Skill Reveal - Spectral Shield Throw

Am also wondering about projectiles returning.
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You went over how it'll work with chain and fork and pierce, and completely left out that 'projectiles return' is not only useless but will actually ruin the skill and prevent it from shattering most of the time.
Dollars to doughnuts the character name "CaptainWraeclast" is already taken.
How would it interact with Powerful Precision? Are the projectiles returning to some location or it won't simply apply to this skill? Ofc, in the case that you still keep that mechanic for the deadeye ascendancy.
Shagsbeard wrote:
Dollars to doughnuts the character name "CaptainWraeclast" is already taken.

Im sure they all are, the day the new league was announced some clown was trying to sell all the pokemon names in trade chat.
no one cares give us ascendency info.
Twistx wrote:
Where is ascendancies??

I can't confirm exactly when we're showing off more Ascendancy Classes but it's probably prudent to let you guys know that we're not posting one today. We'll post them as they're available to showcase. The team are working really hard to finalize them and get them through the build as soon as possible so that we can show them off. We're keenly aware of the community's desire to check these out and start planning their builds. They're a top priority for us too.
After playing a shield throw skill in another game where your shield bounced around hitting multiple enemies doing massive damage, this will probably be incredibly underwhelming.
So Fork it is.
I'm a big fan of ST, definately playing SS next league. Looks awesome! Better than I thought.

PS: Bex, could u give me already a spoiler of how nightmare is the single-target damage?
Ruining Path of Exile balance since 2014
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