after 4 leagues, it finally droped

5 years

12,000+ hours

no mirrors

I'm on a ditto with Snorkle.

But grats! That must have felt awesome!
Dear GGG,

I was informed the rule of thumb is a mirror every 4 leagues. I have played over 3 years & have at least 8 leagues under my belt,

Can you please deposit two mirrors into my bank? :)


Echo Snorkle_uk though,

Played over 3 years, almost 6k hours, no mirrors.

Gratz though! You must have prayed to the RNG gods.
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Gratz! +7000k h here and not single one yet dropped.
You got some gonads there OP, stopping to get a photo. First thing I would do if a mirror dropped is pick it up and then portal back to town to stash it!
Face it, all of your suggestions are worse than this idea:
gratz, 3 years still havent seen one

guess I have to start streaming if I ever wanna find one
Completed 5 ChallengesSnorkle_uk wrote:
5 years

12,000+ hours

no mirrors


something like this lol
found like 60+ exalts tho
"4 leagues"

GZ tho.
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Lucky! Gratz
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6 years in July - haven't seen one yet.
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