[3.2] Elementalist Tri-Herald Dual Curse Dual Strike!


This build was a creation in an attempt to use an underused skill and have alot of fun! The build focuses around having an extremely fast map clear speed as well as fairly good bossing. The build can clear end-game content such as uber izaro, atziri, and guardians.

Pro's and Con's


+ Fast Map Clear Speed
+ Can kill bosses
+ Alot of explosions
+ Budget Friendly with alot of room to grow


- Can lack defenses
- Fairly slow leveling if you choose to level as dual strike
- Can struggle with bosses that don't spawn adds as you wont be able to sustain frenzy charges

Path Of Building Link

Path Of Building

Leveling Tips

Early on you can use whatever you feel is best until you reach level 12. From here I would start using sunder to level all the way until you feel like you can comfortably switch to dual strike (I suggest level 64 when you can equip your hyaons fury swords). Good leveling uniques include Tabula Rasa, Goldrim, Wanderlust boots, elreon jewellry, and a wideswing poleaxe.

If you want to level with dual strike it is certainly possible. Just equip the support skills as you see fit and rush to the jewel socket near the shadow frenzy charge in order to use your might and influence jewel. The same leveling gear from above will also be very beneficial to level as dual strike with the exception of the weapon choice. One Tempestuous Steel along side a high dps weapon will work extremely well.


Kill all bandits.


These are your weapons. Try and look for the highest rolls you can. You can get close to perfect ones for a couple of chaos each.

This is the endgame chestpiece you will want. This gives us extra damage if we have shocked recently as well as some nice hp. This is also a great boost to killing packs of monsters that may survive your herald explosions. A tabula rasa can be used until you can afford this chestpiece.

This Amulet is what you will want to use as it allows us to access our curses. We can run a blasphemy - Conductivity curse setup without reserving mana which allows us to run our triple herald setup and an arctic armour gem. Until you can get your hands on a +1 curse amulet it is completely ok to use a regular one.

Here you want a rare pair of gloves with life and resists, as well as the elemental weakness on hit corruption. I am using hrimsorrow gloves because they have the elemental weakness on hit corruption on them.

Here you want to use boots with life and movement speed with as much resists as you can get.

We use a starkonjas hood as the helmet choice. It has high life, good evasion, and some crit to help proc our elemental overload keystone.

For our rings, we use a bereks grip to help give us an increase in damage as well as some leech to both our life and mana. The other ring will be used to get life and resists, and extra damage if you can fit it.

Our belt is used to give us life and resists as well as any damage you can fit onto it. A stygian vise base is ideal as abyss jewels are incredibly valuable to our build.

For our jewels, we want 1 Might and Influence unique jewel and you can socket this above the frenzy charge in the shadow area. Without this jewel you would need to run melee splash and that cuts into our damage by quite a bit. For the other jewel slots you want rare jewels with as much life and flat lightning damage as you can get.

Skill gems

Dual Strike - Ancestral Call - Multistrike - Elemental Damage With Attacks - Lightning Penetration - Added Lightning

Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Blood Magic

Cast When Damage Taken (LVL 1) - Immortal Call (LVL 2) - Increased Duration - Blood Rage

Herald of Ash - Herald of Ice - Herald of Thunder - Arctic Armour

Blasphemy - Conductivity - Ancestral Protector

Your last three gem slots can be socketed with whatever you see fit. Keep in mind until you get elemental weakness on hit gloves you will need to run Herald of Ice - Curse on Hit - Elemental Weakness

Passive Tree

28 Skill Points

58 Skill Points

81 Skill Points

Finished Skill Tree

For the ascendancy choices, I would grab them in this order:

-Pendulum of Desctruction
-Mastermind of Discord
-Shaper of Desolation
-Beacon of ruin


Pantheon choices for this build are all preference. I chose to use Soul of Solaris to help with the pesky boss fights. For the minor god I went with soul of Garukhan for the bonus evasion but soul of ralakesh for blind immunity and soul of shakiri for poison immunity and chaos damage reduction are both good options as well.

Tips and Tricks

1. The faster you go the better! Because of the increased damage taken per frenzy charge for each Hyaon's Fury, we need to take advantage of the 20 life gained on kill (40 with both weapons) per frenzy charge or we will drop low on hp.


8 Mod T12 Map.
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This is a very clean and detailed guide. Deserves way more credit than it has.
Very nice guide!
Awesome Guide!
+1 might try at some point. love seeing builds utilizing rare skills/items
Would love to see this build in action, sounds good on paper!
Please give me something to watch :D
macmoogle wrote:
Would love to see this build in action, sounds good on paper!
Please give me something to watch :D

I finished recording an 8 mod t12 map I just need to add some music so it isn't boring to watch haha.
nice to hear!
Will wait for it,thank you!
Ok the first video is up!
Looks pretty funny, i also like the idea of a melee witch!
Thanks for sharing!

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