[3.2] Drunken Dancing Duo | 2-600k+ Minion Cycl. DPS | 5k+ Hp | All contents ✔ | R/Q ✔ | Budget ✔

The Drunken Dancing Duo build is a build focusing on keeping Dancing Dervish and Rampage always on (meaning you easily reach 1000 rampages).
It have a pretty good clear speed, a really good survability and it's totally ok for boss.

Vaal Temple Map T16 One death because I forgot to take back my Granite flask
Uber Atziri One death, I suck at dodging

Currently doing some others : shaper, HoGM, T15, etc

Quick summary, Pros & Cons

You summon a double Dancing Dervish that kill everything very quickly in a range that is similar to SRS range. Aside that, the build is pretty defensive : resistances overcap, 5k+ hp, 65% phys reduction, MoM, Fortify, Temporal Chain, 60+ MS.
Your flask refill quickly, even without killing, and give :
*Permanent rampage (flask refile 4/5 charges every 3s)
*Instant 1200+hp/300+mana
*Bleed remove
*Ailments immunity (flask for elemental & pantheon for poison)
*Reduced charges used/Increased durations
*Movement speed

Also, your minion blind all the time (if it not dead before).

*Really lazy build
*Good clear speed
*Good defences
*Can start really cheap, with a large margin to upgrade it
*Rampage, god damn
*Every contents
*Every map mods

*5k/6k hp
*Like every minions build, it will never be as fast as top tier melee/spell build.
*Need to focus a little (at least to not forget to press 1/2/3)
*Sometimes it struggle a little in fully open maps, nothing really bad
*Minotor is the worst boss on that build, but you can do it

Don't want to waste your time reading the guide ? PoB is your friend !

PoB Pastbin

We need to go deeper

Aaaww ... just a little more

... warmer, warmer... hot, hot !

Hey what did you expected, it's a drunken build !

Ok ok, take your link.

You can set up rampage level on amulets (10 rampages = 2% minions damage).

You can also change the jewel beetween average and good roll.

Vis Mortis is sumulated by a level 21 Spirit Offering, so disable it if you don't want to play with a Vis Mortis.


How to get a cheap Dancing Duo
You simply need to fulfill the prophecy Dance of Steel with a The Dancing Dervish equiped (not in offhand) or in your inventory.

It's done my killing Arsenal boss (T14).

Physical damage and attack speed won't change during the process, and will affect your minion damage, so try to get a good roll before doing the prophecy.


Basic build mechanic
First you need to understand why we pick a Pathfinder and not a Necromancer (and why it work on a Scion too).

Minions Dervish spawn when you enter RAMPAGE, and last until rampage end (5s without killing). The Writhing Jar worms give rampage stacks and is a really good way to keep your rampage running.

Of course, you can do that as a necromancer too, but you need to keep your flask up only for that reason.

This is the main reason why Pathfinder is a better choice than necromancer in my mind. By using Nature's Boon bonus "Flasks gain 3 Charges every 3 seconds" and somes nods in the tree, you gain 4/5 flask charges every 3s, and you only use 10/11 charges per use, with a chance to not consumes charges.

That flask isn't only a way to keep rampage. It's also a strong life and mana sustain. Life and mana are INSTANT, and you will easily reach 1000+hp/250+mana per use.

That, combined to the Pathfinder ascend, give you a strong way to instant sustain your life and mana, to remove bleeding and to remove/be immune to elemental ailments.

Advanced build mechanics and usefull tips

About Dancing Dervish Minions
Minion base damage scall on your sword damage, so pick one with good ats/dmg.

Minion use cyclone as is main skill. That mean you have to find a balance beetween attack speed, damage and movement speed. That's why you use minion speed instead of attack speed. It also allow you to change it for concentrated effect on boss, which I greatly recommand.
On boss, having less movement speed will allow your minions to hit more offen, and on map clear movement speed will make your minions kill faster, since they nearly instant everything.

Minions accuracy SUCK. By picking additional accuracy (and poatcher's mark) you greatly increase your minions dps/s. It work for every minions, only minion's spell aren't affected by that, like characters.

Since 3.1, Dancing Dervish also give a rampage stack when it hit a unique ennemy, so you can focus on survability and just use a Writhing Jar once every 10s to proc Vis Mortis buff.

About flasks

Doedre's elixir is used to proc a lvl 1 Cwdt. It allow you to instant use Flesh Offering and Convocation at the same time. It also bring you somes charges that are usefull for physical resistance, casting ball lightning faster and get a little more crit with it (for flask charges).

Your defensive flask. You reduce the charge used to nearly 15 per use, and it bring you 40% physical res. It also make you immune to elemental ailments during effect (arround 6s), so spam it during map and use it at the right time against boss. Also give you a free movement speed bonus from ascend.

About MoM

Mind Over Matter

Writhing Jar give you instant life AND mana. You spam it all the time, and you also have a nice life and mana regeneration, and a really little need in mana. That's why it's worth picking even with such low mana left. It's on the way, in only one point and it work great with the others build mechanics, so just pick it.


Passive Skill Tree level 91
Pathofexile website

Poeplanner website

Path of Building pastbin link

Kill all.
Alira for more resistances but less life.

Major : Soul of the Brine King, just to avoid chain stun.
Minor : Soul of Shakari / Soul of Abberath


Current gear

Yes I have 2 Dancing Duo, because I'm lazy and I prefer to switch weapon for boss than to have a gem in my inventory.

Those are mandatory. You need at least 3 of them, any roll. The lower Reduced amount recovery is and the highter Reduced charges used is, the better it is. Don't forgot to quality it too.

Well, it's your minion and your main skill.

Best to go

Vis Mortis give you minion damage, 30% of your physical damage added as chaos damage when you kill (work with worms, so it's up all the time, even on boss).

A Tabula can do the job too, or any 5L.

Bone Helmet is your lab enchantement, without the need to do a lab.

Since petrification statue work on boss, it's a solid option too. A interesting defensive mechanic at the cost of less resistance and damages. Also buffed by temporal chain.

If no item are corrupted, it's a strong defensive option.

Since your minions have a lot of physical damages, it's a nice pair of gloves to use. Minions speed gem and rampage will counter the reduced speed malus.
Any gloves with life, resistances and eventually armor

Those boots are the best to go because of the +1 curse. Also bring some armor and resistance, which is nice.
You can bypass those boots until you have a 6L or Whispers of Doom in your tree.

Non Fated version is fine too, it just bring a little less movement speed and armour

You can also pick any rare boots with movement speed, resistance and life.

Belt is important. You are looking for Reduced flask charges used first, then resistances, life and finally, armor.

This build fit nice with rarity and quantity jewellery.
Sidhebreath is the best to go against boss since Bisco won't work. Since it's pretty cheap, just go for that if you can't afford a Bisco and don't need that much resistance on your amulet.

Thief's Torment is a good choice. Resistance, quantity and some life on hit you can proc with cyclone.

Heartbound is also a decent choice to make your minion's cyclone gain some area of effect. Dancing Dervish don't proc it when they end, so only your stone golem will.

You can also use any rare ring with life and resistance.

Those abyss jewel greatly enhance your minions dps.
Focus on minions physical damage, then life, then minions attack speed. Try to get one with "blind on hit" too.
Any jewel with %life and %minion damage".

You use it to proc your cwdt lvl 1 and getting some endurance charge. Not mandatory, but it's a real qol for map clear.

Bring you a lot of defense and allow you to benefit from your ascend bonus, such as elemental ailments immunity and movement speed.

Less defensive, but easier to get. Don't use a lot of charge, recharge really fast and have a long duration, it's a solid option


Tips for color and sockets
I choose to put some gems in specific items to reduce the cost in chromatic and jeweler. Simply use Vorici to get the first 2 color, then use jeweler to upgrade and downgrade number of socket until you have the right color, then link.

For Vis Mortis, just pray RNGesus or use a lot of jeweler. Use "one blue" at Vorici bench for Dancing Duo.

Dancing Dervish set up (socketed in Weapon, 4 to 6s, no links)
Minion Damage + Additional Accuracy + Multistrike + Damage on full life
+ Melee Physical Damage
+ Minion Speed (replace it with Concentrated Effect for boss)

Curse on Hit set up(socketed in Body Armour, 4 to 6L)
Ball Lightning + Curse on Hit + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Vulnerability
+ Temporal Chains
+ Poacher's Mark
On boss, try to curse worms and let your minions kill it.
Ball lightning matter, since it allow you to start rampage faster, but you don't necessary need to one shoot them (for Poacher's Mark), so try to level it a little.


Cwdt lvl 1 set up (socketed in Gloves, 4L)
Cast when damage taken (lvl 1) + Desecrate (lvl 7) + Flesh Offering (lvl 8) + Convocation (lvl 5)
Try to put Desecrate before Flesh Offering (starting from top left to bot left).
Don't stay near beast corps if you are going to take damage or you are still killing things, so you won't consume their corps if you want to use a necro net on it (also rampage can proc corps explosion)


Aura & Golem (socketed in Boots, 2x2L)
Offensive : Hatred + Arctic Armour
Defensive : Grace + Arctic Armour
In case you pick the defensive option, take Iron Reflex on bot of the tree instead of a Jewel socket. Will make you up to 80% phys res under endurance charges.
Cast when damage taken + Stone golem


Helmet (4L)
Cyclone + Culling Strike + Fortify + Item Rarity
Put whatever you want in your helmet. I like this set up, but you can put some zombies, spectres, cwdt, etc.

I used a few differents set up on that build (and tested a lot lot of others before fixing my build as it's today), here are some others strong options you can choise to play.

Craft Aspect of the Spider on helm/belt or any rare item you wear. It will combine hinder effect with temporal chains and maim from your minions and add a little damages. Just remove arctic armour to use it, they have the same mana reservation (or use a enlighten lvl 3/4 to keep arctic armour, and remove MoM).

This double cwdt is really effective since you can proc it whenever you want with Doedre's Elixir. It's a good set up to stay under phase run, use flesh offering and recall your minions if the cooldown is up. Also allow you to get constantly under endurance charges.

I droped and crafted few things on that one. It was a really good helm for specter, so I plan on using it with only one cwdt set up and 3 specters (Wicker man from act 10). If you can find one like that, just pick minion's life regen nods and eventually minion's regen on abyss jewel.
"If you give a zombie a cookie, he's going to ask for a glass of milk. When you give him the milk, he'll probably ask to drink your blood instead. So, to be safe, don't offer zombies any food or drink, no matter how cute they are."
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I think I'd put the most important things in the initial post, feel free to tell me what you would like to see me add, thanks !
"If you give a zombie a cookie, he's going to ask for a glass of milk. When you give him the milk, he'll probably ask to drink your blood instead. So, to be safe, don't offer zombies any food or drink, no matter how cute they are."
So Writhing Jar does extend the rampage?
Hello, any vids to show gameplay?
Hello, any vids to show gameplay?
Pandorum_XK wrote:
So Writhing Jar does extend the rampage?

Yes it does, as well as hitting a unique (which help a lot fighting map boss and others uniques).

It also allow me to keep up frenzy charges up on minions via poatcher's mark by cursing worms.

The Writhing Jar / Pathfinder is a pretty good combo anyway, even for others builds. You take advantage of keeping rampage, getting a solid instant life and mana trought tree and ascend (1200+) and remove bleeding.

Ktoxa wrote:
Hello, any vids to show gameplay?

Gonna try to do one or two in the next day, I would love to show multiples things like red map boss (actually doing some, it work like a charm) and also lab, which is super safe on that build (you totally denie traps and itzaro is pretty easy to do, only downside is minions sometimes don't focus on him if you'r not well placed).

Also, I'm pushing to the shapper because I'm 100% sure I can do it on that build, looking at how easy I'm doing red map atm.

But I will do a few video, probably short because I have a terrible connection.

I changed a few things, I don't run hatred anymore and replaced it with grace to push phys def to 80% under iron flask, which is pretty dope on red map with my current 4k6 hp. Will change the build slighty tomorrow to add the change as valuable alternatives, and may be a red map vid.
"If you give a zombie a cookie, he's going to ask for a glass of milk. When you give him the milk, he'll probably ask to drink your blood instead. So, to be safe, don't offer zombies any food or drink, no matter how cute they are."
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hey :) looks good! how did you level?
Xardas1988 wrote:
hey :) looks good! how did you level?

Any way you want. The tree is enought strong to allow you to play anything safe. To be honnest, the leveling is the most boring part of this build, I tested multiples way and haven't really found a good one.

I even tested it with a Oni + frostblade 6L, it was fast but I had a lack of damages in the end (55-65), so I gess spell is the way to go (or minions, minions are really cool to level past the lvl 28).

So I'll say, spell till lvl 28 (level raise zombie at the same time), then zombie/spectre with a few uniques and rollface the game with kitava herald or something like that till level 65.

I need to update the guide, I changed the cwdt set up to a double cwdt, so when I use my Doedre's Elixir now, I proc convocation, flesh offering, phase run and frostbomb. It's way way more fun to play with phasing and a movement speed near 100% ms.

Also crafted Aspect of the spider on a helm, so I replace Artic Armor by Aspect of the spider.

Maim + Hinder + Temporal chain.
"If you give a zombie a cookie, he's going to ask for a glass of milk. When you give him the milk, he'll probably ask to drink your blood instead. So, to be safe, don't offer zombies any food or drink, no matter how cute they are."
Minotor down (didn't managed to do a one with -10% res, 98% cold and 25% boss dmg, but I did another one with shitty mods).

It's probably the worst boss so far for that build, but it's still possible.

I take a little break on that build for a couple of day for irl reasons, but you can still ask me anything, I will check the post and anwser whatever you ask.
"If you give a zombie a cookie, he's going to ask for a glass of milk. When you give him the milk, he'll probably ask to drink your blood instead. So, to be safe, don't offer zombies any food or drink, no matter how cute they are."
I'm getting alone great with that build :) got all the gear, minion dmg nodes from the tree and a max roll pys dmg Sword, so how do I further increase my damage? only by jewels? also, which curses are you running atm? and sry for that newbie question but how do I get Aspect of the spider? could not find any anwer by googling.

Thanks beforehand for the answer.

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