New Beacon of Ruin|Minimum Threshold Q

I read it the same way as the poster before me, as long as you to 1 cold damage, you will apply a 10% chill effect.
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AbelsGambit wrote:
My question is, does this "minimum" damage of .2% and .33% still apply?
No. There is technically no minimum damage, there's a rule that shock and chill aren't applied if they would have 0 magnitude. Since these stats apply a minimum magnitude, that case can't happen.
viperesque wrote:
I think we need some clarity on what "damage that can chill" means in this context. It's pretty ambiguous when I think about it.
"damage can x" has a standard meaning in the game, which is the context I meant it in. Damage which can chill is counted from a hit for purposes of determining the strength of chill that hit can apply (and at least some damage that can chill is required to chill at all).

By default, cold damage can chill (and freeze).
Soul Taker gives a stat that says your physical damage can chill.

So in a standard case "damage which can chill" refers to cold damage. If you had soul taker, it refers to cold and physical damage.

There are other similar mods for different damage types and ailments.
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Okay, thank you Mark. So tl;dr: 1 cold damage can chill with this.
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Hm. That's actually a lot stronger than I thought it would be. Beacon of Ruin may actually be worth putting up with Shaper of Desolation for after all, for some builds.
I agree, reading this makes Beacon of Ruin actually worth getting, since you can always apply a 20% shock on bosses, which is pretty big.

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