Rad's Endgame service

Done for me so far:

477 Aul
594 Aul
597 Aul
600 Aul
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Helped me through the majority of the delve boss challenges after getting scammed, for a really nice price considering the situation I was in. An understanding guy full of empathy.

Would recommend 100 out of 100 times, thank you star!
Amaizing carry
recommend +1
Did my Aul in a 4 men group depth 579, 12% ele pen. Would recommend
Last edited by Scorpiz on Nov 10, 2018, 3:36:04 PM
Pleasant and professional carry; I had Aul @ 391 with damage mods, Rad got group carried us and paid me for the Taxi.
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+rep fast and easy 1,3,5 aul carry.
Ele pen Aul 1,3,5 carry Would recommenced to anyone who finds a boss in their mine.
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