I really don't want to stop playing this game...

... but my game goes through several disconnects back to the title screen in the middle of combat. I log back in to find that I died and have lost experience, which is seriously frustrating. When it happens, I can't find myself playing for at least a couple days because it is such a bummer losing hours of progress. I have recorded instances for proof.

I'm a supporter of this game. I've sunk time and money because I love Path. Please look into this, or at least provide a workaround where I don't lose hours of exp.
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I'd recommend looking into running a winMTR trace to see if there are problems on your end, see this guide for more info. The results of this trace can be posted in the Technical Support section where you'll be able to get help for such cases.

If you're using a wireless connection I'd highly recommend swapping to a cabled connection, this often fixes a lot of problems that users experience with their connection.

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