Chieftain: Ramako Sun's Light and Rat Cage interaction

I too would like to see this bug fixed....
There was a patch recently, can anyone confirm if this bug has been fixed yet?

Very much looking forward to this getting fixed asap!
Any update on this bug yet? Really hoping to see that get fixed yooo!
There was another patch recently. Any word on this bug getting fixed?
Didn't see it in any of the patch notes, but tested it again regardless, but it's still an issue unfortunately.
Bumping this thread again in the hopes that this bug is fixed soon!
I hope this gets fixed for Delve. The VMS build mentioned earlier is really fun but this bug is keeping me from playing it :(
Bumping in the hope that this bug gets fixed soon!
Still not fixed... sigh cant believe this kind of thing can go so long without a fix. Of course i didnt know about the bug untill i sank like 17 ex into a VMS rat cage chieftan build.
I skipped last league. Coming back for this next one.

Has this bug been fixed yet? Anyone know?

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