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Thesorrow10 wrote:
I think this build is now not for SSF ? ^^

you can go ssf, is just gonna take you more time to get things going.

Like since two patches ago you can't farm the 6 link bow div cards in act 9, harvest crafts pre-nerf were insane for this build, especially in ssf.

Like, CA will get you to red maps comfortably , then the damage will feel a bit lackcluster vs bosses without the proper investment, that's where you find the wall in ssf.
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ok and with which lvl i can play the 6 link setup and i have enough AOE for clear ? ^^
Went to standard and did some tests. There was no reason to switch one flask to mana. I did slowly run out of mana but it's nothing a single #% mana regeneration affix won't fix. If GGG didn't nerf Primal Spirit, this would've been even easier. Don't constantly spam your CA and you're gonna be fine. Guess i'll switch it back and include mana flask as an option. I guess build works just fine like before.

I looked up Ward related affixes and it looks like ES but with higher base values. Actually, it might not be so bad after all, but requires a lot of crafting. That's assuming +(140–159) to Ward affix is available for every piece (i bet only helmet...). I can see people reaching up to 1,5k Ward plus a bit more with flask up. However again - you lose plenty of other end game options as a result and some evasion you'd have to fix.

Also, with big nerfs to flask immunities, there's couple of them that should see light of the day. Catarina flask mods. 3% regen was already good and i used it, but there's also 20-25% reduced mana cost of skills during flask effect. This mod alone should solve huge amount of problems people have with mana costs. From useless to really strong.

Expedition so far seems both pretty good or pretty bad - depending on the mods you get. I'm not very far into campaign as i died in act 3 by pulling of Zizaran (chaos immune monsters overwhelmed me). The rewards seem alright if you can stack up certain rewards, either ruined monsters or chests. I have yet to see logbooks and see end game rewards so yeah... My opinion is not worth much at the moment.

I'm off to work on bleed gladiator guide.

EDIT: Forgot to mention - DoT mutlipliers on bow can be stacked. I guess i'll have to update crafting method.

Thesorrow10 wrote:
ok and with which lvl i can play the 6 link setup and i have enough AOE for clear ? ^^

What do you mean by that?

If you can use 6-link depends entirely on gem level (this should be lvl 31 with Tabula) and ability to sustain mana (Enduring mana flask at early lvls). Nothing else is relevant.

What is "enough AoE"? This is entirely subjective and also depends on your ability to make the most out of your AoE (especially with Conc Effect). It's impossible for me to answer this.
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3053600 - My Guides
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oh sry bad english hmm i mean is use now Volley sup and this is MORE aoe and you gem setup have full on singel hit not more to distribute or im fail ? ^^
Thesorrow10 wrote:
oh sry bad english hmm i mean is use now Volley sup and this is MORE aoe and you gem setup have full on singel hit not more to distribute or im fail ? ^^

That is correct. Volley is only good early on, but soon you should switch to a setup without Volley. Degen ground's AoE will get better over time.

Extra arrows aren't necessary to clear well if you get used to it. If you want better clear, there are options to increase amount of arrows, but they aren't that easy to get.
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3053600 - My Guides
If only changed a few things up until now to overcome the nerfs.

The most important changes are probably:

I dropped grace to free up more mana and i am now running only malevolence and clarity. Instead of Avatar of the Veil i've been skilling into Way of the Poacher. Essence Extraction does work suprisingly well to be pretty much ailment immune as i am spamming the manaflask anyways to keep up my attacks. Currently i am playing with 2 6-links (CA & TR) and Decay as third degen:

Decay does help quite a lot with fast moving bosses like hunter for example. All in all it does work really well even though it's kinda weird to play caustic with arrow nova and i am not too sure if i'll get used to it.

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how are you guys liking this build is it a good league starter?

i messed up my char and looking to reroll for a good map starter
Changelog, July 26th, 2021
Gem Setups:
* Reverted Clarity changes and added some extra information.

* Reverted mana flask change, it's not necessary.
* Updated commentary, now i also mention craft flask mods and Dying Sun being hard to keep up permanently.

Path of Building:
* Updated PoB link.
* Replaced two end game bows with a single "Crafted Hunter CA Bow". This reflects changes to crafting section.
* Updated flasks modifiers. Stibnite and Quicksilver flasks have no suffixes, as they're preference based.

Crafting Section:
* Updated +3 CA Bow and End Game Bow crafting.
* End Game Bow crafting is now for Hunter OR Non-influenced bows. Synthesised bows are also included and mentioned, as "Synthesis" is not an influence.
* Removed DoT Multi with +2 Arrows crafting method. It's still possible to craft (with Chaos DoT multi as 3rd suffix!), but i'm not going to recommend something that costs mirror worth of exalts or better.
* Changed "Elder Ring" (obligatory OHHHHH, ELDER RING) to "Influenced Ring". Now i recommend going for" 30-35% reduced Effect of Curses" found on Shaper and Crusader influence.

I think that's about it for updates in near future. Maybe i'll update flask info again with flask enchantments, but i don't think that's necessary.

Overall my start this league was quite horrible. Barely played and today i also died second time. Act 8, something urgent came up so i reached nearby waypoint and teleported to town... except i didn't. I was dead by the time i returned. I noticed it happening sometimes in the past and i don't know the cause of it. High chance it's my fault, but i really don't know what i'm doing wrong. Oh well, didn't lose much except time.

I would write more but it's already late, so no wall of text this time.

GGTeMpLaR wrote:
how are you guys liking this build is it a good league starter?

i messed up my char and looking to reroll for a good map starter

Information is available at the very beginning of the guide. Yes, it's a good and cheap starter, but low on single target damage.
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3053600 - My Guides
Btw the medium clusters don't show in POB because GGG changed them again, chaos dot multi is now 12% increased chaos damage and dot multi is 10% increased damage over time.

Also btw the "50% Chance to avoid being Stunned during Flask Effect / (8–12)% increased Movement Speed during Flask effect" was nerfed and movement speed removed from it. It's just 50% chance to avoid stun now. (In crafting -> flasks section.)
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can i play this POB to from ZIZ to for pure caustic ? https://pastebin.com/Pd4huukp
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