[3.4] Varunastra Any Skill/Ice Crash/Flicker/Reave/Infernal Blow/Spectral Throw | 8M+ Shaper DPS

nortx wrote:
Hello guys,
This is my version of scion varunastra with GROUND SLAM.

Nice job. I see your build is designed to be more tanky. But it is possible to clear all content on 4.8k life with Abyssus as i've done.

I watched your Uber Elder fight and I think you could do it deathless with some practice. Use this Uber Elder simulator and it'll be easy:
It helped me a lot with learning the mechanics. The only thing it doesn't have is the portal phases.
To make it mimic your character, make a custom character with your life and leech rate, then set Scorching Ray damage to 0, and RF damage to around 1/4 to 1/2 your Shaper DPS

June 21 Update
-Added legacy gear single target dps
-Added 79% Attack Avoidance to survivability
-Added Inpulsa's Broken Heart to map clearing options
-Added Corrupted belt options for 3% more DPS.
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why no freeze immunity? or did you take soul of the brine king for your major pantheon?
why no freeze immunity? or did you take soul of the brine king for your major pantheon?

The only time you'll need it on this build is for Uber Elder. Just use a freeze immune diamond flask in that case.
No changes required in 3.4.

I have not tested any of the new uniques since 3.3 Incursion League. I won't be making any changes to my builds other than fixes or suggestions.
My Standard Build (28M DPS, 4.6k Life Instant Leech, 80% res): https://pastebin.com/rFAZEgc6
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I was looking for a yolo build.
I expected many deaths, especially in delve.

But nope, I'm surprisingly tanky - thos 5k life with Starkonjas! (My chars name is "Hypobeeremia")

I just gemswap VaalReave + Multistrike + Inc AOE (which is usually enough for T15 bosses included) with BladeFlurry + DMG on Full Life + Conc Effect for serious bosses.

Killed Shaper for the first time in my life. I'm very happy!

Cheers to you sodapop9!
Well done build!

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