[3.7/WIP] Storm to the Limit - Lightning Strike | All content viable | Videos

Quick update, as I'm switching to a new character now.

Had good fun with this build again. Only leveled up to 90 and got somewhat stuck in red maps. With a 6L Inpulsa, Multi-modded claw and Unnatural Instinct but NO Taming rings it felt okay for early red maps. It would require more investment to take it to the end-game comfortably.

Things to note:

- Popping packs in blue Inpulsa clouds still feels as great as ever.

- With accuracy changes and Unnatural Instinct giving a bunch of it as well I think <Hit's can't be evaded> is no longer necessary. I went with elemental pen on the claw instead. I happened to have some accuracy on my gloves and a little on my ring and was at a comfortable 97% hit chance WITHOUT precision.

- Unsure about Pierce in the main 6-link. I feel that the build mostly lacks damage so going for the pierce enchant might still be good so we can use a better damage support.

- As with many claw builds: it feels great in Delve. You're able to stay in the darkness quite long while relying on the life on hit. Just make sure you can get back to your cart or throw a flare before you get too many debuff stacks on you.
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