[3.2] Ngahamu's Saboteur Build, A Melee Build


...who enjoy spinning into a bunch of monster and see them die miliseconds later!

...who don't care about stupid defenses like armour and evasion rating!

...who don't like spending multiple exalts to get your build going!

...who exclusively play Melee Builds!



To put it simple, this build is very easy to get off whether you've played with balls before or not, the build is designed after my preferences such as not caring for harder content like the Shaper or Uber Elder, I have no doubt that someone can do these bosses with the build, but will require more investment into the build, the key items for the build is The Effigon and Ngahamu's Flame which both are pretty easy to obtain and don't cost alot.

Ngahamu's Flame is a level 55 unique Axe that grants you a skill called Molten Burst which has a 20% chance to trigger on hit, Molten Burst is scaled with both weapon damage, projectile damage, attacks damage, damage, ele damage etc which makes it hit very hard. Ngahamu's Flame also gives you 50% Fire Damage Conversion from Physical Damage and together with alot of Fire Penetration and Avatar of Fire you will deal TONS of damage!


The best offense is the best defense, is something that is practiced alot in softcore leagues and to utilize this method the best I use LGoH(Life Gain on Hit), your Ngahamu's Flame will be spawning 7 balls at a time and they all HIT which returns alot of hp per hit and it's instant.

Now this isn't super safe against one hits so you'll have to skill dodge big wind up hits.

I also use Fortify as a main link in the Cyclone setup.



Ngahamu's Flame:
- This will be your 7-link Molten Burst setup, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Fire Penetration Support, Greather Multiple Projectiles, Physical Projectile Attack Damage, Concentrated Effect and Elemental Focus these are all to maximize your damage output with the level 16 Molten Burst that you get from Ngahamu's Flame. These gems will be socketed in your main hand weapon Ngahamu's Flame to support Molten Burst.

- This is your trigger skill for Molten Burst, in order to trigger it as much as possible you're going to want Faster Attack Support to boost your attacks per second,Fortify Support is a good gem to get your defenses up since you don't have alot of them, Melee Physical Damage, Elemental Damage With Attacks and Elemental Focus are used to increase your damage output even more. These passive gems are obviously linked in your chest armour together with Cyclone.

- This build uses Anger and Herald of Ash these both "reserve" skills give you more fire damage which this build is all about.

-Blood Rage isn't an aura but I'll include it in here since you'll have it up 100% of the time, this is linked together with Increased Duration Support to increase it's duration and make you cast it less during boss fights.

Cast When Damage Taken:
-Immortal Call this will save you in situations when an enemy hit you with a ton of physical damage since it makes you immune to physical damage for a couple of seconds, Summon Flame Golem this is just a hassle to recast every time the Golem dies so instead of having to stop and resummon it I just slapped it into the CWDT setup, Flammability this skill(Curse) lowers your enemies resistance to Fire Damage.

Movement & Warchief Totem:
- I use Leap Slam to move around the content and it's linked up with Faster Attack Support, I also have Ancestral Warchieft linked up to the same Faster Attack Support.



You're going to ascend to the Saboteur class from the Shadow character around level 30-35 and the first node you will grab is Born in the Shadows this blinds enemies around you and makes you immune to blind. And later on at level 57 combined with The Effigon you will have 100% Hit Chance against everything around you.

Next points you get around level 55 and then you'll grab Explosives Expert at this point you're going to be using Ngahamu's Flame so Explosive Expert's increased to both Area of Effect and Area Damage are huge boosts to your clear speed, the 10% Elemental Damage penetration is also very helpfull.

Last real Ascendancy Node is Pyromaniac which makes you immune to Shock and Ignite, helps a bit with your defenses.

This is my skill-tree at level 88 not really much to say more than that you grab the Life first and rush to Avatar of Fire.

Kill all the Bandits.



Item Pieces:
You got a ton of Int and Strength on this character and at most 148 Dexterity, Int items won't do alot for this build so it's more important to focus on Armour/Evasion items since they give you better defenses even if you don't stack any on the tree, plus it's easier to get your prefered colours on an Armour/Evasion chest item.

As for the belt either a Rustic Sash or a Leather Belt will be optimal for this build.

Defensive Stats:

1. Maximum Life
2. Resistances, it is important to have all of them at atleast 75% at all times in late game.
3. Life/Mana Gained on Hit, this is easily acquired by using the unique ring Thief's Torment but you will have no room for another ring in your other ring slot.

Offensive Stats:

1. Elemental Damage With Attacks
2. Attack Speed, you can get this on gloves
3. :Shrug:


Most important is to get one flask with Freeze Immunity and one that Removes Bleeding effects since these two things are going to kill you with 100% certainity.





Thank you guys for browsing through this quick guide I made on my current character, I don't do alot of these and this is my first, if you got some feedback please comment them here on the thread. See you another time.

Video links comming soon.

Thanks to GhazzyTV for the help with the structure, he streams over at Twitch.tv/ghazzytv

// Sir_Liftalot

Youtubes: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdP4vW0IX2KVcut_x2jubsw
Twitch: twitch.tv/sir_liftalot
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Is this Hillock viable?
Is this Hillock viable?

Aye sir, the build can do normal Hillock without a problem, I have not encountered Uber Hillock yet with this build though.
Youtubes: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdP4vW0IX2KVcut_x2jubsw
Twitch: twitch.tv/sir_liftalot
I give it 5/5 #snowkittyzwashere <3
I am extremely amazed by the complex details and small things you've mentioned in this post, Arthix195. The details were so mind boggling that I've decided to comment in this posts comment section and write a good review for you. This is totally not just because I watch you and am one of the few viewers you have.

So my opinion about this build is that it's very good at least when you've played this in your amazing streams at Twitch.tv/Sir_Lift and in your mind blowingly good video about this build. So I shall give this build a total of nine burps out of 2 Jocke streams.

ALSO GO TO Twitch.tv/sir_lift if I didn't mention it already. Twitch.tv/sir_lift is a very amazing streamer that streams this build, so go to this link Twitch.tv/sir_lift, and if you didn't yet catch it you can go here Twitch.tv/sir_lift or here Twitch.tv/sir_lift.
Although it may seem like going for an Saboteur is good, its really not.

Notes -

1. You dont grab pointblank which is 50% more damage since always the ngamahu balls are landing on top of their targets and it does not have any drawback to the build.

2. on your character sabohamuslift you are wearing an opal ring but because you are using a thief's torment you dont benefit from that opal ring at all....

The line - can't use other rings

3. Your effective crit chance is 4.5% on molten burst, 6% on cyclone

Thats an average of 6 crits per 100 hits on cyclone, and n average of 4 crits per 100 molten bursts.

On bosses this means holding elemental overload is something that you wont be able to consistently do. Or in the time you take to ramp up and land a crit you could have been doing much more damage if your tree/build was different and more consistent.

4. Something you forget is that bosses are heavily curse resistant and a majority of your damage is coming from the curse flammability.

If you plug your character into PathOfBuilding you will see that your actual dps is

cyclone - 69k
molten burst - 12k

against bosses.

Compared to if you were running something closer to my build guide -

I have like triple your average dps and i've also made a guide for ngamahu.

5. Your passive tree has almost no jewel sockets while you actually have alot of sockets in your grasp that you dont grab.

All in all being a sabetour is pointless as you dont grab anything that really matters for playing a ngamahu build.

You dont have alot of fire pen, you dont have alot of the ele wed pen nodes, you dont have dodge, you dont have pointblank, you dont have iron grip. ETC ETC

blind = https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Blind

50% less chance to be hit from an attack.

This provides absolutely no benefit to spells or damage over time abilities.


All in all

Going saboteur is a bad choice and thats not an opinion its a fact.

You have raider, scion(raider/champion or slayer), champion, cheiftain, and a few other ascendancy options that all make much much stronger overall builds then going as saboteur.

You need to focus on whether or not you wanna do ngamahu, because if you actually want to make a build around ngamahu you need to invest in it correctly and make the tree based around the build.

Jewel sockets are important and you can get alot of damage from them as well as life /resist etc.

You cannot use two rings if you are use theif's torment. So you bought an opal ring for no reason on that character.

Your dps against trash isnt really important compared to your single target dps.

Using path of building to check your stats really shows the weakness of having a build where using curses is your main source of damage increase.

Blind is a great defense and you can get it from abyss jewels as well as an assortment of unique items, however on its own its utter trash.

You need to layer your defenses if you plan on doing end game content.

I've already made a build guide for ngamahu explaining everything in depth with the dps numbers to handle all content in the game.

You're free to look at it and try it out if you want to see what a real ngamahu build feels and plays like.
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would slower proj over gmp be a massive dps boost on bosses?
would slower proj over gmp be a massive dps boost on bosses?

Due to the Projectiles overlapping it would not be a dps boost.
Youtubes: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdP4vW0IX2KVcut_x2jubsw
Twitch: twitch.tv/sir_liftalot
You should really be following a few guides, and learning the game better before you start writing guides for other people.

* Your tree pathing is super questionable. You skip 2pt jewels and a lot of wasted points
* Are you able to run red maps? shaper? elder?
* You should consider alternate ascendancies, especially when you only use 2 out of 4

The other comments you've received are super helpful. Hopefully you read them and learn from them.
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The best offense is the best defense

The best defense is a good offense.

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