[3.2] Scion witch slayer - lightning strike claw bestiary

Hello every people , this is my first guide after 2 year did'nt playing game
First , thank to see my build and watch my clip
Im Asian people so my english is not good , so sorry if you dont understand what im write in here .

Why Sion
Because she is most beautiful in poe

- Link image in forum www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1593539/page/2
Just kidding .
First scion character can take a path of many other character
I want to immune reflect so scion is the best choose for my build . Here is reason why I choose Scion

So you can immune reflect and more damage with elementalist and more leech in slayer
Why I call witch slayer
You can see , Im choose 2 path it slayer and haft witch so I call ....
Why Lightning strike
LS is projectiles-melee build will give you clear fast and far enough to surival with monster by combo ascentral protector and 2 SUMMON GOLEM.
Why claw
Claw give you a huge leech .
Crit or non ?
If you try to swap critical chance to Elemental focus you will fail .
very simple , 70% of dps in my build come from shock and crit.
add Point Blank ?
NO , Never , you need to remember the most important : This build not for Tanker , it is RANGER/tanker(80%/20% , you will know why in my test boss video )
pros and cons
Have 81% chance to shock , will make you deal 50% more damage and crit chance x3.61
Easy to clear map , normal to kill boss
Can auto summon 2 golem , 1 golem buff for you 20k dps
safe to clear map with projectiles of lightning strike , dear much more damage with shock+ crit + melee hit .
80% all resistant , good for surival with spell damage
doing boss very well with 1m5 dps in POB
6k1 life (can up more )
Can't reflect , easy to playing map , 95% map
Can't tanker , Ranger/tanker (80%/20%)
not have armour , evade , block , and dodge is low
Can't doing map with no leech , extra lightning and hard boss
very careful with map have curse enfeeble , vulnerability
Careful with big boss can make 1 hit to die

My Video : Test all elder T14-15 , shape , uber atziri , enternal lab boss , normal atziri

Full elder run https://youtu.be/YZz8HMiGXxA
Full shape run https://youtu.be/6AzUcMUQZJk
Uber atziri , atziri , enternal lab boss in here (update 3/5/2018)
You must to check my video to know how cant tank although have vaal pact.Coz no armour , no evasion , only 6k life(can up more) and 45% chance to dodge attack and 5% chance to dodge spell so chance to die very high with 1 hit . Like I writen in FAQ (add point blank?) . you only can tank when boss have lower than 25-30% life to combination of finishing blow with flask and culling strike of slayer path or just tried to die like me in video ha ha .
Well , with my cheap claw , it fail , I tried 4 time and all fail . And Im borrow my friend a claw 350dps with 1.86 crit chance and 1.89 attack speed (around 5ex , can hybirb ele/phys), Im complete end game but not easy . so if you want to do uber shape/elder , you must buying claw better than my claw .Sorry im forgot record clip full uber shape/elder .

build guide

Full build at lv 93
Full tree at lv 93 :

Current gear(update) : 5k9 life , 1m6 dps and can up more ( total cost at this time is 19~20 exalted orbs)

And 10 eye jewel :


you can check my POB build
Bandit quest : help alira
Pantheon souls
Soul of Lunaris and
Soul of Yugul is my choose

Leveling early
with scion at early game you must come lv 80 to do enternal lab for duelist path
and you must reset point in tree when you can add tree in duelist path , And important you may need some one help you doing lab .
here my tree in low lv
82 point and 2 lab done
Why I'm add many point to str and int , coz low level you didnt need dps , you just need to surival and node str+int to up level gem
My leveling gear

If you not have Tabula , you can using 4l and 5l in lv 45-50 it fine , I'm used Tabula but only 5 link before up to 75

you can check again :https://pastebin.com/gGHLyaVa

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