Skill Reveal - Spectral Shield Throw

Shipman wrote:
As far as I can tell from the video, the shield does not explode its projectiles until the final Chain.

So if I have +3 to Chain, The shield will bounce between 4 enemies and THEN explode the shrapnel projectiles?

If that is the case I think it's better not to chain at all.

from original post: 'Chaining causes both the shield and the shrapnel to chain'

so your shrapnel pieces will all also chain, even though it wont explode initially chain should massively increase your clear. You can see from the video it seems to work way better.
Does Beltimber Blade work with SST ?
Would be super neato if Primeval Force and Forces of Nature were updated for the penetration part to "Damage with attacks Penetrates..." as opposed to just weapons. The other lines on these notables say attacks, so why not update the penetration for these?

Probably also for the other ele pen nodes as well (the cold/fire/lightning ones).
umm this is work with facebreakers for fast shaper down ?
Damame scaling with only base shield defence or included incr shield defence from passive tree?
Ohh... Brightbeak stat stick with shield throw attack speed. Or Ewar's Edge for the extra chain.

The combinations of stat stick main hand (which can have it's own attack and supports) and clobber plate off hand is pretty nice to consider.
any Build idea in which you can play this skill, i mean to play like in the video? also for which class is better?
I am curious which base Attack Speed a Shield has...

For a Skill like this, more information before releasing it, would be extremely nice...
Because Build planning and stuff
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Animate_Weapon_for_Life (Essence)

Is this skill counted as off hand weapon ? Will the ascendancy node of Gladiator "Outmatch and Outlast" make this skill has 25% chance to gain endurance charge on kill ?
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"It's worth noting the skill doesn't benefit from Unarmed bonuses or effects that benefit weapons".

Dam it just for a second (only a second mind you) I thought it might work with facebreakers lol silly me.
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