3.2.1c Patch Notes

Do you know when the Beta version of this league will end ? Where are legendary beasts ? Running tons of t11-t16 maps and captured the 2 most common ...

GGG I try with all my strength to appreciate this league but impossible, this league is empty, the content is empty. I feel like I'm in standart but with difficulty multiplied by 2 ...
very little map in return, little currency, I try hard for stuff and I'm doing pretty well while other exploits all the flaws on this league (very large) and make hundreds of ex in Any minute ... It's not fair!
HewalChampyy wrote:
Thanks for another "fix" patch. Game is even more unplayable on low computers with dynamic resolution now. Beyond mode in maps just causing crashes.

I really can't understand why don't GGG prioritize optimization. A person with low computer for games doesn't mean he/she is not a paying user. May be you'll understand your mistake when 25+ people without a gaming computer gives upon this game.

I play on a rig from 2013, how old is yours?

I am asking, as I am playing just fine. 2500k & 280x, 8 gigs RAM. Only thing bothering me are the loading times, but besides that no problems.

You can run POE on a toaster really :)

Dynamic resolution should always be turned off though!
holy mother of ************ 736mb just for this few fixes? are you f****** kidding me?
If you put water into a cup it becomes the cup..if you put water into a bowl it becomes the bowl..water can flow...or it can crash..be like water my friend------BOOOYAH!

IGN : OnslaughtCleaveHC
*Tried to fix instance crash but didn't* FIFY
Still waiting for the patch with

-Fixed Bestiary league: now it is a good league
Why are people bitching about the patch size? fair enough I have a pretty fast connection so I was done in about 15 seconds but it's not really that much of a large that it's going to take a whole day to download 700mb with broadband these days?

It's not like we're all on dial up like back in the 90's pre-steam days..
Sunblast is already vendor trash, now you're making it worse?

GGG hates trappers.
I am just wondering when the fix to get rid of white and blue beasts that you can't craft with will be coming out? And I mean for free, without spending crazy currency on orbs.


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