[3.2] Knifer's Indigo Flame Totem (2.4M DPS, 6k hp 3k unservedMana) Uber Elder Video


Uber elder video

It's my first down, not perfect, but it shows that even lots of mistake made, this build can still kill uber elder. I can kill uber elder with 2/3 portals now, need more practice.

This build is NEITHER DEATHLESS, NOR ONE SHOT. Except uber elder, it is hard to die.

What's this build? Why? Cost?
Where the body's limits begin, the mind's limits end!
Indigo Flame!

One of the best totem builds.
Great DPS and great survive.
Clear all content.
28lvl flame totem have the most totem life in all totem builds. Can use kaom's heart get tons of life. Indigon is the last key item to aplly 1200% spell damage to make this build to a new level.

20ex (7ex weapon, 6ex lvl4 empower, 4ex kaom's heart, 1ex indigon, other rare item 2ex total).
There is a start version use dual Shimmerons and tabula, cost 2ex total.

Core mechanism

28lvl flame totem have double dps and double life than lvl 20 ones. High base DPS means the damage mods on other items/passives increase DPS very efficiently.

With +3 staff, can use kaom's get tons of life.

This 3.2 new item is beast for this build, apply 1200% inc spell damage when spend 4k mana recently (this can easily do in 2 seconds totems putting). When Clearing map, just use
to keep mana above 50%. The 28lvl totem without indigon's buff is already strong enough to clear all normal/magic/rare mobs. With 1200% inc spell damage in a single item, 2M DPS will destroy all. With Indigon, we can remove the increase damage nodes in passives tree, and get more life/mana nodes than usual. Don't forget indigon provides great life recovery when use mana flasks.

NOT Mandatory. Can get some mana back when damaged. Great for 40% MOM. Lvl 1 Clarity, no other reserved mana, no need herald of ash. Have enough DPS for all content, only need increase EPH.
map mods
Can do all mods on all T16 map. Ele reflect need put more totems, No regen just use flask

POB link, Passives tree
Notice: this POB link is to show trees and items, not DPS. Indigon's Spell damage not include. If you want to see exact DPS, edit a 600/1200(clearing/boss rushing) spell damage mod on item.

passives tree:

Gear & Skill Link

Can check POB link.
At 93 level:
Total life: 5798
Unreserved Mana: 3305
Life regen per second: 400
Mana regen per second: 430
DPS when cost 4000 mana recently: 500k per totem * 4 totems = 2M (boss rushing)
DPS when cost 2000 mana recently: 300k per totem * 4 totems = 1.2M (map clearing)
46% fire penetration.

Pantheon, Bandit, Uber Elder tips
Soul of the brine king
Soul of Ryslatha

Help Alira

Uber Elder Tips:
Use Kaom's Root to prevent elder's slow skill. change Soul of the brine king to Soul of Arakaali. use double Lavianga's Spirit.
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Uber elder vidro updated
Im glad that at least one of these uber elder unique ppl using.
In memory of my best friend [*] 1995-2018.

In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
This build honestly looks pretty cool man. How far do you think the Shimmerons build could go?
Dual shimmerons have similar dps, but less life(around 1000 life), less totem life(not a big deal).
Unless you have very poor currency, the +3 staff is better, +3 staff is just 7ex, similar as a 6 link cost.
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I am runing another totem build with marauder using this items:

But i like also u guide gj mate!
Can someone explain to me (cause I honestly don't know) why Controlled Destruction is good while it reduces 100% crit chance?
jtruu wrote:
Can someone explain to me (cause I honestly don't know) why Controlled Destruction is good while it reduces 100% crit chance?

If base crit chance is 5%, "reduces 100% crit chance" will reduce 5% final crit chance. If you have total 800% increase crit chance on other passives/items, your final crit chance will be 5% * (1 + 800% - 100%) = 5% * 8 = 40%. So "reduces 100% crit chance" is not 0% crit chance, but a little less crit chance.

The More Spell damage mod is so good even it reduces a little crit chance.
What would be a good staff to use when on a budget?
Life + 100% Mana does NOT equal EHP.

You dont have 100 MoM.
Add fact that you are always at low mana with indigon.

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