[3.2] The Perpetual Motor -- EK Nova + BV; Budget; HC and all content viable.

Among all of the discovered new uniques from patch 3.2 release, Indigon appears to be a very strong and fun to build around it. After a few days of theocrafting, tweaking and shopping (and wasting a bunch of currency for testing), I've now completed my character. I believe this is the first published Indigon guide. Here we go:


While Indigon fills in for all our offensive needs, Zerphi's Last Breath takes care of our defence by very high life recovery. The synergy between these two items directs us towards stacking very high life, very high mana. It's then very logical to employ MOM for additional effective HP; to stack up "#% damage taken gained as mana" for extra mana recovery. The more mana we regenerate, the more life we gain. And Indigon makes sure that we are capable of spending all the mana regenerated without interrupting casting BV, no matter if it's +1000 mana/sec, or +5000 mana/sec. With this much life and mana gain/sec, we can easily afford a RF degen buff for its huge damage boost.

The strength of BV + Indigon is, the damage output scales exponentially with stacks. Just spend 10% more time casting a few more stacks could buff 100% more damage. Indigon's increase mana mod combined with stacking "damage taken gain as mana" has the potential to further expand this interaction. BV also provides very smooth leeching over time, no matter if you are moving, stuned, frozen or casting other spells.

EK and BV are both physical spells, therefore can be buffed the same way. EK nova has been the elite map clearing spell for quite a while (until the release of Light Poacher). We use EK nova to speed up our mapping, and easily swap to BV for boss/abyss/breach fights.

Core Item

Indigon alone brings enough DPS buff for this entire build. Once your existing mana reserve has ran out, the "steady-state" increased spell damage will be purely related to how fast you can regenerate mana. There are four streams of mana recovery:
1. Mana flask. Overall too slow for our build. Other unique flasks is better;
2. Mana regeneration: +430/s for my build;
3. Mana leech: requires Warlords Mark for spell mana leech to work, provides 880/s.
4. "#% Damage taken gained as mana over 4s": I'm able to stack 45%, providing 0-1800 mana gain/s (for 0-4000 damage taken/s)
All four combined provides 1300-3100 mana recovery, PER SECOND. We will be able to burn through all this mana thanks to Indigon's increased mana cost mechanism, and gain 1560% to 3720% increased spell DPS!

With this much mana regen, Zerphi's is no doubt the best life recovery method for us. Based on stats listed above, we will score 12-28k life recovery/sec. On the sidenote, I do believe Zerphi's got changed in 3.2 because of Indigon. The new version (recover in 4sec) works better in this build compared to the old one (instant recover when you spend mana).

Any rare ring with this affix. Garantees 100% uptime for warlord's mark without sacrificing 1000 reserved mana with Blasphamy.

Since we are capable of stacking sufficient damage with just life and mana, rather than going for super expensive crit/steel/opal ring or high DPS weapons, this build is in fact significantly cheaper than other fully min-maxed Tier 1 builds out there, such as ele conversion barrage, or blade flurry.

Like perpetual motion, the synergy between Zerphi's and Indigon generates an absolutely ridiculous amount of life and mana out of thin air, meanwhile provide a boost to your spell damage. In a nutshell, this build is capable to deal massive damage while remain being one of the tankiest builds in all classes of POE.


Note: Since DPS buff from Indigon is not yet included in POB, it indicates my Shaper DPS is only 850k. You can work out the correct DPS by:
(POB DPS)/[POB Increased Dmg)+1]*{[(Total Mana Recovery/s)*4/200*0.6]+(POB Increased Dmg)+1}

As weird as it may sound, but mana managing is so FUNNNNN!
Very high damage with up to 4M Shaper DPS (take more damage, deal more damage)
7.2k HP, 38% MOM (therefore 11.7K EHP), with , 10-25k HP recover per second
Farm all content (tested against T16 Guardian, will do Shaper soon)
Designed to farm red maps with a reasonable speed

Farming low tier map is a bit slower than the "fast" builds out there (eg Autobomber)
Can't Deal with Physical reflection Map Mod.
Doable but not pleasant maps: hexproof; ele reflection; can't leech life and mana.

T15 Basilica speed run with EK nova + BV https://youtu.be/zQy6e11hGzc
Deathless Minotaur run with BV only https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vikBEiMcwg


Map clearing:
Use EK setup in this dagger

EK nova with Hypothermia and Herald of Ice will shatter trash mobs quickly, use shield charge to move around. You should automatically have all 3+3+3 charges, 100% uptime for warlord's mark, fortify and arcane surge.

Boss fight:
Turn off Herald of Ice, swap to your 2nd weapon (7L Pledge of Hands), cast Rallying Cry, cast BV until all mana is drained, press all flasks and engage the boss. When you are having enough mana regen, pop rightous fire for 30% DPS boost. Ideally you want your mana to stay at half full -- if it fills up, Zerphi ends; if it completely drains, RF ends (although this is not a big deal).


How to choose best gear

Mandatory Unique Items (Helmet, Ring#1, Body armour)

Indigon. Build enabler. Aim for 58+ increased mana and 58+ increased spell dmg mods. You can easily get this with Divine Orb. Don't need any enchantment.
Kaom's Heart (absolute BiS, only alternative is belly of the beast if you cant find a good shaped 1H weapon and needs a 6L in the body armour. % fire dmg doesn't matter. Luxury version: corrupted with +1max res)
Essence worm ring (no variation)

Weapon Choices

Main weapon combo (map clear and boss fight)

Weapon (1H Shaped rare dagger/wand/sceptre)

Primary consideration needs to have 2-3 of the following mods:

Socketed Gems are Supported by Level # Added Fire Damage/#% increased Physical Damage
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level # Controlled Destruction/#% increased Spell Damage
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level # Increased Critical Strikes/#% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level # Faster Casting/#% increased Cast Speed

Secondary consideration for bonus damage:

# Increased maximum mana
Global crit/crit multi
Gain #% phys dmg as extra Fire/Cold/Lightning
Crit multi against enemy with full life

My current dagger as an example


Lioneye's Remourse for life boost; alternatively use Saffell's Frame for +4% max res. Luxury version: Corrupted with "5-6% Dmg taken gain as mana" mod.

This setup is perfectly fine for map clearing and boss fight, just swap inc AOE gem in the weapon with conc effect gem. Unless you are lazy like me, and wants to min-max this shit out of this build, you can use a swap weapon for boss fight:

Swap weapon (budget,less defensive but best for boss fight)

Pledge of Hands (2H unique staff, 6L cost around 5ex)

You get about 1000 extra mana, a super powerful 7-linked BV, with the cost of movement skill (shield charge) and fortify. The extra mana will only make you more tanky, and since we can eat any blow with our life pool, we don't really need to moving around.

Other slots are open for your choice of item

Rare Gloves, Ring#2, Amulet, belt

I strongly recommend planning these four items together. They will be used to fill in the resistance and strength requirement, as well as boost your life and mana. If you have got additional budget, aim to get additional armour (belt) and +1 curse (amulet) for enfeeble.

A huge quality of life mod on belt is "reduce flask charges used" on belt. You need at least 17% of this, and can use Zerphi's in boss fight three time without refilling.

Important: your Ring #2 must have Warlords Mark on Hit mod. This is your primary source for life and mana leech.

Alternative glove choice:
If you have godly gears and don't need any defensive mods on gloves, the best unique gloves (for offence) are:

Atziri's Acuity: Free Vaal Pact, good life mod, extra mana from Int.

Kalisa's Grace: Good life mod; you will always trigger the 2% crit base with this build; Can put BV setup here for cheap 5L option.

I'd prefer Kaom's Root (best enchantment: 2% life and mana regeneration), for it's high life pool, stun immunity and freeze/chill/temp chain immunity (we don't need magic flask with freeze immune anymore). Downside is obviously lacking move speed, but we have shield charge to fix this. For this build we don't need another 4L skills to buff the damage anyways.

If you are keen to go for a rare boot with MS, or need the extra resistance to alleviate resistance mods on your other gear, that's totally fine too. I have this pair in my backpack:

You can put any 4 link in this boot. Just don't use anything that reserves mana. Perhaps another CWDT set.



Zerphi's Last Breath: use 3.2 new version with "life recovery over 4 sec" instead of legacy version (instant life recovery).

Diamond flask: shock immunity mod to reduce chance to get 1-shot (Freeze immune if you don't use Kaom's Root).

Atziri's Promise: best damage booster, also with some life leech.

Other recommended flasks

Dying Sun: increased AOE is quite important for BV; max fire resistance reduces RF degen. Cheap version is Ruby flask with curse immunity or 100% armour mod.

2nd Zerphi's in case boss fight went overtime.

Sin's Rebirth: The price tag doesn't justify its extra damage, but it's good to have 13% damage boost anyways.

Quick Silver flask for mapping (bleeding or shock immune mod)

I use two Zerphi's, Atziri, Diamond, Sin's Rebirth.

Ideally, the best Watcher's Eye should have, in order of important:
20% Damage taken gained as mana (Clarity)
10% Damage taken from mana before life (Clarity)
30% Increased mana recovery rate (Clarity)

Take two Spirited Response and two Fevered mind as well. If you have extra slot or want to use rare jewels, best mods are Max Life => Max Mana => Crit multi for spells => Global Crit multi => Crit chance for spell => Global crit chance, etc

If you use EK, make sure you equip a Ring of Blade jewel for nova EK effect.

My Gear

Budget Gear mini Guide

In the main guide, there are two items with limited supply:
1. Rare shaped 1H weapon
2. Watchers Eyes with correct mods

Expensive gears:
1. Kaom's heart (2-3ex)
2. Indigon (1ex)
3. Warlord's mark ring (2-5ex)
4. Zerphi's (1-2ex)
5. Fevered mind (0.5-1ex)

A Middle Class Alternative Build
Follow every gear suggested in the main guide, except use Pledge of Hands for 7L BV setup. This allows us to remain very tanky, enjoy high DPS and mana pool while avoiding using a shaped rare main hand weapon. Watcher's eye is not mandatory. Also, we need to tweak the passive tree: remove "Force Shaper", instead take "Serpent Stance" and "Arcane Potency" clusters. This will provide 10% damage compared to the main guide.

A Dirt Cheap Alternative Build -- same high DPS, 75% block, 5k HP plus MOM (4ex, where 3ex being Zerphi+Indigon)
Unfortunately Indigon and Zerphi's are minimum requirement for this build to work.One Fevered Mind is also preferred. But you can get remaining items for less than 10c each:

Weapon: Advanced Fortress + Light of Lunaris, very good DPS for spell caster while remain tanky. Link Shield charge in Advanced fortress with Curse on Hit + Warlords Mark.

Body Armour: rare, 5L, high life, high resist. budget 10C. Put your BV setup here.

Glove: VoidBringer, aim highest mana cost roll. 1C

Amulet and Ring: high life, mana, resist. Budget 5C each. Essence Worm 3C.

Belt: High Life, strength, 17%+ reduce flask used. 5C

Go Kaom's Root if you've capped your resistance and have enough strength. Otherwise use a cheap rare boot.

Rumi's concoction, Zerphi's, Diamond, quick silver, Atziri's promise.

Ascendancy: Go for Trickster + Necromencer. And include a bone offering gem (eg CWDT-GMP-Unearth-Bone Offering, unearth needs to be in front of offering). The increased skill effect duration from Necromencer is very nice for BV stacking. This give you a capped 75% block rate, as well as 25% spell block. Since we have Light of Lunaris, this also translates to an additional 75% spell crit multi which is huge for our DPS. In fact the overall DPS with just a 5L setup is equal to my expensive build, it just misses some hardcore EHP. In PoB, with 5 slots unequipt you already have 3.8k HP and 2.4k Mana. Should be easy to get 5k HP when five rares are slotted.

POB link for this build (add rares of your choice):




Main Damage Setup (Depend on your gear, choose from the following 7L)

Blade Vortex - Spell Echo - Controlled Destruction - Concentrated Effect - Increased Critical Strike - Added Fire - Empower

Swap Conc Effect with Increase AOE for mapping;

It's also possible to put this link in glove (when you have "socketed spell have fast casting" or "socketed spell have +70% crit multi" etc), but spell echo is way more superior than faster casting.

Alternative for speed map clear (if you used shaped weapon)
Ethereal Knives - Spell Echo - Hypothermia/pierce
(with weapon provide some of the following skills: Inc Crit/Conc Destruction/Added Fire/Faster Casting)

In this way, use 7L BV (with Pledge of Hands) in swap weapon slot.

In your shield
Shield Charge - Faster Attack - Fortify

CWDT (lvl1) - Immortal Call (lvl 3) - Frost Bomb (lvl 10) - Increased duration (lvl 20)

Other buffs:
Rallying Cry; Flame Golem; Righteous Fire; Clarity; Herald of Ice;
Hatred (in Essence Worm)

Passive Tree:
Note: Take top right "global phys damage" branch last.

Trickster => Hierophant => Path of the Shadow

Soul of Solaris (at least get Jorus)
Soul of Gruthkul

Bandit: Alira

Endnote: Development of this build

When an item like Indigon is released, a curious player will be naturally drawn to it's endless potential as the core of a new build. There's been some discussion on Reddit, some worthy ideas such as combining with Soul Taker.

While most people think about this problem from the "how to quickly dump 3k mana in 2 seconds" angle, I'd like to attempt super high mana recovery/s and dump the recovered mana simultaneously. This method have natural synergy with Zerphi's flask and could solve both attack and defense at the same time, with just two items.

Indigon could work with CWDT builds as well. Just equip Heartbound Loop, or use rat cage/eye of innosence combo for self damage. This setup should scale very well with Vaal Molten Shell too.

The next step is to pick a main spell. Since all the dps boost provided by Indigon is "INCREASED", I looked for spells scales with "MORE" damage tag. They are:
1. Flameblast: 110% MORE/stage, 10.9x max;
2. Incinerate: 50% MORE, 2x max;
3. Blade Vortex: 7x max.
Well I'm not a fan of channelling skills, so BV is the obvious choice for me.

Once the main skill is set, you will plan your ascendancy and passive trees. We want high life, high mana (keystone MOM), high mana regen, high spell crit, global physical dmg, and 0 investment in "increased spell damage". This covers witch/shadow part of the tree. After many hours of tweaking, I arrived at the current tree with Ascendant - trickster/inquisitor. I originally had Elementalist/inquisitor for the herald of Ash buff, but after playing in game I realized having as much unreserved mana as possible is important for this build. I eventually dropped HoA, trading 15% total DPS to free up 1000 mana. Trickster works well instead, for the extra damage, mana regen and easy charge generation.

Choice of gear: In order to stack my "45% dmg taken gained as mana" I used:

I used Kaom's chest, other viable chest pieces are Belly of the Beast (if you want another 6L) and Perfect Form (free Arctic Armour and Spell dodge). Also works if you have a high armour high life rare chest with +%spell crit chance.

Ring and Amulet has corrupted mods to cap this at 58%.

Best DPS weapon for this build is no doubt Pledge of Hands, for its huge mana boost, and 7L (high mana cost is beneficial for us). My second choice would be Duskdawn. It turns out to provide similar final DPS, but without the extra mana.
Hatred Aura provides about 30% DPS but reserves 50% mana, therefore it's worth a ring slot (Essence Worm).
All the rest slots are can be filled with rares to improve defense. Have as much Life/Mana/resist as you can.

Side note: I tried to improve map clear speed by including dual wield Cospri's Malice in swap weapon, with Glacial Cascade and Freezing pulse, triggered by cyclone in 6L chest. Since GC is primarily a converted physical spell, this should suit my current tree well. I tested and didn't like the outcome (my skill gem levels are too low), therefore didn't end up going down this path.

I think this is pretty much it. This is my first build with original idea, and building a character around this idea has been a very fun learning experience. Hope you've all enjoyed it!
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If is there any way to mitigate the damage, The disintegrator staff, would be a great dps add for this build, as it add's tons of flat damage.
no more purchases or recommendations til the trade system is fixed.
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Marchosiae wrote:
If is there any way to mitigate the damage, The disintegrator staff, would be a great dps add for this build, as it add's tons of flat damage.

BV has got a 30% effective dmg multiplier on it. I did a quick math it's roughly a 50% dmg buff from 9 elder items. The chaos conversion buff could be another 15%. Compare this to about 30% buff from pledge of hands (through a 7th Link) with 1000 extra mana.

Overall I think you are right - only if we can medigate the dmg.

Edit: ok ran everything through my excel, Shaper DPS with Disintegrator is 3-10M. All the benefits from higher added phys is cancelled out by having less mana regen, and we still have to deal with the extra life degen. So Pledge of Hands is still the best choice.
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any video please
How are you generating charges on shaper? without it you lose 300k dps
leolarizza wrote:
How are you generating charges on shaper? without it you lose 300k dps

You are correct. I'm still optimizing my gears, will update new PoB soon.

PS: need to account for leech nerf from Warlord's Mark against shaper as well. Less mana leech is less damage.
I would love to see some gameplay
just got everything i need for this build but i am currently leveling gems so its a bit sucky. I am not sure if the blade vortex will work for clearing as the stacks dissapear too quick for me so maybe im doing something wrong but it seems like i would be stocking constantly to regain stacks which would be annoying. Would flameblast with this same passive tree be good enough dmg for clearing?
2pinki2 wrote:
just got everything i need for this build but i am currently leveling gems so its a bit sucky. I am not sure if the blade vortex will work for clearing as the stacks dissapear too quick for me so maybe im doing something wrong but it seems like i would be stocking constantly to regain stacks which would be annoying. Would flameblast with this same passive tree be good enough dmg for clearing?

Hi Thanks for trying this. I think flameblast could work better with Indigon, you need to take out the "global phys damage" nodes from the tree. However I'm not sure if flameblast consumes enough mana to sustain Zerphi's. Personally I don't like channelling so I've never tested this.

The strength of BV + Indigon is, the damage output scales exponentially with stacks. Just spend 10% more time casting a few more stacks could buff 100% more damage. Indigon's increase mana mod combined with stacking "damage taken gain as mana" has the potential to further expand this interaction. Compared to FB, BV would probably has more consistent leeching as well. My gut guess for the best flameblast Indigon, will be some variation of flameblast totem build.

In my tree, I have three "skill effect duration" nodes allocated that helps sustain BV. My experience is, for easy maps (T12 or lower), you only need to stack 6-10 blades to clear all content. I've done several Guardian runs now, 15 stack clears map with equal speed. It's not that slow at all, cast sequence for mapping is like "shield charge => BV => charge => BV", that's enough to sustain any stack you want.

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