[3.5] Scion Aurabot with Shavronnes - 14 Auras 3 Curses

smit9352 wrote:
So my guys current setup is this:

So the above is my current setup and it seems I'm only able to get the following https://i.imgur.com/jcRxMYI.jpg

I feel my gear should be good enough to take advantage of what he's got going on here with the 14/2 but I've got something not quite right and was hoping someone could help me. My profile is public if you would like to view my character and see what it is I've got setup skill tree wise. But it's the same as the op's post.

I check the item you link and open your profile on PoB.
1 - you canot use "empower" gem.
2 - "reduced mana" gem does nothing.

if you remove empower you still have 3% unreserved life and can run 12 auras without "skyforth" but you need one jewel 1% Reduced Mana Reserved.
if you want to run 13 auras (purity of elements) you need "skyforth" or more jewels 1% Reduced Mana Reserved.

in the image you link youre already running 12 auras.
there are 13 auras from skill gems and 1 aura from weapon (united in dream).

my base build only run 12 auras, "purity of elements" is disable, to run it i have to disable other aura, like "vitality", i do this in maps that youre cursed or have less resistances.
Are there any better gloves than shaper's touch for min-maxing?
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bvanharjr wrote:
Are there any better gloves than shaper's touch for min-maxing?

Better idk, but other options are Allelopathy or some rare gloves.
Will the skilltree be the same in 3.5?
kons1000 wrote:
Will the skilltree be the same in 3.5?

GGG do not reset my tree, so i guess its all working.
I dont have much time now, but if you have any questions ill try to help asap.
Is there a leveling tree for this build ?
Fluffy0609 wrote:
Is there a leveling tree for this build ?

This build is not for solo players and the required items are level 70.
If you play in a party you can pick aura nodes, if not, do another build and reset passive tree later.
Just starting a new support toon and looking at the PoB skill tree and the initial skill points have been skipped? How does one do that?
EDIT: just saw above post as it's not for levelling, search continues
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How do you not have any skill points connecting to the starting area on the level 70 tree? It doesn't let me remove them from there.

edit: never mind, realized it is from Path of the Witch
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" Gloves: Ball Lightning (1) + Curse on Hit (20) + Elemental Weakness (20) + Projectile Weakness (20) "

This is what you have under section 13: Gem Links in the guide

The POB however shows something COMPLETELY different showing
Ball Lightning (1/20) + Animate Guardian (20/20) + Empower (4/20)
+ Minion Life (20/20)

Which one is correct? i'm confused

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