[3.5 Viable but Discontinued] UNDENIABLE-JUGG | FARM ALL CONTENT - incl. Uber-Elder

Definately check out the amazing Video-Guide made by mbXtreme for this build!

Build News: 30.8.18

Hey Poeple,

sadly I have to say, that I simply dont find the time at the moment to keep up my guides. Real Life has me in its Iron Grip. This doesnt mean that the Build isnt viable anymore. The loss of 3 total projectiles isnt that bad. Also Grelwood and Molten Strike itself have been buffed to somehwat make up for the lacking damage.

If anyone is interested to rewrite and update the Guide who really understands what its all about can message me.

My Discord is still up for discussion.


Changelog: Last Updated 2.9.18

- Updated PoB
- Updated Passive Tree
- just some small corrections and clarifications
- Added the Blasphemy + Poachers Mark combo to the leveling
section (many overlooked this)
- updated the PoB Link (not final until all 3.3 content is added)
- switched to lvl 20 Immortal Call setup
- replaced Aspect of the Spider with Herald of Ash
- added Vaal Impurity of Fire
- did some swapping with some gems
- fixed the progression leveling picture
- added the amazing video Guide made by mbXtreme

- migrated all of the pictures to imgur
- added some items to the gearing section

- added new progression guide
- added new deathless uber elder video

- added a mini guide to leech mechanics
- added some additional info about flasks
- added some info to the leveling section
- added stats screens

Welcome to my new Guide. Some of you might know my other guides, the ELE CLAW and the CHAOS-FIRE Inquisitor or the oldschoold build "Destroy the Atlas-Double Warchief" along time ago. This build is more built towards people who crave a highly tanky playstyle with up to 8,5k life while still having a very solid 1.5-2 Million DPS output. In terms of powerlevel, this build might be the strongest I have ever made or at least at as good as the others. The name UNDENIABLE Jugg comes from its amazing new keystone that goes by the same name. It greatly synergizes with the very underused weapon "Grelwood Shank". Wich itself has amazing synergy with the Molten Strike Skill.

Right now it is very much capable of defeating ALL CONTENT in the game. This includes the new Uber-Elder and the Hall of Grandmasters. All content before the 3.2 Patch doesnt even put up a challange for this build (Uber Atziri, normal Shaper etc.). Also the build has a very smooth leveling and gearing curve. Dont be daunted by my gear. You dont need everything I have before Uber-Elder.


- Really Tanky (8-9k HP. 17k Armor. 80Marex. 56% Block)
- Good Single Target Damage (~1.7m)
- Quite Fast clearing
- Lightning Fast movement/attacks
- All Content farmable
- Eats Uber-Lab and Izaro for Breakfast
- Great Gear-Curve from Beginner to Endgame
- Endgame Gear not super-expensive
- Hardcore-Viable
- Run EVERY map mod (even elemental reflect)
- Run the most extreme combinations of mods even on T16


- Requires careful reading of the Guide!
- Endgame Amulet still kinda expensive (5-7ex)
- Rings can be a bit tricky to craft/find/buy

How the Build works (short description):

Where does the damage come from?

The build is tailored towards the "Grelwood Shank Sword". It saves you alot of points by giving you Point Blank and Iron Reflexes. Since Juggernaut with this Sword + The Undeniable Keystone can reach the Hitcap(95%), so you dont need any Accuracy or a shield like Lycosidae at all. This combination also provides an enourmous amount of attack speed. Since the Shank does not have much crit, it is perfect for going with the "Elemental Overload" Keystone.

The Debuff Tank:

The build uses Molten Strike as the Main Ability and can together wiht the Xophs Blood amulet convert 100% physical to fire.

- The Amulet has the debuff "Covered in Ash" wich gives 20% more Fire damage and 10% FirePenetration.
- Also we use the new "Aspect of the Spider" wich provides another 15% more damage at 3 Stacks.
- The Tombfist gloves boosts for another 10% more with Intimidate.
- The Watchers Eye Jewel adds another 25% physical as extra fire damage.
- The Wise Oak Flask boosts for 15% Fire penetration.
- We get 9 additional Projectiles from the Sword, the Helm Enchant and the two Wildfire Jewels.

The rest of the damage comes from the Passives and diffrent pieces of gear with smaller things like added fire damage to attacks.

Where does the Tankyness come from?

The fact that we have so many molten strike projectiles also enables us to take great use the "life gain on hit" mechanic, that provides the only source of instant leech currently in the game.

There a some ways to achieve some instant life and mana leech. Wich I describe here:

Life/Mana gain on hit:

Currently there are three (somewhat four) relevant sources of this stat for non-claw builds in the game.

- Elder Rings with "Life Gain on hit with Attacks". Those can hold up to 20 instant Life leech. One of those Rings is totally enough, but two are even better.
- Elder Rings with "curse Poachers Mark on hit". This is also very powerful for its Life and Mana gains, but is quite less effective against bosses cause of only 20% curse effectiveness.
- Watchers Eye + Vitality Aura. It adds 30 Instant leech but you lose and aura. I personally like the "Aspect of the Spider" Aura alot more, but it is a reasonable way to get your hands on some leech. This is for Life Leech only.
- The Thiefs Torment Ring. This is more a leveling/earlymapping alternative for starters. But for what its worth it does a fantastic job.
- Viridian Jewels can hold +2 Mana gained on hit wich is good enough for Mana Leech

A total of 20-Life and 3-Mana Leech is enough for all content. But more Life leech makes everything much smoother and I recomment at least 30 Life-Leech for Uber-Elder.


I dont really want to explain why JUGG is so tanky, you just need to read his keystones and see for yourself. Jugg adds amazing movement speed and massive amounts of armor for physical protection.


The Armor is not only very cheap (just gather 60 unique rings for 1 alch) but also very powerful. Pretty much every stat on this Armor is perectly tailored towards this build. The Maxresists are its best selling point and add so much tankyness against elemental damage.

Alot of Life:

The build holds alot of life% on the passive tree and can reach up to 8,5k Life at level 95.

Gems and Links:

Molten Strike:

This is the main Setup. You can if you want swap out Fire Pen for Ancestral call on bosses. If not you need to take advantage of the Ancestral Call Trick. I have to little picture ready for you

[20/20] Molten Strike
[20/20] Multistrike Support
[20/20] Elemental Damage with Attacks Support
[20/20] Elemental Focus Support
[20/20] Fire Penetration Support/Ancestral Call Support
[20/20] Concentrated Effect Support/Increased Area of Effect Support

Movement Setup:

You can pretty much choose whatever movement skill you like best. Bloodmagic is great for no-regen maps. Foritfy procs best of Leap Slam and Shield Charge. I personally prefer Leap Slam in this build.

[20/00] LeapSlam/Shield Charge/Whirling Blades
[20/20] Faster Attacks Support
[20/20] Fortify Support Support
[20/00] Blood Magic Support


These are our auras. Aspect of the Spider needs to be enchanted to a armor piece with an open suffix through beastcrafting. Herald of Ash is also viable. But you need an additional open socket. Anger is our main damage Aura.

[21/20] Anger
[20/20] Herald of Ash

CWDT Setups:

This is for a lazy golem summoning and Molten Shell. I would not miss the 1500 additional physical damage reduction from Molten Shell. I also chose to use a level 20 Immortal Call to lengthen the time we benefit from the flat physical damage reduction coming from the Endurance charges.

[20/00] Cast when Damage Taken Support
[20/00] Molten Shell [Optional due to lack of Sockets]
[20/20] Summing Ice Golem
[20/00] Immortal Call

This is especially cool. The tempest shield adds another 3% Block chances and lashes out every time we block something. This greatly helps proccing our "Elemental Overload". Also I chose enfeeble as our curse. This build doesnt greatly benefit off any curses. You can also use Warlords Mark or even Poachers Mark. Depending what kind of leech you want.

[01/00] Cast when Damage Taken Support
[07/00] Tempest Shield
[05/00] Enfeeble/WarlordsMark

Utility and Boosts:

The Totem-Buddy greatly boost our Attack-Speed and does some good damage himself.

[20/00] Ancenstral Protector

Blood Rage is a great tool to boost our clearspeed. On bosses like uber elder you can even sustain frenzy charges because of the many small monsters spawning. The degen effect is entirely compensated by the super-solid life regen the build has. Level it as high as your dexterity allows.

[0X/20]Blood Rage

How to gear your Character

This section is describing the most optimal gear for all purposes. For early Leagues I provide a dedicated section that explaines in great detail a strategy for progression from bad to high end gear.


Before getting your hand on the Grelwood Shank wich is kind of core to this build, you should look for a decent rare 1h sword. The lately introduced Dreadbeak is also very interesting as a starter weapon. It is very cheap and has really good dps. The biggest problem ofc is the lack of "Point Blank", wich is massive dmg boost.


The Build can have a variety of useful Shields. The best one imho is the good old "Lioneyes Remorse". It has some decently high armor and the highest life of any shield in the game. "The Surrender" is pretty much tied with Lionseyes in overall performance but the build isnt the "the greatest blocker", so the Life Return Bonus is nothing really special. Ahn's is also worth considering if you need more damage. With almost 100% uptime on endurance charge we have permanent Onslaught.

Endgame Option: A really big update is a good shaper shield with 15% mana resevervasion (not less). This allows to you to use another aura like Herald of Ash for additional damage. This is not necessary to clear all content. All videos in this guide where recorded without it. You will also need at least Enlighten Level 3 to make it happen.

Body Armor:

Right now there is only this amazing armor. Its also rather easy to obtain. Trade 60 unique rings with a vendor for this piece. It already comes 6 socketed. This imho makes it alot of fun working towards in a new league. The most important stat ofc is the Max Resistances, these should 80. All other stats should be mid-tier.


A good rare helmet is the best overall choice here. You can either use an Evasion or Armor base, cause we get iron reflexes from the Grelwood Shank anyways. The best enchant by far is the +3 Molten Projectiles. Devotos is however a very viable alternative with many nice benefits. It lacks life and good resists but you wont need any dexterity on a ring if you choose this. Its also often rather cheap with the enchant.


Tombfists are by far the best gloves for this build. The double effect of Intimidate and maim are very useful and you should capitalize on those. They come with one or two jewel sockets.


Rare Boots are the best choice here. Just always aim for high life rolls and resists. I chose to put my Aspect of the Spider on mine.


There is a variety of options. The best ones are the Stygian Belts and the "Darkness Enthroned" with two very good jewels. Leather Belts are also kinda ok-ish but dont provide the amazing additional Abyss Jewel.


Xophs Blood is a major damage boost for this build. I will go about early league alternatives in the "Progression" section. This also is the easiest way to 100% convert to fire damage. It also grants quite amazing amounts of life via the strenght bonus.


These can be a bit tricky. You should opt for getting about 20-40 "Life gain on hit" from both Rings combined. Getting the 3 "Mana gain on hit" also funds your entire mana needs for spamming skills. But this can be achieved better by getting Viridian Jewels. Other than that you should look for Life/Resists and other useful damage stats. The "Melee Damage" stat on one of my rings is not very bood btw (doesnt boost the magma balls damage), so dont get distracted by it. Good stats to look for are (in order of their power): Elemental Damage with Attacks, Projectiles Damage, Added Phys/Fire Damage, Attack Speed, Fire Damage.


The Wildfire jewels are the first thing you want to look out for. They provide a huge damage and clearing bonus an one can be obtained early in Act 6 by finishing a Quest.

A watchers Eye is a very good damage boost for most builds atm. The best Stats are "phys added as fire" and "fire penetration. I didnt have the mana leech for some time so mine has some mana returns, wich isnt necessary at all, if you have like 3-total-mana gain on hit.

Many of the jewels here just aim for the usual stats. The most imporatant one is always life. I also tend to fix my resists with these. But most importantly they can hold many useful bonues like Blind or Onslaught on kill. For damage there is mostly Flatphys/Fire on Swords or Attacks. Phys added as fire as well as the many Attack speed mods are all pretty good as well.


One life Flask should be even in 8k+ JUGG build for some "oh shit" situations. A silver Flask is not the greatest thing for this build, but its a decent damage boost while also providing utility like movement speed etc. This build doesnt have many good unique flasks. The Wise Oak is an absolute must for this build, the 15% penetration are active while your fire resist is the highest. I did balance out my resists (all at the same value), this causes the defensive bonus to affect all three elements. Especially on Uber-Elder receiving 10% less cold damage is amazingly good. Rumi's is super good for the Block/Spellblock when timed correctly. A Basalt Flask for some even futher phys mitigation is a good choice for our last flask.

TIPP: Always aim for enough "reduced flask charges" used on craftable flasks to make sure you get additionla uses out of them.

Dying sun is something im not a huge fan of myself for this build, but it provides a small damage boost and some additional clearspeed. It also messes with your ability to make use of the defensive bonus from Wise Oak. Im currently testing this.

Gornodd's Guide to Rings and Jewelry/How to get Life/Mana Leech

Many people seem daunted by looking at my rings and try to search for pretty much the same stats on trade sites. Most of the rings listed there are insanely over or underpriced. Elder and Shaper rares have the tendency to have absurdly extreme ranges in price span. This comes mostly from people not knowing how valuable someting really is and pricing it correctly. So here is a small guide of how ot get super cheap Life and Mana Leech and some good jewels.

There are some sources of Life and Mana Leech and we want distribute these stats to diffrent sources. If you cant find dual leech rings like one of mine (wich cost me 8c at the time, if you can believe that), you can have to elsewhere. Right now 2 Mana gained on hit is enough to fix all your mana needs. Viridian Jewel are a great way of getting this mana leech fixed.

General Rules:

- Dont search too specific for certain stats/resists with cuttoffs
- Start with the rings when building your gear
- use tier1/2 cuttoffs that suit your budget. LGOH (life gain on hit is 10-15 or 16-20)
- always consider divning low statted rings for filling your needs
- use live searches ALL THE TIME while playing to quickly grab good deals (most important rule)

Step1: Searching on PoE-Trade for Rings:

So lets do a good search shall we?


So what did you search for? The search I set up includes all typically good Ring Bases wich are useful to this build and a Tier2 cutoff at +11 life gained on hit. What you need to do is find a Ring that has somewhat good stats and decent possible life amount or open prefix for a +44 Life craft from Elreon. If youre not sure what is a suffix and a prefix check this link! Theres also some option for damage stats at the bottom of the search. Just change to count to 1/2.

Step 2: Searching on PoE-Trade for Virdian Mana Leech Jewels

I set up a filter on poe.trade for you that helps you finding the best statted jewels that fit your needs with +2 Mana gained on hit and Life. I consider those two stats the baseline when looking for such jewels. All other stats are from top to bottom in order of their power. If you wanna search for additional resists just change the COUNT from 0 to 1 in the specific field at the bottom of the search. If you want more T1 or more T2 stats you can also do that with the COUNT fields.


From Rags to J.U.G.G. Build Progression for League Starters. How to substitute items:

If youre really poor or are just starting in a new League I have a little advice for you. There are some pricey items in this build and youre wonderung how to overcome those obstacles.

The main Idea here is, to get your JUGG Uber-Lab ready. Uberlab always is a perfect way to make some really good currency early-league. For most Jugs builds this is a far as they can go. But for this JUGG you wanna see the Uber-Lab as a Training Camp to become ready to fight the big Evils of the PoE Universe.

How to substitute for Xoph's Blood?

Avatar of Fire! This is basically the cheapest way to do this. Ofc you ask what other amulet you should use instead? Basically a Rare Amulet with good Life, Resists and some damage (WED is best with some Fire or Phys)

How to Substitute for Grelwood Shank?

This is a really hard item to substitute and anything else will cost you alot of resources and damage. So getting a Grelwood Shank is your TIER1 priority. Either you get a good Rare onehand sword with high attack speed (2.0 is kinda good).
This sword here is pretty good too

Also you would need to take these nodes for the time beeing

How to Substitute for Loreweave?

Another item that is pretty hard to replace. However ad good rare armor is mostly quite cheap and can be obtained as 6L from beastcrafting. The best base is an Astral Plate. Here an example of a quick craft did just did. Especially for Uber-Farming and having soom higher rolled Armor and Life is pretty good.

I got and iLvL 86 Astral Plate for 50 as 6L from PoE trade

Spammed it with 19c and got a fairly decent piece of Armor

How to Substitute for Leech Rings?

Leech Rings often are kinda costly early league. And im not gonna lie, everything before getting some solid one feels really mediocre. A good alternative is the Thiefs Torment Ring. It can also be a bit costly but is worth the investment.

Another Alternative is to Run Blasphemy + Poachers Mark instead of Spider Aura or Herald of Ash. Its not super good gainst bosses but carries you quite far.

My Gear and Stats:

NOTE: None of the links and gems show in the items here represents the optiomal setup for the build. The Gems and Links Section is used for that. So dont copy any of these from here. Also the Boot-Enchant "Aspect of the Spider" is no longer available and isnt part of the build anymore (it was replaced with Herald of Ash").

This is the Gear I used in all of my video content: Tooltip dps was ~45 with in the same circumstances that are listed on the below screenshots:

These screens are with my new shaper shield and the additional Herald of Ash aura using a Shaper Shield, I will not record new videos with this gear cause the diffrence it not very big:

DPS with Conc and Ancestral Call(reduces tt dps), Golem UP, No totem, no Flasks, no Charges

Defense while standing still (Iron Reflex from Grelwood)

Why not these items/things? (Kaoms etc)

Dual Wield Grelwood:

I did alot of testing with this setup but in the end decided against it. It ofc is a damage boost, but you give up a large amount of survivability. This build gets most of its armor fromt the shield. Imho the added tankyness greatly outweighs the not-needed boost in damage.

Kaoms Heart/Roots:

This is the first thing people bring up when the word tank-build is up for debate. There is a short answer for that. The build really needs gem-sockets! There are three diffrent finely tuned CWDT setups that make the build work like it does.


To really benefit of these mechanics it needs imho too much commitment for too little effect. Especially Spellblock is quite overrated I think. It has its time and place (and its called gladiator). But to commit to spellblock as an juggernaut take massive resources. Attackblock (normalblock) is quite good but also Juggernaut likes to get hit a little. We get around 36% + 20% from flasks. At a total of 56% we win most of our block gambles. Skilled Timing witht he Flask can make the block that we have very powerful.


Both might be viable for this exact build, I personally prefer the sturdyness of the JUGG. It just feels good beeing an near unkillable monster tank. It also gives the character its identity and Im acutually a person who has some love for his characters :)


Passives: Level 93 Tree

Bandits: Kill all - No Oak, cause the two points result in %5 Life nodes later. Only if you want to go beyond level 95.

Ascendency: UNDENIABLE > UNSTOPPABLE > UNFLINCHING > UNBREAKABLE - This is to greatly boost your leveling speed. Fast attack for leap-slam and movement speed etc.

Pantheons: All are kinda viable, but I highly recommend "Soul of Arakaali" as Major. Jugg doesnt need more phys protection and degen effects are the only realy threat to us. As Minor Pantheon I recommend

Ralakesh for Mapping and Uber Atziri - Random Bleeds are annoying, this helps.
Shakari for Hall of Grandmasters - All I say is "DANZIG"
Soul of Yugol for Uber-Elder - The additional cold helps a bit

Leveling Guide:

General Infos:

We take Elemental Overload first, it really helps with damage while leveling. From there its pretty straight forward. The Last thing we do is fill out the Life wheel as you level higher.

Also I recommend leveling this build as Sunder until you get to use the Grelwood Shank. Right now Sunder can level this way from 1-60 within 4 hours if youre really good. A perfect demonstration is this Video here from RaiZQT. Check out the video for all his great info.

Molten Strike is also quite viable as a leveling skill if you want to roll with that.

The links for this would be: Molten Strike - Ancestral Call - Faster Attacks(early)/Multristrike(at lvl38) - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Elemental Focus - Fire Penetration

Auras: Anger + Herald of Ash (Until Level 31)
Replace Herald of Ash with: Blasphemy + Poacher's Mark

Poachers Mark gives you all the Life/Mana-Leech you need for leveling. Blasphemy becomes available at level 31. If you have a Thief's Torment Ring already, you can stick with Herald of Ash. Later, once you have Elder Leech Rings, we use Herald of Ash again

Every other Setup is as in the Final build.

The best leveling uniques:

Heres an Image of my suggested progression in the Passive Tree:

Imgur Link to Progression Picture



Videos and Strategy-Tips (more coming soon):

The Uber Lab: Video

With semi-decent gear you should have no problems chain-farming this for currency. Even with rather bad gear this is very farmable early league without much risk of dying.

The Hall of Grandmasters: Video

Considered by some as the hardest map in the game. Normally only Trappers/Miners or RF builds where able to farm this. But the UNDENIABLE JUGG doesnt even flinch ans shows them who the real Grandmaster is :) all you need is a Baldefire Sceptre for the Maxblockers on your Weapon Swap and put in Efficiacy, Burning Damage and Elemental Focus. I needed a shield with a little int to use Balefire.

Uber-Atziri: Video

Another type of content that can be chain farmed with ease. All you need to watch out for is the ground degen effects at the Trio and the Big flameblasts from Atziri herself. Use the Ralakesh Pantheon for some Bleed Protection.

Normal Shaper Guardians Full Runs: Hydra, Chimera,Minotaur, Phoenix

No Special Strategy is required. On Hydra, dont try to eat every frost orb. Dont stand in the Phoenix Explosion. Everything else is facetankable.

Normal Shaper: Video

With decent gear, this fight is quite a joke. Only a volley of three yellow orbs can kill you at around 8k HP. The Shaper Slam cant kill you at 8k, at neat trick is to have "manual immortal call", you can just pop it once he starts his animation. The Immortal Call is about 2,5 seconds long. With 20 Life Gain on hit you can facetank his beam. The purple orbs in the Bullet Hell Phase do still some really hard damage, but you can take one of those easily.

Uber-Elder Guardians: Video

The Guardians are spawned on T16 Maps. They are pretty much as strong as the normal Shaper Guardians.
With semi-decent gear, you can go full facetank mode for pretty much every Guardian.

Uber-Elder: Video (deathless)

Its more or less a practice based fight. When I first played the encounter I was pretty hectic and daunted by the damage output of some of their abilites. I died two times on my first try, one time on my second and today im chain-farming him deathless every time.

I terms of gear you should have around +35 Life gain on hit and around 8k HP as well as loreweave with 80% maxres to do the encounter, as well as all other core items like xophs. DPS wise you should have at least 45k Tooltip in Hideout DPS under the following circumstancs: No-Golem, No-Totem, No-Charges, No-flasks, No-Bloodrage, Links: MoltenStrike-MultiStrike-EleWithAttacks-EleFocus-AncestralCall-Conc.

The Fight:

There are essentially three phases. The Damage Elder/Shaper Phase. The Elder Portal Phase. The Shaper Portal Phase. You can only cause realy damage to both while the first of the three phases is active.

In this phase you start damaging each one of them for 25% of their Life. Once you did 25% to both, they start one of their portal phases. This will be a Elder Portal Phase after the first 25%, a Shaper Portal Phase after the second 25%. And another Elder Portal Phase at 25%.

Both use their usual abilites. Shaper does Beam/YellowBalls/Slam. Elder does his Ring/SpawnOctopus/Frost Cones.

The most dangerous thing is the Shapers Yellow Balls. You can survive two in a row but not three. Also you dont wanna tank the shaper beam while the elder is also firing FrostCones at you (its a little too much damage). So its overall best to not tank the shaper beam. Just dodge more and facetank less. You have some freedom this way, cause your dodging doesnt need to be super precise. But if you facetank there is a risk of messing up untankble situations. Just take your time with dodging and do damage whenever possbible. Theres no rush.

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First! This may finally be exactly what I'm looking for to play through the endgame. Excited to see as you flesh things out. Thanks for such extremely detailed and invested guides!
Brentyfresh wrote:
First! This may finally be exactly what I'm looking for to play through the endgame. Excited to see as you flesh things out. Thanks for such extremely detailed and invested guides!

Thank you. Also I never release a build that I would not deem worthy of a guide. I ditched so many builds that I knew where kinda good (all content viable) but I found too stressful to play or hard to gear.

Im currently writing the gearing section, wich gets special attention. It will have three seperate sections for any level of currency. Pre-Leech Rings, Pre-Xoph and Endgame. Each will have budget alternatives.

The good things is, that the damage of the build will pretty much always be good since its mostly depenadant on quite budget stuff. Xoph only add the ASH bonus over "normal dmg amulets". For general mapping this doesnt really matter so much. Its just good for facetank-bossmode. The conversion to Fire can be handled diffrently.
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Just what I was looking for, thank you for this and your other detailed guides! Looking forward to it :)
thanks for the build. I want to try it :)
ing: Sehemyr
blajo wrote:
thanks for the build. I want to try it :)

Just updated the leveling guide. I f thats what you need. Also many new videos
GornoDD wrote:
blajo wrote:
thanks for the build. I want to try it :)

Just updated the leveling guide. I f thats what you need. Also many new videos

thanks. I watched them all. awesome :) i just end of my totem build because have too low DPS...
for example you hydra kill in few sec vs my kill in one minute :P
ing: Sehemyr
Huge thanks for the build! Leveling it up to try it now! I currently have the currency for everything but the Xoph's Blood. What is the best way to convert to fire if you can't afford that final piece?
Last edited by GGCrambo on Apr 4, 2018, 4:41:50 AM
GGCrambo wrote:
Huge thanks for the build! Leveling it up to try it now! I currently have the currency for everything but the Xoph's Blood. What is the best way to convert to fire if you can't afford that final piece?

Xophs is quite a big boost for the build, but you can somewhat substitute for it with an rare amulet with decent damage stats (WED, Phys/Fire) + 3 points for Herald of Ash on the passive tree.

The Effigon Amulet also is ok-ish. But you need one jewel with blind on hit.

I would roll with a good rare amulet and save up for xoph
Amazing build. Looks solid, in place, tanky and killer.

A definite end-game destroyer. Feels like german-engineering. Precise and viable! Thank you.

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