF Overview
The MF version basically boils down to using a lot of magic find item while still beeing tanky.

5-6k Life
99% Fire, 94-97% Cold and Lightning Resistance
up to 80-93% IIQ
up to 200%+ IIR

IHC MF Gear 81% IIQ 223% IIR

Note: +3 Shield is NOT needed and I wasn't even planning on getting/using one, I just got lucky with double corrupt. Rise of the phoenix works just fine for farming mostly low tier maps

The skilltree and bandits stay the same for the MF version. You can pick witch and templar AoE nodes for better clearspeed.

There is one problem coming with using a lot of uniques for MF:
You lose life, but this is not a problem in a way you might think. The problem is that the ratio of your life and mana changes which can result in Blood Rage not degening your mana enough to keep Divination Distillate up as it is based of your life. This can also happen with items granting %mana regen for example Goldwyrms.

To fix this issue we can lower our fire resistance to degen our mana and life with Righteous Fire (which makes the 50% life recovery from the pantheon impossible to activate). This way RF will degen our mana on top of Blood Rage. This way you can have the full duration on Divination Distillate.

We are losing out on 1% max fire by using Bisco's Leash which doesn't have increased flask effect.

Use only level 20 Purity of Fire and Rise of the phoenix to remove the need for unset rings and opens up room for a second Ventor's Gambler.

If you have level 23 Purity of Fire you can run Ahn's Heritage for higher life and cold/lightning resis.

You can also drop 2 small pathing nodes in our ascendancy to pick up Veteran Bowyer for high flask uptime which helps with Vessel of Vinktar.

MF Stats
Item Quantity (up to):
5% Bisco's Leash
10% 1-2x Ventor's Gambler
15% 1-2x White Socket The Pariah
20% Goldwyrms
10% Shaped Quant Amulet
30% Divination Distillate

= up to 85% IIQ with 2x Ventor's Gamble (90% With 1 White Socket The Pariah and 95% IIQ with 2 Rings)

Item Rarity (up to):
55% 1-2x Ventor's Gamble
100% Divination Distillate

= up to 210% IIR
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What do you think about blood of the Karui instead of the 100% fire res soul of arakaali trick? It gives even more regen but you do have to pop it frequently... It is very nice however for getting back to full quick after using Vaal RF

Also, amazing guide
Viker5 wrote:
What do you think about blood of the Karui instead of the 100% fire res soul of arakaali trick? It gives even more regen but you do have to pop it frequently... It is very nice however for getting back to full quick after using Vaal RF

Also, amazing guide

Even with Vaal RF in mind I'd only use Blood of the Karui against Uber Elder, but it is an option.
It also depends on your Helmet and Watcher's Eye. If both of them have physical taken as fire damage you will lose out on a bit of phys mitigation.

The good thing about the pantheon is that it makes Vinktar/Inpulsa leech better which is enough to quickly gain HP after using Vaal RF.
maybe will have a video??
AlanCCY wrote:
maybe will have a video??

Added Videos for Shaper, Guardians and Uber Atziri
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this build Killing the boss takes a long time??
AlanCCY wrote:
this build Killing the boss takes a long time??

I would say the damage is close to rf jugg, but not much compared to other builds.
That's the downside of going really tanky. Which then makes it great for Hardcore.

With a high budget it is doable to not sacrifice defense while getting higher damage. What I mean is dropping the Incursion/Redblade Helmet for a Horror Helmet. But for that you want at least a double mod watcher's eye and a corrupted shield with phys taken as elemental.

There is also still something to be tested out with the new Soul Ripper flask which is hard to acquire but it enables much more damage with Vaal RF
Cool build. Going to give this a try as my 2nd character in Incursion.
What is Triple Purities and how do I get it/them? I've searched the web and haven't found anything.

[EDIT] found it right after writing this...
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