Winners of the 2018 Talent Competition

Nice fan art overall!!

Btw Bex can we have a countdown timer for 3.2 announcement? Thx <3
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Aaaaa my first competition win! (Well, runner up, haha) :)

Thanks so much GGG, it is an honor to end up on this list with so many great entries.
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Great job everyone! I'm glad I didn't have to pick the winners with so many great submissions! :)
They look pretty damn amazing! o_O Maybe I'll try to enter with something next time, despite it probably being a futile effort...
Grats to the winners those, that stuff looks totally awesome!

PS: Gotta bookmark Piety's miscreation maker... that stuff's hilarious :D
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Truly an incredibly talented community.
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Didn't win anything with my entry but I don't care! All of these entries are just amazing and to be honest, I'm not even salty since they all deserve their place.

My personal favorites are:
-Miscreation Maker: Had a bit of fun playing around with it, proves that there's a place for talent even for those who aren't inclined in conventional visual/musical/literary arts. I'm also a sucker of stuff that mixes PoE with cutesy art styles. Most of all, it iterates the idea that games are more than just playthings; they're works of art that people put sweat and tears into, and even a game as simple as this one can compete with quality pictures and songs.

-The CoD garment: I'd be willing to buy one, if they're for sale.

-Untouched Wraeclast: Kinda makes me wish PoE had a first-person spinoff

-Ancestral Bond fanart: Brings back the good ol' days when Vikas Giantbone's name was enough to reconsider finishing the map.

-Conversations Atop a Cathedral: As a fellow writer myself and someone who submitted a writing to this competition, I have to admit that as soon as I read this one, I had my doubts about winning. Well-written but doesn't dwell on scene-painting, hits the ground running, gets to the point, and leaves you thinking about the future of the game. Whoever you are, I applaud your skill and creativity.

-Tabula Cupcakes: Forget cake and presents, I want one of these when my birthday comes up.

-Women of Wraeclast: PoE + cutesy anime-ish pictures = enough to make me smile. Just one question though: where's Solaris?

-Monopoly board: Smart and funny idea brought to fruition, always great to see ideas that think out of the box, esp since the game's meta feels like it's been getting more and more stale.

-Kitava Pixel Art: How did you do this?!?! I was literally left speechless. I can do pixel art (well, I can try to at least) but the amount of work that must've gone into this just blows me away.

-Twilight Strand - Burning Arrow: Makes me think of a FPS RPG spinoff game using the PoE IP.
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Thank you a lot for selecting me again this year ! I feel very honored. This community is very, very talented, and there are so many amazing submissions. Well done, everyone !

And sincerely, +9999999 to GGG for these talent competitions. Because of them, a lot of artists want to create and share all kinds of arts, to give us by the end of the day this amazing thread full of great things.
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Im a big fan of the Twilight Strand picture and the Zana drawings.

“Six Variations on a Theme from Acton's Nightmare”

Just incredible.
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