[3.2] Napalm VFB Elementalist

Welcome to my guide for Napalm VFB, an ignite-based build for elementalist. I drew a lot of inspiration from Zuldra94, whose Chain-Prolif build use Stormfire to proc hp-based ignites for clearing.

My current build uses a pseudo-6L Flameblast set up to get the juice for a 4L vaal fireball. It does use a headhunter, but the build can clear pretty easily even without a headhunter.

Gameplay videos first! I always believe you should see how the build plays before getting into what the build needs.
T6 Fields Leveling w/o HH
T6 Fields Leveling w/ HH
T9 Estuary Leveling w/ HH
Current Build in Action
T9 Estuary w/ HH Soul Eater

These first few videos were when I fist put on the gear (without Stormfire) and was still leveling with Abberaths. At this point all I needed was a 4L inpulsas, esh's mirror (not sure if necessary), and a 4L vfb (used 2). The Abberath's could be swapped for a flameblast to get juice.
The reason I didn't show any boss action is because at this point I had literally 0 boss dps.

Path of Building
Notes: I personally went Shaper of Desolation, Beacon of Ruin, Pendulum of Destruction, and Paragon of Calamity. Some would swap Paragon of Calamity for Mastermind of Discord, but I preferred the leech and reflect immunity to the additional aura (probably would have been Anger). Feel free to try them both out.
Required: 2xRolling Flames
Preferred: Watcher's Eye with -8 Mana Cost Clarity, helps to keep flameblast easily cast-able without mana leech on boots (still necessary for no regen maps).

Current Gear

Huge damage, though can be replaced by Brightbeak for low level mapping. Its added fire damage can be a little annoying, but it's helped by Inpulsa's and Herald of Thunder procs.
Esh's mirror is necessary for BIG damages.


I started with a Gull for the speed, but swapped over when I bought this helm for 2-3ex. The issue is that this kind of helm shares mods with RF builds (essence/burning damage, conc eff, increased aoe/hypothermia). You want a helm with two of these mods + life (ideally with room to craft res). These can go anywhere from 1-8ex.
Inpulsa's provides your main way of igniting packs along with herald of ash. 5L/6L for either double VFB or Flameblast setup (if only a 5L I prefer having VFB here).
For boots, as much life and res as you can here. Might be able to swap for Kaom's Roots, but you lose 4 sockets (so your cwdt setup, herald of ice, vaal haste lost).
Headhunter! Speed clearing build, you want the best speed clear belt. Otherwise, go an abyss belt probably (with an RF jewel, but pricy).
Insanity gloves. Necessary if you're going dyadus (which has 1.5 attack speed). As much life as you can on them (around 59 with haku mod). Res second.


Stormfire is a great ring, provides huge bonuses while mapping., and lets your inpulsa/herald of thunder always ignite. Yoke for more damages. Enemies take around 15% increased damage (which probably stacks with shock and dyadus). For the rare ring, I grabbed as much life and cold res as I could here. Might be able to swap for the the taming if you can get life elsewhere (helm/gloves/boots).


Staunching life flask. Wise Oak is not necessary, dying sun is preferable. Witchfire is cheap and good damage. Vinktars is nice for a little leech. Probably want a quicksilver of heat.

Todo: Lab Enchants
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Very nice build!
Are you dealing damage throught ignite or the initial hit, or a combination as well. i just can't belive how much damage you deal with literally no gear.
Or is that damage coming from esh's mirror?
I think it is esh stacks, with ridiculous scaling on the ignite. I think it's similar to the Volkuur's poison build, where it just scales really well.

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