[3.2] Captain Americlast - Scion Spectral Shield Throw

Alright crabs and kittens (GGG says we're crabs/cats now btw),

I've been theory crafting a shield throw Ascendant. As I continue to work on this, I felt that sharing the progress with the community could be cool. I welcome any constructive feedback/notes anybody may have.

Click here for -> [3.2] 1st Uber Elder w/ Shield Throw - Captain Americlast

I am using all items I actually own or have crafted in standard league, but I am using no legacy wearable items. I'll incorporate budget items as well.




GG/Endgame Gear


Might of The Meek Placement

The placement is absolutely OP, it only negates Sentinal for the allres/eva/armour

It's more life than a 7% life jewel because of the scion life wheel

And it's more damage than a perfectly divined all offensive jewel


Sulphur if you're Raider (since you have onslaught anyway), Silver if you're Deadeye

If you don't use whirling blades

Another good option for bosses

Conversion Vinktar is about 4% more damage than a Sulphur Flask for Raider, and 3% more damage than Silver flask for a Deadeye.

Ideal Gear Detail

In your weapon slot at endgame, you want a shaped weapon in your main hand. This will act as a stat stick and provide global damage. Dagger is best since it is the only base that can get both Extra Cold and Extra Chaos, which are the 2 mods that bring the most damage. The ideal prefixes in order of importance are: Extra Cold, Extra Chaos, Extra Lightning, Penetration, and Crit Multi. Local increased attack speed is nice to boost your movement speed skill.

You shield is your actual weapon with this skill, so you want the highest armour rating possible. Colossal Tower Shields offer the most armour out of all the bases. Prefixes should be all armour, with suffixes being much needed resistances or any other stat you might need.

For your chest you want an Elder body armour with 1.5% global base crit, and as much life as you can get. Another good option for us is a 6L Lioneye's Vision for damage or a 6L Belly for the life. Lioneye's gives us a 7L with pierce being another MORE multiplier. However, a 6L rare chest or 6L belly is better than a 5L Lioneye's.

BiS helms for us are unique. Lightpoacher while running maps to help with speedy clear. A Spectral Throw enchant is best for us on that helm since we're just zooming through maps clearing trash. Damage or extra projectiles would be ideal. A Starks is great for bossing with either a 18%ias Ancestral Protector or 12% Blood Rage enchant. Rat's nest is technically the most damage, but I think having similar damage and a ~100life roll against bosses is better for the build.

For rare gloves, IAS/Dual res is best for us on a Gripped Glove base. Hrimburn gloves are technically BiS solely for damage, but otherwise bring very little to the build in terms of anything else. If you can cover life/res on other gear they are great gloves. However for endgame, I strongly recommend a Rare gripped to help fill in the holes.

For your belt, you want Resistances, Hysteria Pen (if possible), and life/wed. Stygian is obviously the best choice so you can squeeze in a bit more life/damage/stats you might need like intelligence or strength

For boots, you want life and resistances to help balance your wise oak. 10% Pen boot enchant is best for bosses, and attack speed is best for chaining maps. Move speed is nice, but not entirely needed since we can use whirling blades.

Rings are another great way to bring us global damage modifiers. Flat phys, Elemental damage, Accuracy, Multi, Life, Attack Speed, or any other stat we might need is very important here.

Amulets hold more important global damage slots for us. Flat phys, elemental damage, Extra Chaos Damage, Extra Cold Damage, Extra Fire Damage, Extra Lightning Damage, Attack Speed, Crit Multi, and Crit Chance.

Budget Build Recommendations


Ewar's Mirage is a low-level, cheap unique that gives +1 chain. This is great for mapping. It can get up to 55% wed too, which is very nice. You can also use whirling blades with it, and the attack speed isn't horrible. Not the speed of a brightbeak by any means, but still worth mapping with and really cheap.

The Princess costs like 1alt-1alch and can go up to 30% extra cold damage. Great for budget single target.

Lioneye's Remorse Unique Shield can get up to ~1,700 armour on the shield with an amazing life roll. Very GG shield for being unique and pretty affordable.

Lioneye's vision chest provides us a 7l with pierce. Pierce is another MORE modifier for our projectiles. Remember, the shield itself cannot pierce, but the shards can. We mainly wear this for the 14% MORE damage modifier. A belly of the beast is also a good more defensive option. Ideally, you'd have an Elder chest with 1.5% crit.

Lightpoacher very affordable. I bought mine for 1c. Doing a quick league search shows them to be 1-2c. We prefer single socket ones so we can scale the spirit burst skill. Single socket lightpoachers tend to be the cheapest.

Stark's look to be about 10c in league right now. A rare helm is also good to help you get enough res/life/stats you might need. However, a starks is reallllllllly good and my preferred bossing helm.

As the league goes on, gloomfangs will be more and more affordable. I got a corrupted one in standard for 1c. I bought the +1 frenzy one for 1ex. Even the cheapest one you can find is great for mapping. +1 chain, great amount of mana regen, and extra damage per chain is really good for our clear.

Hrimsorrow and Hrimburn gloves are really GG for us. Converting our damage to 50% cold with one cheap item is very useful. These gloves actually have the potential to be BiS even in endgame. Ignite damage is nice if you can afford the Hrimburn. Adds a nice layer of DoT which helps clearing maps. However, I still prefer gripped gloves for endgame since we need life/res on the few items we can manage.

Going RT or Ele-Overload/Phys-to-Light is possible while leveling and just use a lioneyes, Belly, or rare life chest.

Looks like the fated version of magnate belt has some nice projectile damage/res on it, could be good as well if it's cheap. Belt of the deceiver another good option if you're playing with point blank.

Boots for res/life/stat you might need. If you don't need any res or stats, then dex is usable for a bit more accuracy.


GEMS + Leveling Advice





At lower levels, it seems that fork works best, especially while using a ewar's weapon or gloomfang ammy. At higher levels when you're geared up, feeling comfortable, and have decent gear, Chain with a rare amulet is best. I use Chain with a rare amulet.



Your boots are just some nice utility. Defensive enfeeble cursing as well as immortal call both on lvl 1 CWDT, and a self-cast Ancestral Protector for bosses/tanky rares.


Since we use sword/dagger, whirling blades will be our movement skill. You can either 3l this in your sword/dagger or shield, or 4l it in insanity gloves with blood magic for infinite whirling blades. Once we're slayer, we'll always be at full life even with blood rage and using blood magic whirling blades.


For mapping, use a lightpoacher. Socket Faster Proj, Fork, and Pierce in there. A 1 socket lightpoacher is ideal so you can scale the skill a bit more. In the abyssal socket, you'll want life, ias, or any other dmg modifiers you can get.


For bossing, I use a Stark's with orb of storms for power charge generation. This helps us get some more crit for big powerful hits against the bosses we want. It's also handy to just set the OOS and Ancestral Protector around the same area and start unloading on the boss.


These are our main two curses, linked with an enlighten. Level 4 isn't necessary, but anything that frees up our mana is good to have. I used to run herald of ice, but we deal enough pure cold damage to shatter most porcupines. Combined with a low level cwdt-immortal call, we're pretty safe from the porcupines.


Run blood rage while mapping to keep free onslaught up through raider ascendancy. Enhance level 4 isn't required, just boosts the deeps from blood rage nicely. Summon Ice Golem is nice for the accuracy/crit boost since we need to get as much global accuracy/crit needed as possible.


Leveling Advice


Go here and sort by highest armour roll. Look at the level requirement to make sure you meet it. Highest arm+eva = what you need to use. There are white bases that have more armour/Eva than certain rare/rolled bases. Be sure you are using what has the highest rating base you can!

SST - PPAD - MAIM - Fork/Slow Proj



After killing Hillock, put on leveling gear and get Spectral Shield Throw + Onslaught + Any support gems from Nessa you think would be useful.

While you are leveling, always check the gem vendor in town to see if there are any support gems you can buy. I would recommend checking the gem-link section to see how you want your 6L to look like.

At level 8, grab Maim and start using it - grab Incrased critical strikes support and start leveling it.

At level 10, grab whirling blades. We'll be using either a sword or dagger for the entire game, so this will be our main movement skill.

At level 16, grab Herald of Ice + Herald of Ash and start using them. Grab blood rage and either start using it or at least leveling it.

At level 18, grab Physical Projectile Attack Damage Support and socket it into shield throw. Grab damage on full life and Elemental Damage With Attacks Support. Start using one, both, and/or leveling them.

At level 20 grab a Carnage heart. This item makes Vaal Pact not needed until mapping! use this until level 70 to gain insane leech at level 77 you can equip Gloomfang

At level 24, grab Hatred and assassins mark. Start using Hatred in place of herald of ice for now until you can use curse-on-hit support. Start leveling up assassins mark.

At level 24, grab a vaal haste and start using/leveling it if you can afford it. If not, no biggie just do it later.

At Level 26, grab Ewar's Mirage, this will make your attacks start to chain. You can use this for mapping basically through the entire game, as +1 chain for us is really good. (For shaper/guardians/endgame bosses obviously a stack dagger is best, but doesn't feel needed for mapping.)

At level 31, grab Fork and socket it into your skill. Also grab Slower Projectiles and put it somewhere just to level it up. (You can use it in fork's place for bosses/tanky rares you might run into). Also grab blood magic support and start leveling it up. I use this in my whirling blades setup after I get slayer in order to infinitely WB around as needed.

At level 34, grab summon ice golem

At level 38, grab curse-on-hit support

At level 40, do normal lab and after that get a friend to boost you in cruel lab. (Makes leveling abit easier and faster for you)

At level 46, you can equip a belly of the beast - great chest for us (don't have to have it though)

At level 59, can equip lioneye's vision chest - level 15 Pierce is 14% MORE projectile damage, so essentially a 7l. Although, it's lower life than belly.

At level 77 can equip Gloomfang

As far as the tree goes, for leveling:

Jolty92 wrote:
How are we about to go through the tree when leveling from the start? do I go down to duelist or go ranger/shadow route?

Nice guide!

Just go through here:

And work your way south first.



These are the trees you should follow as guidelines (updated 3/14 2pm EST)



BANDITS -- Kill all bandits because jewel sockets are really good for us.

PANTHEONS -- Soul of Arakaali for major. We're weak against DoT, and we also run blood rage. Having a low level CWDT-Immortal Call while running blood rage allows us to continuously proc the Arachnoxia 50% increased life recovery rate. Very handy for us!

As far as minor goes, they are all kinda meh. I'm going with Soul of Shakari for mapping just because the only chaos res I have is from atziri flask. For Shaper/Elder, I do Soul of Yugul to help avoid chill/freezes and have 5% reduced cold damage taken.



Alright lots of people asking what my damage numbers look like in game. Well, I went ahead and took some screen grabs tonight. (March 6th)

I will first show fully buffed dps. These are solo with 3 power charges, 6 frenzy charges, all flasks up and totem active. So fully buffed! The single target damage I'm using starks w/ 18% ancestral protector enchant, slow proj, and ele focus. The mapping damage I'm using lightpoacher with no enchant, inc crit, and chain.

Fully buffed, single target:

Fully buffed, mapping:

UNBUFFED, just Auras + Ice Golem in hideout:

Single Target:


These are just for data/display purposes. These will be adjusted as things change in the build.

Level 100 Ascendant Slayer/Raider PoB:
5.218M Shaper Dmg 6,777 Life



One-shotting chimera

Much better shaper phase (Still lots of improvement to be made)

T15 Sunken City Map RUn



My single target damage needs help!
tsunamikun wrote:

standing at t12 mapping right now. Still fluent progress through trash. bosses are okay. with StarKonja(Orb of Storms +Powercharge on crit+curse on hit+elemental weakness) and a single conversation dagger(didn't have any luck until now) i use for things like elder/izaro etc.

uberlab is easy. If you're afraid of traps change vaal pact to the 20Strength/1% liefe reg node

right now trying to down elder on yellow, but still need a better dagger/sword for singletarget...

looking forward to bestcraft a good shield to 30% quality^^

Simply swapping out your ewar's for a 30% princess gives you 8% MORE damage. You can find those for like 1alt-1alch

Phys-to-Light gem gives you about 17% more damage than inc crit strikes at the moment.

hrimsorrow is 17.4% MORE damage than your current gloves too.

If above level 80 you should be rocking steels or opals at this point. If you're slayer/vaal pact already you gotta replace your ammy too. Gloomfang is great for maps, but really need a rare ammy with good flat phys/extra chaos dmg or wed etc... damage damage damage!

What about Hypothermia?
TasKitas wrote:
I have a question regarding hypothermia. It work great while maping, shattering and more damage. But I wonder if it works well against bosses, how long does the chill last and is it long enough to reach that "more" damage?

Hypothermia is a great option for bosses that can be chilled. Hypothermia/inc crit strikes deals about 14% less damage than slow proj/ele focus, but you don't have the slow proj penalty, and gives you a nice little defensive buffer of chilling the enemy.

30% Quality shields? Brinerot Whalers?
Shiroco wrote:
Currently clearing through maps and (T8) and it's pretty easy. Bossing feels okay as well till now. Havn't seen it suggested but Brinerot Whalers seem to be pretty good as well. Still using those as my boots but have to switch soon because my Lionseye's Vision is almost ready. Not sure what to get next though. Got around 150c but I could improve on every aspect of my gear. I think a better shield might be the right call.

@Ahfack looked at your shield and with 30% qual beast craft it has 3k armor. This is beyond crazy >.<

LMAO yeah 30%q is a great thing to do to shields. However, it corrupts them and they can't be mirrored then so QQ for me. But great for league use. If you get a shield you like, throw 30%Q on it for some more dmg :)

Brinerot Whalers are a great boot as well. However, it's really hard for us to get the res we need while wearing damage jewelry, unique helm, unique chest or elder crit chest. If I had to pick another unique to use it would be Hrimburns (preferably with ele weak on hit) instead of brinerot whalers.

Why Scion?
We need access to as much generic damage modifiers as we can get. Scion allows us to have ranger start for the very valuable projectile damage start, as well as easy access to more generic damage modifiers at the beginning of the scion start (such as 45%multi, ias/ias/jewel, proj dmg/jewel which leads to scion life wheel, right next to scion life wheel is berserking and another jewel slot etc... I've also been looking for a way to make "Scion Great Again", and I think this could do the job.

Why Resistances on shield suffixes?
rinkun wrote:
Thanks for sharing your build. Noob question here. Why the mods "All Elemental Resistances" and "Cold resistance" for the shield? I don't know if Spectral Shield take advantages from these mods or not. Thanks again!

It's a matter of preferential gearing for me and what is best in every slot for generic damage modifiers. Since we have no "weapon" to scale damage the generic offensive modifiers become very valuable.

No res

No res - all offensive/life/stat

one suffix is 16ias (which is BiS) - or some people like using Hrimburn/Hrimsorrow that has only 30% cold res

1 suffix is 5pen (BiS)

The res's on these help balance my resistances for wise oak:

I have my res's over-capped for elemental weakness maps and all balanced without any flasks up:

This way, even without flasks up (since we're not pathfinder it could possibly happen) I won't be caught with my pants down and lose some XP.

Pure armour shields are best for us to gain as much X-Y raw damage as we can. On pure armour shields, we cannot get suffixes like IAS, so the only other suffixes would be defensive stats like res or life on block or power/frenzy/endurance charge on block:

Hope that helps! I'll add it to the FAQ

Thoughts pre-3.2
I went ahead and picked point blank on the tree. I don't know if this will be best for this skill, but I know PB is pretty much the way to go with projectile skills these days, so we'll see if we can make it work.

We'll most likely end up using blood rage during maps to help keep us at full frenzies for free onslaught. Free onslaught during bosses shouldn't be a problem since they are unique.

VP seems like a good option since we're part slayer, we can still use blood rage/dmg on full life.

Rumi's flask could be useful defensively for boss encounters as well.

I'm sure this build will be able to clear maps with ease, but I'm curious about the single target boss damage. I'm investing heavily and realistically in damage the best I can to ensure we can still deal good damage to bosses. I don't expect it to be barrage/blade flurry level of power, but it's also going to be way more tanky.
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🎆🎆 NEW #1 Phys/Impale Life Ring!
🎆🎆 NEW #1 Phys/Impale Leg 70% Multi Amulet!
🎆🎆 #1 Spell/Stat Stick Dagger, LLRF, Hybrid Gear + MORE!
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🎆🎆 NEW #1 Phys/Impale Life Ring!
🎆🎆 NEW #1 Phys/Impale Leg 70% Multi Amulet!
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to be honest it needs more crabs
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ill keep a eye on this, looks interesting ahfack!
Looking forward to this, hype!
I'd like to 1 hit shaper 3 times in one hit with this build please :)
who needs fancy weap when you hammer slam shaper with a shield LOL
My mirror thread : view-thread/2024779
we still have ascendant "revamp" coming up, hard to say what the best class is until we see what changes
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