poe trade is down

when I load the link it says 503 service temporarily unavailable

didn't see it reported yet, so figured id let yall know
Last bumped on Feb 7, 2018, 4:19:20 AM
Bump and same thing for me.
Dido. Irony was there are still buyers who bought my stuff. End of the world? :D
It's coming back up now, might take a little bit to catch up with the latest items. Apologies for the downtime!
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It may still be broken. It isn't returning any listings more than an hour old.
Still not working properly
Possibly related to this downtime, if you select "online only" it shows all items, online, offline, and afk, and if you select "all", it shows only offline/afk results.
Now lots of 'item not found' red bars in results.
Still has some problems. None of my new items are listed.

Edit: I listed them over 5 minutes ago, so they should be there.
Last edited by jabbedxorz on Jan 30, 2018, 3:29:27 PM
Hello! All issues with the trade site should now be fixed.
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