Ascendancy Class Statistics

lmao 25% jugg
delete all lootboxes
was to take a holistic view

Dirk Gently to the rescue.
remove beserkers extra dmg taken, increase the warcry effect evenmore, remove all the rage degen good class then, isnt it the only ascendancy that does something negative on u?
Every Class 100
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I'm actually surprised how Pathfinders are barely played on SSFSC.

As someone who pretty much only played Pathfinders (and Deadeyes) this league, I can safely say it is still strong EVEN without unique flasks besides Atzubi's.
The whole idea was to balance them not to change the best and worst around.
Berserk and Elementalist are really weak right now. This should be adressed soon.
People have been playing the same few classes for so many leagues, being able to play juggernaughts, champions and deadeyes without having a gimp character really refreshed the game for alot of people I think. I know it did for me.

I think it will take a league or two to really even out the game, so people arent just playing different classes for the sake of playing a different class. When that happens, we will see a much clearer picture of what classes are best and so on.

It seems champion(my favorite class) has become a bit more popular with the small buffs it gained. Great to see, but it awakens my fear of nerfs. hehe
We still need changes for ascedancy.
Degen of berserk is too high!
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