[3.2] Elementalist InpulsaBomber

I've been trying out saqawal's winds + aspect of the avian. It has good synergy, although it's hard to justify compared to a pair of rare gloves.

Increased crit chance support with quality on HoT allows it to crit. Big QoL buff for me. Helps with ele overload up time, and gives HoT more chance to freeze.
What to pick for bandits? Kill all?
WadeLeonhart wrote:
What to pick for bandits? Kill all?

yes I did that. You could also think about kreatin for movespeed&attackspeed(shield charge) but I'd prefer the 2 skill points from kill all

Works great, 10/10.
I saw a test of Nugi yesterday and it was really awsome. He had Inpulsar and 3 dragon's on. Everything frozen and after explosion.
Been thinking about doing something simular with new Arc.

Any advice on the skill-tree? Items?
Been looking at some ideas whole day.
And what to use on single target? Bosses?

Thanks for the help
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Do you mind to explain how is the freeze working?
I think it need to be crit or some freeze chance to make it freeze.
But seems that you can always freeze with your setup.
I am new to the game, thank you.
This build can do MF?
Yo. Love this build! Could we get a 3.4 updated version?:)

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