3.2.3 Patch Notes

'Not Responding' and long load times that lead to game crashes when using waypoint to any area.
can not run game with DX 11 and I must run game with DX9 EX, so i had crash on some map. Am I Alone ? @/@ Let's tell me how to fix it. Thank you
Yup, MTX stash crashes game.
Isnt 1.2GB a bit much for a few bug fixes?
Agree. 1.2gb is a bit much. :(

Hopefully I no longer get crash while playing
patch and hotfix.....other hotfix or patch next days?

pardon me but every patch o hotfix for an user steam with ssd = 12 gbytes writing/allocation on ssd

this is a nightmare

plz concentrate the patchs .. an example...one patch each month... or change system updating file on steam...an single file of 12gb...with steam.. rewrite every patch 12gb...

client standalone?..ok is better but i love playing all my games on steam with ui steam... hour played..friendlist ect...

this is the best hack and slash ...from diablo2...

but the frequence of patchs is tedious

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Yo guys, the recent changes to Avian Buff behavior (at least) on changing areas kills every build focusing on the timings of consecutive buffs - GREAT ;)

Not as if it was easy to get the gear with perfectly matching stats for this one

xXRAIDEN21Xx wrote:
They Block Keyboard macros for example my /exit doesn´t work anymore...

Why don't you do a macro for a batch file that will force end the PathOfExileSteam.exe or PathOfExile_x64Steam.exe process, or if that won't work because the confirmation dunno if the batch can target it, then maybe just for alt+f4, or whatever quits the game, or a batch file for disconnecting/disabling the network adapter.
FYI just thoughts for a problem, never used any nor do know if they actually are capable of working.
1.2gb for these few fixes? common watdafaqisthisshitholyfuck
If you put water into a cup it becomes the cup..if you put water into a bowl it becomes the bowl..water can flow...or it can crash..be like water my friend------BOOOYAH!

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