[3.5 HC | Video Guide] Lightning Striker done properly | amazing clearspeed | tons of damage

PinkHiHeels wrote:
hi just curious but do you have a path of building link to share??
like what jewels to use with wich sockets

just Import the character from my profile.
Charactername: Shaarq
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Is Bubonic Trail viable for this build?
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ANDrey1133 wrote:
Is Bubonic Trail viable for this build?

For sure, but it would be harder to reach eleweakness cap.
god I was so hyped to play LS for the first time ever now that the Vaal version was reworked.
But oh my god, how do you guys bear the fact that LS gets completely shafted by ANY terrain whatsoever?
I mean sure, if you play a COMPLETELY open map it's awesome but every little stone fucks it up. Stronboxes fucks it up. Don't even get me started on ledges.

How do you justify using this skill?
ign: PhrozenFlame
sorry for dbl post
ign: PhrozenFlame
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what skills to u learn first / skilltree whats the way for lvling
YURN3RO wrote:
what skills to u learn first / skilltree whats the way for lvling

go for life and jewel Slots in the beginning and get some Juice jewels with flat ele damage with low lvl requirement.
first i went into shadow area, then duelist & scion life Wheel.
Hey. Will this work? 346 edps, but less flat lightning dps.

Jewels need more flat lightning dmg or anyone flat ele dmg?

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I'm considering a similar character (although with Raider asc), and I wonder how well it works against solo bosses. Blades will do nothing then, right? Should I prepare a secondary atk skill? (Ice Crash sounds good)

Nevermind, I somehow forgot it's not a FB build guide.
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Updated for 3.5:
This build is still up to date, you can easily give it a shot in 3.5. Also stat stick nerf don't care us and therefore it's a good choice for playing melee in 3.5!
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