[3.2] Cows Tectonic Slam Juggernaut / Budget / Uber Farmer / 1.5 mil+ DPS

Hey all, welcome to my build. I was excited to hear about the Juggernaut changes as well as the new gem Tectonic Slam added in 3.2. I love the feel of a sword/sword setup, so I decided to run with it. With a minimal investment you can get uber lab done and up to tier 10 maps. With a few EX you will be in the 1 million DPS range and doing end game content.

We did it lads, 36 challenges! Everything should be up to date and will most likely be the final specs for the rest of the season. Special thanks to user Rake7 for his input and knowledge!

Life - 6107
DPS - 3.5 Million + 750k Totem
Armor - 33k With flasks
Map Objectives - 157/157
Level - 92/100
Challenges - 36/40
Labs - 4/4
Elder - Dead
Atziri - Dead
Shaper - Dead
Shaper Orbs - 15/15

Mechanics, Pros & Cons

  • Tectonic Slam: This is the main skill for all fights. It has decent AOE and has a base conversion on %60 physical to fire. It pairs well with the Juggernaut tree which is use used to refresh our endurance charges, providing 18% more DPS
  • Swords: Our main sword will be the best unique one in the game, the Ahn's. Tectonic slam will use the stats of your main hand, so your offhand only needs to be a stat stick
  • Self-cast Buffs: Our two main buffs will be Herald of Ash for fire damage and Hatred for added cold damage. Herald will provide approximately +%7 and Hatred approximately +%15. Herald will also burn other enemies in an area around them based on the overkill damage dealt
  • Ancestral Warchief: This totem setup will provide your character added melee damage as well as its own DPS
  • Crit Multiplier Stacking: This is the main stat we are trying to buff. Once fully geared, your character should have over +%700 crit multiplier
  • Flasks: We will be using 4 DPS flasks. Atziri, Lions Roar, Diamond and Wise Oak. The wise oak can be further boosted if you have matching resistances, especially cold and fire

  • Leech: We will be doing so much DPS you should only need just the %.4 from the tree to stay at full life. If you are having mana issues, try crafting another %.4 to your offhand weapon
  • Armor: Its very common to see this build with 30k+ armor when buffed
  • Fortify: Reduces damage taken from hits
  • Immortal Call: Protection against quick physical hits
  • Resistances: Aim for 75% with just gear. Your endurance charges will provide another +%20 and the wise oak another +35%
  • Self-cast Buffs: Arctic Armour and crab barrier can also be used for some added defense

Pros & Cons
  • Cheap (for the most part)
  • Great clear speed
  • Can use lots of different gear
  • Easy mode for Uber lab
  • Can reach 1.5 mil DPS on a budget or 4 mil+ DPS for about 15 EX
  • Can do no regen/leech. Its slow but possible...
  • Can do T16 maps assuming you have decent rolls and know what you are doing

  • Can get expensive for the 6L chest setup
  • Can't do reflect magic/physical maps
  • This is not a HC build, you will die a lot
  • This is not a face tank build, you will need to dodge things


Cool Stuff
Cow's first 6L!

Bestiary Crafting
Cow's Bestiary Crafting Session 1
Cow's Bestiary Crafting Session 2
Cow's Bestiary Crafting Session 3
Cow's Bestiary Crafting Session 4
Cow's Bestiary Crafting Session 5
Cow's Bestiary Crafting Session 6
Cow's Bestiary Crafting Session 7

End Game Bosses
Uber lab with 4L Tectonic Slam
Uber lab with 6L Tectonic Slam
The Elder Kill
Atziri, Queen of the Vaal
The Enslaver Kill
The Enslaver Kill (short version)
The Purifier Kill
The Purifier Kill (short version)
The Constrictor Kill
The Constrictor Kill (short version)
The Eradicator Kill
The Eradicator Kill (short version)

Random Boss Kills
Craiceann, First of the Deep
Saqawal, First of the Sky
Vaal Radiant Pools
Volkuur, the Unbreathing Queen
Eber, the Plaguemaw
Poporo, the Highest Spire
Tul's Breachstone

Week 1 of League: Weapons Innsbury/Seventh Sun
T1 Beach
T8 Breach with bonus lag and eye cancer item filter on
T9 Vault 1 Ahns
T10 Bog w/7 mods

Week 2 of League: Ahn's/Ahn's & 5L
T5 Toxic Sewer
T6 Phantasmagoria
T8 Shore
T8 Infested Valley
T8 Courtyard
T8 Mud Geyser
T11 Pits

Week 3 of League: Ahn's/Ahn's & 6L
T7 Coral Ruins
T8 Vaal Pyramid
T8 Laboratory
T9 Museum
T9 Scriptorium
T9 Temple
T10 Siege
T10 Shipyard
T11 Coves
T11 Factory
T11 Mesa
T12 Summit
T12 Overgrown Shrine
T12 Oba's Cursed Trove

End Game Maps: Ahn's/Stat stick & 6L
T13 Caldera
T13 Malformation
T13 Shrine
T14 Plaza
T14 Crimson Temple 2 Bosses
T14 Dig
T14 Dark Forest
T14 Acid Lakes 2 Bosses
T14 Colosseum
T15 Casrcass 2 Bosses
T15 Sunken City
T15 Basilica
T15 Lava Lake
T15 Reef

Passive Tree, Ascendancy, Pantheon & Bandits

Passive Tree
Path of Building
Passive Tree


  • Unflinching
  • Unyielding
  • Undeniable
  • Unbreakable


  • Brine King: Stun resistance

or if you are running these chance to avoid being stunned enchantment

  • Lunaris: For mapping
  • Solaris: For bosses

  • Tukohama: Good damage reduction and a bit of life regen
  • Ryslatha: Decent option for flask regen


Alira - Highest DPS with added resistance bonus
Oak - Another good choice. It is a very slight DPS reduction from Alira, nothing to worry about.


Tip 1 - 4 Link your totem early on. This is a superb DPS boost early on as well as end game. Ancestral Protector or Ancestral Warchief are both good choices. Note you can only use 1 at a time

Tip 2 - 4 Link your melee gems early on. Cleave or any other AOE will be a good choice till you can get Tectonic Slam. Any +DPS gems will work, Ruthless-Multistrike-Physical-Maim etc...

Tip 3 - Craft swords. Look for 3 link normal swords (at your level). Use 4 Blacksmith's Whetstone to get the item to 20%, then alch/essence it. If you are too lazy to do that, just use one of the games unique swords that suit your level

Tip 4 - Set your Attacks. Left click to walk only. Right to tectonic slam. Also, learn to attack in place as its helpful in some situations. Default is Shift+Click.

Tip 5 - Uber Lab should be ez mode, even with a 4 link setup.
1. Use totem right before boss is active.
2. Whirling blades into him during his first leap attack and get fortify.
3. Use Flasks, bop him down. Watch out for his green AOE volly.
4. Refresh totem.
5. Whirling blades out of AOE and kill his adds.
6. Once AOE is done, use flasks and finish him.

Tip 6 - For the passive tree
1. Go down. Head towards the life and mana leech nodes as they are going to be huge. From there head towards Herbalism. There is a +30 int along the way, use it temporarily if needed to boost your elemental focus gem. Fill out the right side
2. The second half is up to you. Most people fill out the left side for the DPS.
3. Head towards constitution for the +%Life

Tabula - The biggest boost you can use is Tabula. Use it to 6L cleave early on. You can swap in Tectonic slam later once its available in Act 3

Other stuff - Other gear that is nice to use along the way


Ahn's Might Midnight Blade - One f the best 1h swords in the game. If you are using 2 Ahn's, make sure to use the Pacifism Jewel. Look for a 325 DPS for ~15C
Any 1H stat stick (Offhand) - Anything with +%50 global crit and +%35 extra fire OR cold damage for~1C
Razor of the Seventh Sun Midnight Blade - This is the best "cheap" option. Since we ignite a bunch it gives good life recovery. Caps out around 600k DPS. Look for a 250+ DPS for ~1-5C
Innsbury Edge Elder Sword - Another cheap option, but caps out on DPS fast. Caps out around 500k DPS. Look for a 210+ DPS for ~1-3C


Starkonja's Head Silken Hood - Great all around helmet. Good DPS/Life with the added evasion on low life. Look for a +90 Life / +%120 Evasion / +60 Dex for ~15C
Abyssus Ezomyte Burgonet - This helmet will raise your dps by about 30%. It does have some drawbacks such as low life bonus. They can be cheap or super expensive depending on the mods. A cheap one goes for ~5C


Yellow Plate - Standard all around good resistance plate (Astral). This is a good starter since you can get the 5L + 6L cheaper . Look for a +%30 All resistances / +50 Life / %+80 increased armor for ~1-200C depending on links
Craiceann's Carapace - Great armor and life plate. You can run aspect of the crab for some bonus phys damage reduction but will need to turn off Herald of ash ~10-600C
Belly of the Beast - Great option for the life. Warning, 5L + 6L are costly =( ~50C
Daresso's Defiance Full Dragonscale - This is the cheap option. The endurance charge bonus is nice, you will always be at 100%. You can also swap out the onslaught flask if you go this route. The biggest downfall is there is no elemental resists, so you will need to get them eleswhere~1C


Wyrmsign Wyrmscale Gauntlets - My absolute favorite for speed clearing maps. Look for a +%155 Increased armor and evasion / +68 Life for ~1C
Oskarm Nubuck Gloves - Best DPS option. You have the option to swap your Warlords gem to something else since you can't have 2x curses. ~65C
Veruso's Battering Rams Titan Gauntlets - This is the cheap option. The endurance charge DPS bonus is nice. ~1C


Redblade Tramplers Ancient Greaves - Great all around boots. Look for a +7 reduced stun / +%175 Armor / +65 Life / +25% Fire resist for ~1C
Any yellow boots - Any boots will work with this build. If you go with resistances, it will really help you with slotting better DPS rings. Look for resistances in the 20's along with movement +%25. There is also an Elder mod that gives endurance charges on kill if you like that option ~1-25C
Kaom's Roots - Kaom's are the route to go if you are aiming for the life meta. Personally I dont like them since you will lose 4 gems, but they are an option for ~1C
Bubonic Trail Murder Boots - Not the best option but the 1 abyss socket version is super cheap ~1C


Belt of the Deceiver - Great all around belt for the price. You can vaal them all day long for the +1 Endurance Charge and not be sad when you brick em. Will cost ~1A
Any rare belt - Any rare belt you see fit. Go for +% global physical / Life / Any resistance you need ~1-5C
Stygian Belt - Another good option if you have the right gem~1-5C


Things to look for
-Physical Damage or Elemental Damage
-Crit Multiplier
-Any other DPS mods


Things to look for
-INT This where you get your INT from. The Elemental Focus Gem requires you to have 111 INT at lvl 20
-Physical Damage or Elemental Damage
-Crit Multiplier
-Any other DPS mods

My Current Setup






Weapon 1 15c
Weapon 2 3ex
Helm 25c
Chest 4ex
Gloves 60c
Boots 25c
Belt 1ex
Amulet 15c
Ring 1 15c
Ring 2 Found
Flasks 40c all together
Jewels 10c each
Abyss Jewel 80c


Enduring Cry-Increased Duration-Blood Magic

Enduring Cry is just to give you a few endurance stacks if there is nothing to kill for some reason. Good for boss fights to get things started

Hatred-Herald of Ash-Enlighten

This is our main DPS aura buffs. The enlighten isn't 100% necessary and can be added later in the game.

Hatred-Arctic Armor-Enlighten

This is an optional setup. I put it on my weapon set II for bossing since the arctic armor helps with added defense


Whirling Blades-Blood Magic-Fortify Support-Faster Attacks

Movement skills are all preference. I've used WB for a few seasons so i'm sticking with it. Feel free to use whatever skills you want here, just try and use fortify if possible.

Whirling Blades-Vaal Haste-Fortify Support-Faster Attacks

This is an optional steup. You loose blood magic so movement will cost you a bit of mana. You will gain about 12% DPS


Tectonic Slam-Elemental DPS-Melee Phys Damage-Multistrike-Elemental Focus-Ruthless

Our main DPS skill set. Try your best to get at least a 5L setup while you farm for a 6L


Ancestral Warchief-Melee Physical-Maim-Ruthless

This is just a basic totem setup. Plop this by bosses or packs to help with maim.


If you are using Oskram's gloves

Blood Rage-CwDT-Summon Ice Golem-Immortal Call

Oskaram's have a cast on hit curse, Assassin's mark. Since you can only have 1 curse you can swap in immortal call. CwDT can be any level you want, adjust the other gems to match

Blood Rage - LVL 7
CwDT - LVL 1
Ice Golem - LVL 3
Immortal Call - LVL 3

Setup if you are using something other than Oskram

Blood Rage-CwDT-Summon Ice Golem-Warlord's Mark

I know you you are saying, Blood Rage with Ahn's? It doesn't give you any extra frenzy charges so its basically +10% attack speed and some leech. If you are not running Ahn's, its your frenzy generator.

Blood Rage - LVL 10
CwDT - LVL 6
Ice Golem - LVL 9
Warlord's Mark - LVL 8


Blood Rage-CwDT-Summon Ice Golem-Warlord's Mark

This setup will proc the CwDT when you take 528 damage. The theory is you will also cast warlords mark more and produce more endurance charges

Blood Rage - LVL 7
CwDT - LVL 1
Ice Golem - LVL 3
Warlord's Mark - LVL 5


Optional Defense Setup
CwDT-Summon Ice Golem-Warlord's Mark

CwDT - LVL 1
Ice Golem - LVL 3
Warlord's Mark - LVL 5

Hatred-Herald of Ash-Enlighten-Arctic Armour

This will add another %13 less physical damage and %12 less fire damage. Requires Enlighten level 3


Any Yellow Jewel
  • Life +%7
  • Critical Strike Multipliers. Global/Dual Wield/Fire/Elemental
  • Any other DPS mods
  • Attack speed

If running an Abyss belt
  • Life
  • Critical Strike Multipliers
  • Physical attack damage
  • Onslaught

Mandatory if running 2 Ahn's
Pacifism - Required. You get -2 frenzy reduction from your Ahn's, this provides the third. You need it to get the global crit bonus from the Ahn's


Life Flask - Required. Bleed Remove if not running Craiceann's
Atziri's Promise - Added DPS
Lion's Roar - Added DPS

Diamond - Added DPS. Strongly suggested
The Wise Oak - Added DPS. Even stronger if you can match cold/fire resistances
Rotgut - Great for Speed and added onslaught
Sulphur Flask - Added DPS
Silver Flask - Added Onslaught. Dont use if using Daresso's Armor
Quicksilver - Because speed
Basalt - If you need more defense


Q: Why tectonic slam?
A: Lets be honest here, its not the greatest skill in the game. Its about as good as earthquake or suder. That being said, this is a sword build so its a great option for decent clear speed. It lacks range and I hope one day they buff it a tad to be more like lightning strike.

Q: Can this do T15 maps?
A: Yes. Most maps, even corrupt, you should be able to do just fine with the right gear. I'm trying to get some more videos up of my T15 runs but I tend to die alot. Its my first time doing all these bosses so I dont know the mechanics and usually get slammed by an attack I didn't dodge. If you stand in the right spot and dodge at the right time you will be just fine.

Q: How do I keep endurance charges up?
A: There are a few different ways to do it.
1) If you using Daresso's they stay full all the time with the refresh on kill. If you are using another piece, you will bounce up and down till Unyielding recharges them. I'm currently using an astral plate and any time i'm in packs I have my full charges up.
2) Modify your gems. You can have a cast when damage taken(CwDT) set to lvl 1. You would loose attack speed because blood rage would also need to be lowered. See the glove gem section for more info
3) Make sure you are using enduring cry whenever possible
4) Get the helm enchant, see below
5) On bosses where there are no extra enemy to kill, swap tectonic slam to molten strike
6) There is an Elder boot enchant that give +endurance charges on kill which is a nice option

Q: Are there helm enchantments for tectonic slam?
A: Yep!
1) 40% chance for Tectonic Slam to not consume an Endurance Charge (strongly suggest this mod)
2) 40% increased Tectonic Slam damage
3) 12% increased Tectonic Slam area of effect

Q: What should I do for resistances?
A: The basic rule is your base resistances should be at %75. You should also have a +%25 overage for things like curses. Endurance charges can provide +resistance but you should not rely on them if possible.

Endurance charges - Added resistance
1 - 4%
2 - 8%
3 - 12%
4 - 16%
5 - 20%
6 - 24%
7 - 28%
8 - 32%
9 - 36%
10 - 40%

Q: What about chaos resistance?
A: You can do almost all the content without any chaos resistance. What you need to look out for is Village Ruin Boss, Core (map) and maps with "posion on hit" monsters such as Undying Alchemist. I have -71% chaos and can do just about all maps without dying

Q: How is this build against bosses?
A: Again, I have to be honest here. Tectonic slam is not the greatest single targetskill you can use. The build is somewhat dependent on endurance charges, something bosses wont always provide you. My advice is make sure you take a defense flask as well as swap to Soul of Solaris before the fight.

Q: I want to use Oni's, can I use this build?
A: Oni's is a great sword and will work with this build. Here are a few things you need to do
1) Take out the duel wield nodes on the passive tree. It's not final but here is something to aim for POB. With the same gear i use, it puts it around 1.5 mil DPS with another 500k from the 6L totem
2) Take out the pacifism jewel. Use any other DPS jewel that you see fit
3) 6L a totem

Q: Can I use 2 Ahn's?
A: Yes you can, but make sure you use the pacifism jewel to get the full benifit.

Q: What am I looking for in an offhand?
A: Tectonic slam only uses the stats of your main hand. That means your offhand is only a stat stick. You want critical strike multiplier (%50) and extra fire OR cold damage (%35)

Q: How did you shape your atlas?
A: These are the maps I like. All have decent paths are are more open

Tier 1 - Beach
Tier 2 - Arid Lake
Tier 3 - Burial Chambers
Tier 4 - Strand
Tier 5 - Toxic Sewer
Tier 6 - Fields
Tier 7 - Dunes
Tier 8 - Shore/Tropical Island
Tier 9 - Vault/Waste Pool/Plateau
Tier 10 - Siege/Bog/Belfry

Q: Can you upload videos with better quality
A: I film them in 1080 via plays.tv. Sadly there is something youtube doesnt like and it always compresses them down. Nothing I can do about that

Q: I like your build, how can I thank you?
A: A simple thanks below is great. My IGN name is @BestiaryCowBell

Other Links

SCamera 1 Mil DPS Ahn's - Another great starter and where I got my idea

EE's Oni - If you can get your hands on an Oni, this build is nuts. I'm going to be testing a version of this with TS

Bestiary League challenges - Reddit link for the 40 challenges this league

poeprices.info - Awesome site to price check

http://www.filterblade.xyz/ - Filterblade


3.7.18 - Added to Forums
3.8.18 - Fixed a few links & added others. Added a few videos. Added necro nets to filter. Added Leveling/FAQ section
3.9.18 - Added Uber Lab video. Fixed the forum link issues
3.10.18 - Opened Youtube Channel! Fixed a gem issue
3.12.18 - Added a few vids. Fixed 1 filter, added another. Added to gem setup section
3.14.18 - Added a few vids
3.15.18 - Added optional glove gem setup. Fixed optional defense setup gem levels. Added a 4 vids. Added a few armors
3.16.18 - Finally added jewel section ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
3.17.18 - Added a few vids. Added to Q&A
3.19.18 - Added a few vids. Added to Q&A. Updated POB
3.20.18 - Added Atziri & Constrictor vids
3.21.18 - Added info about Oni to Q&A. Added new passive link that isnt POB. Adjusted the gem section (gloves)
3.22.18 - Updated both passive tree links. Made a huge adjustment to the passive tree. Winter spirit is in, Razor edge out. Added a helmet. Added elder guardian videos
3.31.18 - Added a few vids. Small change to life flask mods
4.2.18 - Updated Q&A. Changed build to stat stick offhand. New Path of Building up. Added a few Vids
4.3.18 - Added Jewel links and adjusted some wording
4.4.18 - PoB updated. Added optional Vaal Haste to helm setup. Added Rotgut to optional flasks. Added my current setup
4.5.18 - Added a few T13/T14 vids
4.7.18 - Added 3 new boot options. Added 1 Video
4.10.18 - Added a few vids (shorts). Added Elder kill vid
4.11.18 - Added a few vids T14/T15. Added another con, cant do resist elemental damage bosses. Added leveling Tip. Added new PoB
4.15.18 - Added a new weapon gem setup. Linked some new items
4.18.18 - Added a new weapon gem setup. Linked some new items
4.19.18 - Added a new section. Added a few vids. Added new PoB with 4mil DPS

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Hi TC, just want to point out that Starkonja's is -50% damage dealt and not a damage reduction to the player, it's a negative effect.
I have an Alien pet.
kelongngu wrote:
Hi TC, just want to point out that Starkonja's is -50% damage dealt and not a damage reduction to the player, it's a negative effect.

Good call, its late here and im tired lol. Fixed it for the %150 evasion. Still looking for a budget helm option (:
Last edited by LessCowBell on Mar 8, 2018, 2:18:59 AM
A quick question.

How do you keep endurance charges to max for unrelenting if tectonic consume then.

Doomshamino wrote:
A quick question.

How do you keep endurance charges to max for unrelenting if tectonic consume then.


If you using Daresso's they stay full all the time with the refresh on kill. If you are using another piece, you will bounce up and down till Unyielding recharges them. I'm currently using an astral plate and any time i'm in packs I have my full charges up

If you are having issues keeping the charges up, modify your gems. You can have CwDT + Warlords + Ice Golem all lvl 1. You would loose attack speed because blood rage would also need to be lvl 1 (or just drop the gem all together)
Last edited by LessCowBell on Mar 8, 2018, 1:26:17 PM
Cool plus it works well plus are their any alt jewels I could use
WolfDemonica wrote:
Cool plus it works well plus are their any alt jewels I could use

Thanks dude. I'm working on that section next when I have some free time. Its a little harder since jewels can be a bit tricky to find.

FYI I just opened a youtube channel so I'm busy re-uploading everything. Sadly everything got converted from 720 to 480... Anyways, let me know if there is anything you want to see

To Do List:
1. Jewel section
2. Expand leveling and tips
3. Upload more vids in 720
4. Add PoB pastebin
5. Adjust my custom filter a tad (less nets and remove normal belts)
6. Rework a few things. I need a little more defense / modifications to upkeep endurance stacks
7. Play the game =)
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Trying this as my 1st character in beastiary. Currently lvl65 and i am doing well right now but I've some future concenrns :) especially defense wise. I will let you guys know about my progression.

One quick qustion.

Dps tooltip shows less damage with 2 innsbury than 1 innsbury + 1 the princess, is this some kind of tooltip failure or do i miss something?

Archybild wrote:
Trying this as my 1st character in beastiary. Currently lvl65 and i am doing well right now but I've some future concenrns :) especially defense wise. I will let you guys know about my progression.

One quick qustion.

Dps tooltip shows less damage with 2 innsbury than 1 innsbury + 1 the princess, is this some kind of tooltip failure or do i miss something?

Yeah the defense is a tad weak. I notice it a lot more with my Ahn's as they attack so fast it depletes my endurance charges quickly lol. Warlords mark becomes very important in this build. Probably going to be better off dropping the blood rage and just link ice golem/Warlords/CwDT all at lvl 1. I also cant wait to get my Enlighten up to lvl 3 so I can run arctic armour, should help a bit.

I noticed that same thing with the 2x innsbury. I'm not sure if its a bug, I just opted to run 1 with a 20% quality rare sword I crafted.

Which chest piece are you running?
Hey, I hit level 78 and it's really so much fun and strong for now. I can run yellow maps easily. I need to upgrade some of my gear since this is my first char in beastiary, so i will grind more for better gears. I'll try to get a 6 link belly for chestpiece. And also in order to have %100 ele conversion i've Winter Spirit passive, so that now ele focus gem is more effective.

Last edited by Archybild on Mar 13, 2018, 4:11:35 AM

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