Last week we released the Sin and Innocence Mystery Box which included over 38 new microtransactions! Many of these microtransactions are able to be combined to create one item that shares both themes. The blended armour set and other microtransactions have created quite a buzz in the community and so we wanted to showcase each combined look in their own videos.

For more information on the Sin and Innocence Mystery Box, the odds of receiving each microtransaction and how to blend them, check out the full announcement here. Thank you so much for your support!
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The whole set looks amazing, these are the best wings - ever.
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why is there no adblock here?
Thank you so much! That is what I have been waiting for *-*
"Poor fish-wife."
"Oops, clumsy me!"
if i didn't get 4 pairs of boots maybe i would of kept buying some. But no, i think 4 pairs is far to many already.

Edit: and i do mean the exact same pair of boots.
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Really cool MTX, but the problem with the duped MTX still stands. You guys really need to work a way to deal with them, there's no point in having 4 Sin Wings and no Innocence wings, even if you don't want to combine them.

PD: Or 5 of each type of boots, like the one above me said.
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