[3.1] Scion Rainbow Golems - All 5 Golem Types - Hipster Build - Red Maps

Intro - Going Against The Meta Wherever We Can

This build is for the hipsters out there who just want to do something different.

Sick and tired of always playing minions with either a Necromancer or Golementalist?
Want to break the paradigm that's all about just one well supported skill?

Rainbow Golem's core is tied to trying to maximise the benefit that comes with:

By using every golem type, each of these jewels will give all golems up to a whopping 100% increased damage each! So we run a Scion to maximise the number of jewel sockets we can comfortably grab.
We also want to look great strolling around with all 5 different golems.

What was stopping everyone from doing this before? It's very hard to make the most out of every golem (and it still is), so generally the increase in damage wouldn't be worth it if you can instead summon 3 flame golems on a 6-link with two other types as backup to settle for 60% increased damage but much more consistent map clearing thanks to your star golem doing all the work (usually the Flame Golem).

Enter the 3.1 expansion!

With the introduction of Elder/Shaped rares and the Hungry Loop, 3.1 allows us to support all 5 golem types with a 5-link, 6-link or even 7-links worth of supports!

Big thank you to my partner in crime, Souls, for doing up an initial Path of Building tree with the Scion in order to have 13 jewel sockets. This allows us to have 1 Anima Stone, 1 Primordial Might, 1 Primordial Eminence and a whopping 10 Primordial Harmonies! This gives us up to 1000% increased golem damage and 20% maximum life regeneration per second.

1. Caveats

  • I'm not a Path of Exile master. This build post is as much about demonstrating a build as it is a way to elicit feedback and suggestions on how to improve it.

  • This build is not complete. My skill gems aren't quality or maxed and there are less than ideal mods for each of my gear slots but I have ideas about progression which I can discuss.

  • Primordial jewels are much cheaper this league but are still expensive when you total it all up.

  • Most recently pushed to T13 Maps, but my defenses feel a bit delicate.

2. Overview

Pros - All Hipster Reasons:
  • Have all 5 golem buffs so you no longer have to choose!

  • Join the extremely rare ranks of a minion build that isn't a Witch!

  • When someone asks you what build you're running and you reply "Rainbow Golems" you get priceless reactions!* (reactions based off the individual)

  • Join in on the planning and experimenting to make this build great

  • You can be a hipster and look great while doing it

  • Fully converting to 5 Golem Types effectively is unfortunately an end game option due to elder and shaped rares having high required levels as well as the Hungry Loop.

  • It's also a lot of grind or very expensive to make that Hungry Loop

3. Video

T12 Castle Ruins Quick Run

I'll add more as I make progress but it's always better to at least have some video representation of a guide.

4. Skill Tree, Bandits, Pantheon

My Current Skill Tree

We need all the passive points we can get, so kill all the bandits!

Head to Elementalist first for the oh so important +1 Golem, then you can choose to either pick the Guardian Ascendency or Witch starting path first before eventually finishing both after the Eternal Labyrinth.

Major: Brine King to avoid stun locks since we're not the most tanky build

Minor: Pretty flexible, but I'm currently using Ralakesh because I'm hopeless at dealing with bleed.

Path of Building
I don't have the ideal tree setup yet, but please feel free to import my character:

Account Name: Bobu44
Character: Graverainbow

4. Gems and Gear

Oh boy, this is where things get tasty.

My current gear:

As I mentioned in the intro, I'd hesitate to identify anything in particular as a "main link" because our aim is to try and maximise the support for all 5 types of golems.

I will list them in the order in which I feel each golem performs though:

Flame Golem Links:

First up to bat, but not as the main 6-link on the chest slot as you might think.
The Flame Golem is fortunate because this league makes it possible to acquire a meaningful pseudo 7-link helmet.

The usual 4 sockets in the helm slot will be taken by:
Flame Golem - Spell Echo - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Minion Damage

This is because I'm currently using a helmet that adds:
Burning Damage support
Concentrated Effect Support
Minion Life Support

This is serviceable for now but ideally our helmet would have minion damage instead of minion life, giving us the ability to socket controlled destruction instead. That type of helmet is definitely an end game upgrade however as it's very popular amongst burning spectre hybrid builds.

Lightning Golem Links:

This will take up the 6-Links in the chest.
Credit where credit's due, I'm using the map clearing setup from a tomatopotato lightning golem guide


Lightning Golem - Minion Damage - Spell Echo - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Pierce and if you have the 6L, ELemental Focus (which I don't at the moment)

tomatopotato has demonstrated in their guide the potential of a well gem supported lightning golem. Since the lightning golem has a consistent move set of spells, it's an easy choice for the conventional link support to augment clear speed and overall damage potential.

Stone Golem Links:

A pseudo 5-link in the new Hungry Loop ring!? That's right, it's a socket starved build that's using the Hungry Loop!

My ideal setup will have the Stone Golem socketed and supported by:
Multistrike - Melee Physical - Minion Damage - Empower.

I'm very close to maxing my minion damage gem which is currently missing on the ring I've linked.

Ice and Chaos Golem Links:

The only golems to share a link with decent results.
Ice Golem - Chaos Golem - Efficacy - Swift Affliction

Why those supports? We're taking advantage of the new Elder Rare Gloves with the poison support mod.

Again this is not quite ideal as faster projectiles only serves to help the ice golem. In the near future I'll be looking to acquire a glove with
Poison Support
Increased Accuracy Support

and Faster Attacks Support instead.

This is because both the chaos and ice golems actually have attacks and not spells in their moveset. I'm also choosing to de-prioritise the Ice Golem's cold attack because:

1) It will only use it a third of the time since its other moves are entirely melee physical
2) I'm going to be using Elemental Equilibrium triggered with Frostbolt.

So those are our 5 golems!

To summarise, the ideal setup (even if I don't have the gear yet) will be:

Flame Golem 7 Links
Flame Golem - Spell Echo - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Controlled Destruction Socketed
With Burning Damage - Minion Damage - Concentrated Effect Supports on helm

Lightning Golem 6 Links
Lightning Golem - Minion Damage - Spell Echo - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Pierce - Elemental Focus all on chest

Stone Golem 5 Links:
Stone Golem - Multistrike - Melee Physical - Minion Damage - Empower on a Hungry Loop ring

Ice Golem 5 Links:
Ice Golem - Efficacy - Swift Affliction Socketed
Poison - Increased Accuracy - Faster Attacks Supports on gloves

Chaos Golem 5 Links:
Identical to the Ice Golem since they'll be sharing the glove slot.
Chaos Golem - Efficacy - Swift Affliction Socketed
Poison - Increased Accuracy - Faster Attacks Supports on gloves

Which gives us a 7-link Golem, a 6-link Golem and three 5-link Golems! All worthy of being summoned and taking full advantage of Primordial Harmony's increase golem damage for each golem type effect!

Utility gems on weapon, shield and boots:

Elder Boots with Increased Duration Support:
There's a 2 link in the boots for Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call
With the other two slots for Flesh Offering and Convocation.

Each of them will be supported by Increased duration, making this effectively a 3-link and two 2-link utility in just one boot! Thank you 3.1

Weapon and Shield 3-links:
Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify
For mobility and survivability

Desecrate - Frostbolt - Faster Casting
To feed our Flesh offering and trigger Elemental Equilibrium.

If you've got a 6th unlinked socket on your chest, or are fortunate enough to fit in an unset ring in addition to the Hungry Loop and not forfeit too much in resistance and life, this build definitely makes use of an aura gem.

I'm currently using Discipline to help with defences, but I also swap things around to use Haste for mapping.

5. Levelling

Unfortunately I have no tips on how to level this Scion from scratch because I was lucky enough to get to level 46 using the utterly overpowered Poet's Pens and did not need to compromise on my planned passive skill tree.

You can still run Scion using SRS and spell totem SRS combination but it will be slow. All the usual early league power uniques will be helpful, the highlight includes the Tabula Rasa.

With that, you can start using Golems as soon as you hit level 34 and have 4 jewel sockets available for an Anima Stone and 3 other Primordial Jewels.

That way, you can run 3 Flame or Lightning Golems fully supported in the Tabula Rasa's 6-links. This should easily take you to maps where you can start building your Rainbow Golem and feel the power of slowly socketing in each extra Primordial Harmony for that 100% increased damage.

For much better explanations on the Primordial Jewels which enables golem builds as well as a better new player friendly level path instructions, I'd highly recommend

mika2salo's Flame Golem Guide, even if it's for a Witch

6. Discussion Points

Why a Scion?
This is actually a pretty big discussion point for this build. As far as I'm concerned the main reason to stick to the classic Necromancer is because Mistress of Sacrifice, ie Offerings affecting the player, is absolutely amazing and feels great.
Missing out on this is a huge, however Elementalists and Scions are able to get +1 Golem from their Ascendencies which provides flexibility with either a 6-Golem setup or the ability to equip a shield and still have 5-Golems which can make up for that Necromancer difference.
The minion damage passives on the Necromancer Ascendency also only add up to around 100% increased damage which is completely trumped by the Scion's extra passive points allowing for an additional Primordial Harmony assuming you're going to be focusing entirely on golems anyway.

All that's left is to choose between the Elementalist or the Scion and frankly the Elementalist's best asset is giving our Golems Elemental Immunity but having 10 Primordial Harmonies allowing for 20% of total life regeneration per second can help mitigate this difference somewhat.

Finally the Scion just gets awarded 100 Hipster points for being a generally under-utilised starting class and not being a Witch while running minions.

Why not use this support or that skill gem?
This build was stood up over the past week and so there generally hasn't been enough time to really test what's the most ideal setup. I'm putting out to anyone at all who's interested to give the core of this build a shot and find something that works for them.

Why does the golem AI suck?
Best workaround I've got is to take advantage of the Elemental Equilibrium skill of your choice to direct your golems towards a particular enemy as minions generally move towards the area that you click target. I haven't played nearly enough to know for certain but apparently minion AI has been something GGG have been trying to tweak and balance for a long while, so please go ahead and be more vocal about any minion opinions you have! I personally would like much more aggressive minion behaviour or at least the ability to toggle between aggressive and protective stance.

Right now my best bet is to rely on convocation to get all golems to focus fire but the cooldown on that skill is incredibly long.

Primordial Jewels
I haven't thoroughly tested this, but I believe it's definitely worth using at least one of each jewel type before stacking Harmonies. The reduction to cool down for golem skills is very key to having their damage output increase dramatically but I'm not sure if there are greater benefits to instead having an extra Eminence for Attack/Casting Speed.

As for the Might Jewel's "Your Golems Are More Aggressive" effect, I believe it's quite a noticeable difference, especially while fighting bosses. The golems tend to stick to the boss and continually attack, even if I'm running around trying to avoid getting hit.

Thanks if you've taken the time to read this.

Any feedback or suggestions for improvements will be greatly appreciated.

Sorry about all the colours, I can't have a build called Rainbow Golems and not go a bit overboard..
Last bumped on Aug 15, 2018, 2:04:10 PM
Hipster indeed, it can work it's a fun choice but don't say a good choice, where is your animate guardian? Where are the meat shield zombies? Every golem does its own thing what curses you can use? None.
Last edited by TravisL on Jan 23, 2018, 9:30:07 AM
TravisL wrote:
Hipster indeed, it can work it's a fun choice but don't say a good choice, where is your animate guardian? Where are the meat shield zombies? Every golem does its own thing what curses you can use? None.

WTf :P? He never said it was a good choice.

Enfeeble,Temp Chains, Warlords mark and Assassins mark all curses benefit the golems?
"Had they not taken my home with fire, I would not have taken their children." Witch -
What would warlord's mark do? Just to help with their survavibility?
Track your map runs: http://pathofmaps.com

Retired item indexer: https://github.com/niuage/poexplorer
Running a scion is a huge mistake - nothing beats Elementalist
Also after watching your video - your time to kill is way too slow, I like how you're trying something different but this build is pure trash. My 5 fire golems trashed everything in game when I ran it.
Ignore these guys. I never would have thought to use the elder/shaped gear like this. Absolutely brilliant. Kudos!
At the moment it isn't an amazing build, however, there is probably plenty of room for improvement.
You have your base idea, you just need to refine it.

As for the idiot who said there are no curses that would help all five golems... do you even play this game? Are you so used to using Flammability that you forgot Elemental Weakness exists? That helps 3 golems. If you can somehow add in despair, 4 golems. Vulnerability? 5 golems.

But the most efficient would be Elemental Weakness, as it boosts the most golems.

The other thing this build needs to deal with, other than TTK, is defense. It definitely LOOKS squishy.

Keep refining OP, and don't give up quite yet.
Yea, definitely plenty of room for refinement and I will be going back and forth.

Thanks for the comments and suggestions so far!

I hadn't thought about curses which can improve red-map runs. Elemental Weakness could be great for the large packs as Lightning and Flame Golems are the pack clears.

Reserving more mana means I'd want to try and re-gear a bit more towards Health and Energy Shield, drop some of the utility sockets to actually fit more skill gems too.

I'm rushing forward with more points assigned to offence than defense at the moment though.

Dropping Necromantic Aegis and using Lioneye's Remorse (which I have on weapon swap) will see my health total and armour soar at the cost of the frenzy and power charges that Victario gives all the golems.

In the end, for an ambitious build it's all a fine balancing act and like any softcore build I'd try my best to see how much offence I can get away with before really needing to rein it back to help survive.

Perhaps if I can get my dream helmet and gloves and have decent health rolls on them, balancing towards defense will definitely work out
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⛄ Ice Golems:

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