[3.5] The Dancing Duo Juggernaut - Shaper Down, low budget, atziri, uber lab, guardians viable

This is my first build, I welcome suggestions as to how to improve, guide/build.
This build was inspired by Woolfio, who raised my curiosity about this Sword: https://youtu.be/lUnm3zw1VfI


New with Delve League!

Delve Depth 300
Delve Depth 200
Red Elder
Hardest map mods for us

Build of the Week!

Deathless Shaper!
Guardian of the Hydra
Uber Lab Run
Red Elder T14

Normal Atziri, older (worse) build version
T15 Map, older (worse) build version

Other content i did with this build:
- All 159 maps / any mods except Hall of grandmasters (can't handle max block)
- Vaal Temple
- Uber Atziri
- Tier 15 Elder
- Pale Council
- All Guardians, Eradicator is hard because you run out of Rampage easily. Minotaur is the hardest shaper guardian for this build imo.

Edit 09.01.2019: Didn't play this build in Betrayal, but check out this witch version by Billabong: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2235258
Uber Elder Kill (also by Billabong): https://youtu.be/KepTf0jCgAU

3.5 Update Changelog

- no major changes
- looking forward to minion crafting options in Betrayal

3.4 Update Changelog

- check my character tarpan_dd for my current setup/passive tree/items because its changing alot atm

- Added a section about jewel choices
- Command of the pit (https://i.redd.it/yccnc45olqf11.png) is the new go to gloves, making it possible to drop accuracy support gem and still have ~93% Accuracy ---- feels amazing! This is irrelevant if you manage to get resolute technique corruption on the sword
- Updated the skill tree again
- dropped animate guardian for utility setup, CWDT Immoral Call + Frost Bomb

Pros and Cons

+ Pros
+ Very high clearspeed
+ You can do all map mods and content, including Atziri, Guardians, Uber Lab, Shaper...
+ totally different from anything you played before
+ very cheap / budget friendly

- Cons
- Keeping up rampage can be annoying at first, but you get used to it
- Requieres a fast playstyle, you cannot stand around and look at items for example
- Kind of passive playstyle, u basically support an AI
- If you like to press a lot of buttons this one is not for you
- You have to Essence Craft Jewellry, which can be expensive. Just use minion speed Support as long as you are poor.


At the start of each map you pop all charges from 2 of your Worm flasks to start rampage. Then you run around the map and collect loot, while your swords do the killing.
When you go a little slow or when you have to backtrack, remember to pop a flask charge before rampage expires (press the key when the bar is at 1/3, takes some time for the worms to spawn and for the swords to get there)

For tough enemies like bosses, pop vaal haste, your offering, curse them with vulnerability and spam SRS to add a little damage and trigger "if you used minion skills recently" jewels if you have those.

Skilltree / Path of Building

Passive Skill Tree Level 92
[https://pastebin.com/YsJf8ifJ] Path of Building Import Code[/url]


The Dancing Dervish: get one with perfect stats, it costs 1 Alch or Chaos - no reason to get a worse one Edit: since the start of the league prices increased quite a bit...if you are poor, start with a mediocre one and upgrade later
Boots: 30 Movement Speed is a must
Belt: 20% reduced Flask Charges used is a must
Body Armour: high Armour Value (1500+), because its doubled by the Juggernaut Ascendancy, makes you very tanky. I use the crab armour just for the nice stats, not actually using crab barrier!
Jewellry: Essence Craft Rings and Amulet with Essence of Fear until you get a decent life/resist roll. Buy a ilvl 84+ item with perfect implicit as a base for better stat possibilities.

Current Equip Delve League

Equip from 3.2

crab armour has high Armour, res, Life and I hate bleeding so it's awesome for me. Not neccessary at all though.


Sword Damage on Full Life, Minion Damage, Melee Physical Damage, Ruthless, Ice Bite, Maim
Additional accuracy if you dont have command of the pit gloves.

Possibilities: Minion Speed for lower maps or before you have minion speed jewellry.
Multistrike, hypothermia with grip of the council, ...

SRS Summon Raging Spirit, Culling Strike, Blood Magic, Melee Splash

You can also use other minion skills like golems, spectres, skeletons, ...

Animate Guardian Animate Guardian, Minion Life, Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance, Fortify

Not necessary, can be substituted with a nice CWDT or curse on hit set up or to trigger EE if you use that. Good curses would be Punishment or Vulnerability.

Auras Wrath, Hatred, Vaal Haste, Generosity
Utility Blood Magic, Vulnerability, Flame Dash, Spirit Offering

(Abyss) Jewels

Jewels are a big part of this build, here is what you should look for:

Very nice to have:
- Minions have 6-10% increased movement speed
- Minions have 3-8% chance to taunt on hit
- Dexterity
- Life
- Resistances

Damage in order of magnitude, considering max rolls, calculated with current 3.4 PoB Tree

- Flat physical damage +5.4% total DPS
- 20% increased minion dmg if you've used a minion spell recently +4.0% total DPS
- Minions deal 16% increased damage (Cobalt Jewel) +3.2% total DPS
- Minions have 8% increased attack/cast speed if you or minions have killed recently +2.9% total DPS
- Minions have 6% increased attack/cast speed +2.2% total DPS
- Flat Lightning damage +1.1% total DPS
- Flat Chaos/Fire/Cold damage +1% total DPS


generally personal preference, i use:
Soul of Solaris fully upgraded for more tankiness

Animate Guardian Equip
Dying Breath
Southbound (16% inc life)
Victario's Flight
Leer Cast
Blood Bond (high life rolls)


I levelled as 2-Hand Sunder + Ancestral Warchief Totem (get some Marauder damage nodes).
If you decide to play this as a Necromancer, defenitely go with SRS.

Get the 2 skill points bandit reward!

By the time you hit level 59 you should have all the Minion Damage nodes on the tree aswell as the Dexterity Nodes on the right side so you can actually use The Dancing Dervish right away. You will still need some more Dex, get it on Jewels, Amulet or Boots.

As soon as you reach Level 60, get 3 "The Writhing Jar" Flasks with 19-20 reduced charges used.

As you reach Level 65 or finish Kitava, buy the "Dance of Steel" Prophecy to upgrade your Sword. The Rolls, Quality and Sockets all stay the same! Get a friend or someone from global Chat to clear the Arsenal Map for you - As soon as the sword is upgraded you are all set up and ready to start mapping!

For white maps or when you dont have Movement speed Jewellry yet, I suggest you use minion speed support gem!

Why Juggernaut?

Some might argue that Witch or Scion are better for this kind of build.

I like Juggernaut because:

- High movement speed / cannot be slowed --> Important because you cant use any "real" movement skill
- Tanky --> you get so much physical damage mitigation that you can tank most things in the game pretty easily

Anyway, if u wanna play Witch, check out this guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2235258

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With 20% reduced Flask Charges and 3 flasks you can initiate rampage?
So far the only build I've seen on the maurader forums that is BOTW worthy , nicely done. There are lots of mechanics I had no idea existed

Random question, would a minion speed support be more beneficial than the minion and totem elemental resistance support ?
Last edited by link1313 on Mar 19, 2018, 9:07:26 PM
With 20% reduced Flask Charges and 3 flasks you can initiate rampage?

including the reduced flask charges node on the passive tree I only need 2 flasks (16 Minions spawned, 15 needed for rampage). I like to use three anyway so i can build up rampage faster with spamming those flasks. This way i can reach 1000 rampage stacks for every boss fight.

would a minion speed support be more beneficial than the minion and totem elemental resistance support ?

It's only for the animate guardian, i think it's fast enaugh already but i dont want it to die all the time.
I've watched the video and i know why wolf took the cannot be slowed / stunned.
But i've been wondering if the we could take any of the other skills.

the dps/Aoe per charge


the accuracy with attack speed.

Where the per charge is preferable but i don't posses the knowledge.
But i've been wondering if the we could take any of the other skills.
the dps/Aoe per charge or the accuracy with attack speed.

As I'm using Minions and dont do Damage myself those wont help me at all ;-)
Fun and strong build, thanks.
Could you Update the Pantheon please ?
Gratz on being featured in Build of the Week!
you didn't include the flash used on your items used.

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