Unlucky Scrubs [/ALIVE] EU/HC/Temp leagues recruiting

The goal of the guild is to play the temp leagues together, maybe some standard to practice for new leagues etc. Make groups for leveling up as fast as possible, mapping,achievement hunting, helping eachother out and having a good time.

Using Discord for talking and chatting.

Anyone who wants to join and make a good team and guild for PoE hardcore players let me, Unismash,Trixtor, Saftey or HereIGoRippingAgain know here or ingame. Hardcore league is the focus but Softcore players are welcome as well :)

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Welcome :)
We are preparing for launch of Bestiary now. People are welcome to join us :)
We are still looking for more.

For any questions message DelzBackToSticks, LookAroundYou or Unismash ingame. Or join our discord with invitation code: gpUrvFD
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Hi. Looking for some people to start a new character in the temp league. How big are you guys at the moment? Do you have people starting fresh characters from time to time? Would be sad to join and have no one to level with. Thanks.
Welcome :)
Still recruiting.

Oh we have the guild stash tabs etc =)
nice guild full of friendly people :) Cannot imagine playing PoE outside the guild now.

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