[3.2] Blade Flurry /Reave Champion bosskiller, super high DPS

Hello there Exiles !

Today I'd like to share with you my version of the Bladeflurry / Reave character that Mathil popularised not too long ago. Because the builds attempt to achieve the same things in a similar fasion the builds
are very similar, there are however a few differences that make my build stand out to a different
type of player than Mathils.

So what's different in your build compared to Mathil's ?

I hate having to keep up small stuff. Fortify, frenzy charges, adrenaline. I couldn't give a rat's ass about all of those, I just want to pop flasks and right click and have all the things on the screen die,
that's where the difference between mine and Mathil's setup lies

Here's a link to a full youtube guide I've made. It's my first Path Of Exile video, it's not the
best, but I've tried my best. It's been over 3 years since I made a youtube video (few years back I was doing some hearthstone content for a while) so I am a bit rusty. If you have the time please watch it and leave me a comment how would you like those videos to improve, because I am going to start uploading guides, rants and shot skids regurarly at a rate of 2-3 videos (depending on how much editing they require) a week.



So let's get to it with the written up version!

Allira all the way. Res, crit multi, even some mana regen on top. It's superb

Passive Tree

~ About level 30'ish (normal lab included) - http://poeurl.com/bQYg

~ Level 65 (cruel & merc lab included - http://poeurl.com/bQYd

Final (lvl 92) - http://poeurl.com/bQX9

Ascendancy choices
Unstopable hero - Conqueror - Worthy foe - Fortitude
The ammount of flat defences you get from unstopable hero is insane for a level 30'ish character. Worthy foe is what makes champion so good this league so that's where you path second. I recommend getting fortitude in the uber lab if like me you are a lazy bum, but you can also do what Mathil did and run First to Strike, Last to Fall

Gear choices

First let's start with body armour.
My character was wearing Belly of the Beast. It is the best body armour for pure life. However I belive that currently the best in slot chest is a well rolled Loreweave. Almost all of the stats on Loreweave are good for this build and the loss of life doesn't mattter, because instead we get insane defense boost in max resistances. You don't really need es, mana or rarity roll, but try to get all the other rolls as high as possible. Also Max res roll should be 80, or atleast 79, otherwise there's no point in using this chest.

Since we are not getting intimidate from ascendancy it's important to get it on the gear. Belt of the deceiver is a good budget option, but I highly recomment Tombfist gloves, preferably with 2 sockets and then a rare stygian vise with life, elemental damage with attacks and res in the belts slot for much better results. After all, abyss jewels op op

I opted to go for a rare helmet. I bought a white ilvl 84 royal burgonet base and essence crafted t2 intelligence on it, I tried a few times untill I got decent life and resist rolls

I tied to stack a good ammount of flat physical damage on the ring slots so I got two steel rings with good physical damage explict, some life and a resist or open suffix. If you've got the currency getting elemental damage with attacks roll on right goes a really long way

Amulet slot is actually really hard to choose what you want. There are so many good stats you could get on your amulet. Flat physical, maximum life, elemental damage with attack skills, critical strike chance, critical multiplier, two gain % physical as extra elemental shaped amulet affixes and obviously stats and resists. Best in slot amulet would be one with two shaped mods and that's the kind you should be looking for, however since I had trouble capping out my resistances I went with amulet that had a lot of those with some flat phys and life on top of it

Boots are best used to fill out resists / stat requirements. Get some life on top of that and you are golden

Your main hand weapon may be the bulk of your damage, but doesn't need to be. Chance to bleed gem is so powerful that you should focus on getting a weapon with fast attack speed and good critical strike chance first and worry about the damage later. But oviously the more physical damage the better.

Your off hand is a stat stick. It has to be an axe or a sceptre, because otherwise your blade flurry is going to alternate between the weapons. The best base is a sambar sceptre beacuse of the build in 6% ele pen. If you're on a budget just buy yourself a ilvl 80 base and alt spam 1x t1 "physical gained as extra X damage" and craft crit multi on top of that, but the more of those mods you get, the better. They give insane ammounts of dps

For flasks you want to have one instant life flask. I recommend one with freeze removal. You certainly want a diamond flask and that's where our bleed immunity's going to go. The rest are kinda up to you. I opted for 3 strong unique flasks to boost my damage even higher. If you want to have curse removal on your flasks I'd get rid of lion's roar in favour of a magic granite flask

On abyss jewels you are looking for flat phys, flat phys with swords, attack speed or crit multi and obviously life.

On regular jewels you are looking for increased maximum life, global & melee crit multi, attack speed with one handed weapons or with sword, increased physical damage global, with one handed weapons or with sword or increased area damage

The one and only watcher's eye that's good for this build is hatred crit chance

All of the gear in one place with no text


Main 6 link -
Blade flurry - Chance to bleed (starting gear) // Elemental focus (good gear) - melee phys - conc effect - maim - elemental damage with attacks (in that order)

Gemswap - Reave - Inc AoE

Auras - Hatred - Herald of Ash

Warchief - Ancestral Warchief - Conc effect - Melee phys - Maim

Movement - Whirling blades - Faster Attacks - Culling strike (make sure it's 20% quality)

Miscellaneous - Vaal Reave - Blood Rage - Portal

Optional - Cast When Damage taken (lvl.1) - Immortal call (lvl.3)

Optional2 - Herald of Ice - Onslaught


Major god - Soul of the Brine king - It's required to upgrade it. We are running freeze removal on a life flask, which means we can get insta frozen again, unless you have this pantheon then after getting frozen you get a 4 seconds freeze immunity

Minor god - Soul of shakkari, posion immunity, nuff said

PoB Link

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Hey any POB link ?
Nice build, right now im trying Mathil version and that Adrenalin/Frenzy/Leap-Fortify sometimes is really pain in the...maybe later ill try your version :)
cool build but what about mana leech? literally none on tree and none on gear, how do u regen mana lol
what do u think bout

bezrq wrote:
cool build but what about mana leech? literally none on tree and none on gear, how do u regen mana lol

There is a mana leech point taken on the tree below herbalist

NambrVan wrote:
what do u think bout


It's very good chest that can fit the build nicely. Aspect of the cat, frenzy and power chargers are all very good. Since you've got it already 6 linked, go for it
I've played Mathil's version and now I've tried yours. Holly shit is that quality of life good. I love it, absolutely love it
Thanks for sharing this guide.

Is it normal that i get a warning, that the tree is "outdated" when i open the first leveling tree? Is it still okay to use it?

I have two doubts, why no multistrike with reave? (i feel like im slow without it)and what can be a good unique offhand becouse i dont have currency to buy a shaper op thing yet (I do not completely understand how the offhand works so i have 2 of the same sword, if someone can tell me how this exactly works i'll be happy)Thnaks for the build :)

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