Infused Channelling Support

a_z0_9 wrote:
Feedback above is related to pre 3.6 gem.

3.6.0 patchnotes
Storm Barrier Support has been renamed. It is now called Infused Channelling Support.
No longer grants reduced Lightning Damage taken from hits while Channelling.
No longer grants a chance to gain a Power Charge when hit while Channelling.
Now grants reduced Damage taken from hits while Channelling, of types matching the supported skill gem's tags. Still also reduces Physical Damage taken from hits while Channelling.
Now grants Infusion after channelling for a duration. Infusion grants more Damage of types matching the supported skill gem's tags.
Now causes supported skills to deal more damage based on the gem's level.

Infusion grants 10% more Damage of Types matching Supported Skill Gem's tags

I think the fact 'gem tag' concept is now directly involved into game mechanic is vaguely bad thing.

it's very effective with elemental channeling spells, it's bad in every way with Blade flurry.

Blade Flurry has no Damage Type tag. It's not bound to any particular damage type. Blade Flurry is not a physical damage -based skill.


Btw not a single skill gem in the game, nevermind channeling skills, have the physical tag.
Why is this even in the advanced description of infusion buff? to troll players? Not even brutality support gem has physical tag.

I can see it being excluded from like divine ire, storm burst due to it being a bit too strong (gain 21% more damage multiplied by another 39% more) for one gem but for real. There are no physical tagged gems.

Unless there is some sort of implicit physical tag like projectile and bow gems have...

I hope this means channeled "physical" skills are going to be coming soon.
I think damage multiplication mast be redistributed like 30/20 or 25/25 instead of current 40/10. 10% more damage is not enough to bother, so it's just 54% more damage for main skill. With more significant infusion effect it may become good support for secondary skill, like low-lvl Arcane Surge is.

I play with Righteous fire. And I linked the Infused Channelling Support to Scorching Ray.

In the description of that support gem it say :

While Channelling a Supported Skill, take 8% less Damage from Hits of types matching the Skill Gem's Tags

It work with RF?

Because I did some test on a map with less Max resist (to lost some ES...)

And it seems I'm getting the 8% less dmg only when I gain Infusion... I'm suppose to get that bonus while I'm channelling the spell, but no...

That's why I don't know if this support gem work with RF. When I get the Infusion icon (after 1 secondes of channelling) I get a boost of regen, but the Infusion just give more dmg. I assume that regen is from the 8% less dmg, but I just have it once when the Infusion appear...
Could we get an MTX to change it's colour? or at least make it compatible with invisible buff?
edit: stupid question, found an answer, remove this post
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